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It had been 5 days since that horrible night when their friends had been rushed to the hospital on the brink of death and the BladeBreakers were excited about this day, because Hilary was going to be checked out.

Her doctor had deemed her healthy enough to leave the hospital's care, but warned that she would still suffer from mental torment.

As for Kai and Tala, they were still cooped up in their rooms. Kai had multiple broken ribs, along with lacerations all over his body, and a damaged cornea, which he had been through several surgeries trying to repair it, and his doctor didn't think he would ever be able to see with that eye again. The slate haired teen was also suffering from internal bleeding, but the doctors had found the cause, and it was slowly coming to a stop.

Tala though, was in a seemingly worse state. He had lost a great deal of blood, and was on the verge of slipping into a coma. Hilary still harbored his power, and was eager to get it back to him. With his abilities back, he would be able to heal faster. What made matters worse was that his body was exhausted, causing Tala's condition to worsen with each passing day!

Mr. Dickinson led Hilary into a dim room. She examined everything around her. The red head was hooked up to just about every machine out there, and except for the periodical beeps of life support, the room was completely silent.

"Tala?" She called out to her friend.

The brunette treaded over to the bed and gazed down on the exhausted face. He was extremely pale, almost pure white.

"I've come to give you something...." Hilary placed a hand on the Russian's forehead. She squeezed her eyes shut in deep concentration. Moments later, Tala's still body began to glow as Hilary transferred his power back into him.

"Agh!" The brunette exclaimed and fell backwards, but was caught by Mr. Dickinson.

"Are you alright?" He asked, concern on his face.

Hilary collected herself and stood up. "Yeah....thanks Mr. D."

"Will he be okay now?" The elder walked over to the sleeping teen.

"I sure hope so...."

A soft moan escaped his dry lips and his eyes began to slowly open.

"Tala!" Hilary gasped.

The injured teen turned to face her. "Wha...what happened?"

"Nikolai's gone now, you all are safe." Mr. Dickinson explained.

"I'm so glad." Tala forced a weak smile at the brunette. "Where's Kai?" He shifted in his bed, trying to find a more comfortable position.

"He's asleep. He wants to see you once he's allowed out of his room." Hilary giggled softly.

"Heh...." Tala's eyes closed and he let out a long sigh.

"Come on....let's let him sleep." Mr. Dickinson motioned toward the door with his hand.

"I wish I could heal you Tala, but I don't want to risk killing you...." Hilary thought as she exited the room.

"There she is!" Max exclaimed as Hilary and Mr. Dickinson walked into the waiting room.

"Hilary! How are you feeling?" Everyone began asking questions.

"I'm fine!" Hilary forced a smile at her friends.

"Oh Hilary! I'm so glad you survived!" A familiar voice said.

The brunette looked over her team to see a raven haired woman, a cheerful smile on her face.

"Iz...Izumi!?" Hilary exclaimed. "I thought you were dead!" The brunette rushed over and embraced the young woman in a hug, tears pulling at her eyes.

"Izumi couldn't wait to see you." Mr. Dickinson said.

"But how?!" Hilary asked.

"It's all thanks to you! If you didn't run into Nikolai, he would have shot me in the heart. Instead, the bullet hit my shoulder." She pointed to the spot.

"Sounds like you're an all around hero Hilary!" Rei exclaimed, smiling.

"Hey! Can we eat now?!" Tyson whined.

Hilary looked back at their manager.

"I figured we'd all go and celebrate, then we can come back and see Kai." The elder explained.

Now that she thought about it, Hilary was indeed extremely hungry. She had lost alot of weight since she was kidnapped, and she was starving for some real food.

"Okay, let's go!"

"Yay!" Tyson cheered and ran out the door.

"Ugh....I ate too much!" Tyson moaned and patted his large belly.

"You always eat too much!" Kenny replied sighing.

"Maybe we should take Tyson back to the hotel." Rei said.

"No! I'm fine, really!" The navy haired blader debated.

"I don't know, you're looking a little green...." Max replied, scooting closer to Kenny.

"They're right Tyson. You don't look well at all!" Mr. Dickinson settled the debate and told the driver to go back to the hotel.

Tyson moaned.

"Is something wrong Hilary?" Izumi asked quietly.

"Huh? Oh, it's nothing...." The brunette replied before looking back out the car window.

After dropping off Max and Tyson at the hotel, the car proceeded back over to the hospital.

"Hey Kai?" Hilary asked as she entered the room.

Izumi followed in after her, while Rei, Kenny and Mr. Dickinson waited back in the waiting room.

Hilary and Izumi walked quietly over to the side of Kai's bed. The blue haired teen was still fast asleep, his head turned slightly to the side.

The brunette grabbed his hand gently and stared into his face. "He looks so peaceful.....and adorable!" Hilary thought, a smile appearing on her face.

"Kai?" She asked again, this time a little louder.

The teen groaned and opened his eye slightly. "Hilary?" He tried to focus on the person in front of him.

"Hey. How are you doing?" Hilary gave her boyfriend a soft smile and brushed his bangs away from his face.

Kai still seemed disoriented. He had returned from surgery while the BladeBreakers had all gone out to eat, and was still drowsy.

"Izumi?" He asked weakly as he looked over Hilary's shoulder.

