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The fight was nearly over. Both Trunks and Exeter knew that, though Trunks was still in denial, desperately trying to will his body to fight just a few minutes more... though in the back of his mind, he knew that the longer the battle lasted, the more chance there was of Ami showing up out of the blue and endangering herself by jumping in to save him. With that possibility weighing down on him, Trunks somehow found the strength to stand, his body trembling with pain. Exeter was standing just a few feet away, his red energy aura flaring, ready to put the knockout blow on his battered opponent.

"Why do you keep getting up?" Exeter asked, though he and Trunks both knew the answer. "Still... it matters not. You will be in my possession in just a few short moments, Trunks."

Trunks pulled back his fist and launched a punch at Exeter. The punch, normally mighty and brutally effective against a normal opponent, was futile in the grip of Exeter's powerful right hand, tightly squeezing Trunks' clenched fist.

"That's not going to make it any easier," said Exeter, his fingers clamping tightly down on the bones of Trunks' hand, which began to crack and shatter under Exeter's grip. Trunks let out a loud scream, all of his strength absolutely useless in his slow, clumsy Ultimate Super Saiyan form, which had bought Trunks time and a great deal of pain, but nothing else, certainly not anything that would help him win the battle.

Exeter released Trunks' fist, then blasted the half-Saiyan backward with a burst of magically infused wind, knocking Trunks flat on his back yet again. Trunks' bruised spine hit the ground hard, but by now Trunks was numb to that sort of pain, having been dealt so many other pernicious wounds in his battle with the menace Exeter. And yet... maybe there was a silver lining. Ami hadn't shown up yet, and for some reason, Trunks trusted Exeter's assurance that once he had been captured, there would be no further attacks on Earth, in his universe or Ami's. If he was to be killed, at least Ami would survive... and that was all he could hope for now.


Ami's first gate from Nihimo Town had to teleport her to somewhere in her own world first before she could go back to assist her beloved Trunks in his. She'd teleported to her home, the large and fancy apartment she shared with her mother. She knew that if she was going to fight for Trunks, she could very well be dying for him, and if that was the case, she wanted to have one last conversation with her mother, the woman who had given birth to her, had raised her even after her father had left... who had helped so many people as a doctor, and was the constant inspiration for Ami to do the same. Ami wanted to tell her mother so many things... but Trunks was running out of time, and there was only time enough for Ami to tell her one, the most important thing of all... the thing they both already knew.

Ami had detransformed after stepping out of the gate, wanting to talk with her mother not as Sailor Mercury, the princess of a millennium ago, but as Ami Mizuno, the girl whom her mother had loved for sixteen years, and would continue to love for the rest of her life. She found her mother sitting at the kitchen table, sipping from a cup of coffee and reading a newspaper, her face buried quite well in the previous day's events. When Ami first entered the kitchen, her mother didn't notice her, but when Ami pulled up a chair and sat down, her mother looked up, and a warm smile appeared on her face.

"Ami... you're back... does that mean you've won?" asked Marika, setting her coffee on the table, a look of relief becoming evident in her eyes. Ami frowned and shook her head, and Marika's smile disappeared as quickly as it had appeared on her face.

"I... I just came to say something before I went back to help Trunks," Ami replied, trying to speak confidently to her mother, but betraying that confidence with trembling words and a quivering lip. "Mom, I..."

"Something happened... something happened, didn't it?" asked Marika, getting up from the table and walking over to her daughter. "Ami, there's something you're not telling me..."

"I think... I think Trunks is losing again," Ami said, her last few words being choked up by a sob that had started deep in her throat. "So I... I'm going in to help him..."

"Just like last time," Marika replied, starting to shake her head. "Ami... Ami, I... is Trunks in a lot of danger?"

Ami wanted to shout at her mother, she wanted to scream, thinking that she had made that point obvious just a few seconds earlier.

"Of course Trunks is in danger!" thought Ami, the words she'd wanted to yell, but held back along with the tears that were just starting to come up to her eyes. "It is just like last time! He could be dead right now, or..."

Ami, overcome by worry and dread, and now once again confronted with the grim thought that Trunks... the person she loved with all of her heart and soul, a part of her that if erased would mean the eternal suffering of the whole... could die, would die if she didn't come to save him, bowed her head down and once more began to cry, tears streaming down her face just as they had when she'd been forced to watch Trunks beaten by Frieza, just when she'd found his nearly-dead form trapped in Pandemonium's prison cell. The entire time she knew Trunks, she had to live nearly every day with the thought that he might die... that he was going to get into battles where he would be hurt, maybe killed... why did she put herself through this torture? Why did she love someone who would constantly be in this kind of danger?

Because every second of peace, of calm, when she didn't have to face the possibility of his death, when she and Trunks could be together, happy, in each other's arms... was worth fighting for, suffering and dying for... and she knew he felt the exact same way.

But that thought couldn't bring her tearful, trembling form solace now, not in one of those moments when Trunks was in danger and Ami was confronted with the possibility of his death. Only her mother, with a gentle, calming embrace, could bring some sort of comfort to Ami, and reduce the incredible burden she was about to bear.

"I love you, Ami... and I can't stop you from going to save Trunks... because I know you love him with all of your heart..."

"You... used to love daddy like that, didn't you?" asked Ami