"Hello Kai." The raven haired woman smiled.

"I thought.......he killed you....."

Izumi shook her head and wiped a stray tear from her eye.

Kai forced himself up. "What's going on? Is Tala alright?"

Hilary nodded. "I saw him earlier this morning. He's getting better."

Kai sighed with relief. "I didn't think he'd make it."

"Hey there Kai!" Rei exclaimed as he suddenly entered the room with Kenny.

"How are you doing?" The youngest teen asked.

"I'm better...." The teen smirked at his teammates.

"We just wanted to say hello. Hope you get out soon!" The Chinese blader placed a hand on his captain's shoulder.

"Yeah, someone needs to keep Tyson under control." Chief added.

"Heh...." Kai smiled to himself.

"We better get going now." Izumi said.

"Yeah...I'll see you tomorrow." Hilary gently kissed him on his lips before following everyone out.

Kai closed his eyes, preparing to go back asleep, but the door opened once again. He looked over just as Mr. Dickinson entered. Kai growled and immediately turned and looked out the window.

"I don't blame you for not responding to me....I didn't think you would want to see me anyway." The elder looked down at the floor.

The teen didn't reply.

"I won't stay long, but I just wanted to let you know that I'm truly sorry....I've made promises to you, and they get broken. I'd understand if you never talk to me again, but I just wanted to let you know...." The elder turned to leave, grabbing the handle of the door and turning it slightly.

The teen mulled over his words for a moment before responding. "....no....I'm the one that should be sorry Mr. Dickinson. You've always been there for me, helping me....and I fail to see it sometimes." The manager stopped and looked back over at the teen, who was now staring him in the eyes.

"Kai..." The elder embraced the teen in a gentle hug.

"I'm......sorry for how I acted toward you." Kai murmured.

"Why don't you get some sleep, and I'll see you tomorrow." The elder smiled and left.

A couple days later:

"Hey Tala!" A familiar voice called as he entered the room.

The red head looked up at his friend.

"Kai? You look horrible!" Tala snickered.

"Ha ha, very funny." The teen scowled at his friend before giving him a smirk.

"So what are you doing here?"

"I'm leaving this place. Mr. Dickinson wants us all to return back to Japan."

"I see."

"But I'll be coming back. I wanted to stay until you got out of the hospital, but....."

"It's okay Kai. I understand completely." Tala smiled at the blue haired teen.

"Get well soon my friend. I'll call you once I get back." Kai grabbed Tala's hand in a shake.

"Take care of yourself Kai."

The teen nodded. "You too." With that, he disappeared out into the hall.

"Well, I guess this is goodbye." Izumi said.

Everyone had arrived at the airport, ready to part their separate ways.

"Where will you be going?" Kai asked.

"Mr. Dickinson offered me a job at the BBA center here in Russia, so I'll be staying there." She smiled. "You better get going, your flights are about to leave."

Rei checked his watch. "Oh my gosh! You're right!"

"Bye guys! See ya later!" Tyson waved as the American and Chinese bladers rushed off to their separate flights.

"Oh, Kai?" Izumi asked suddenly.

"Yeah?" The teen turned and looked into the woman's deep blue eyes.

"I'm glad I got the chance to meet you."

"Me too..." The teen gave her a smile.

"And here...." Izumi held out a small box.

Kai eyed it but took it anyway. "What's this?"

"Things that rightfully belong to you. I hope to see you sometime in the future. Take care of yourself." With that, Izumi gave him a small kiss on the cheek.

Kai nodded and turned to follow the others onto their plane.

Hours later:

"Hilary!" Someone exclaimed as the team got out of Mr. Dickinson's black sedan and walked into Tyson's yard.

"Mom!" The brunette exclaimed and ran over to her parent.

"I couldn't believe what happened! You had me so worried!" She cried as she embraced her daughter.

Kai leaned back against the wall and watched them.

"Oh my gosh! D...did you break your wrist?" Her mother brought Hilary's arm to her face, examining the purple cast.

"It's nothing mom.....thanks to Kai and Tala." She looked back over to her boyfriend.

Her mother gasped. "Kai!"

Kai looked up at the older woman as she rushed over to him and embraced him in a hug, surprising the teen.

"Thank you so much Kai, for protecting my daughter." The woman cried softly on his shoulder.

"It was nothing ma'am. Hilary was very brave, and saved us all!" Kai replied.

"Hey Kai!" Tyson called. "Where do you want to sleep!?"

The blue haired teen's house had been destroyed by that fire, and Tyson offered his house to him until he could get another one.

"Why don't you stay with us?" Hilary's mother offered.

"Yeah!" Hilary exclaimed.

"That's very nice of you but....I couldn't."

"It's the least we can do! You're part of the family now!"

"Please Kai?" Hilary pleaded, pulling gently on his arm.

The teen sighed in defeat. "Thank you...." He bowed slightly before the older woman.

Hilary cheered. "Come on! I'll show you everything!" She began to lead him away.

"Well, I must get back to the office now. You all take care of yourselves!" Mr. Dickinson said as he got back into his car.

"Thanks for everything Mr. D!" Everyone called and waved as the car drove off.

Peace had finally settled over the BladeBreakers once again, but both Kai and Hilary knew that more trouble was bound to be on it's way.

The End


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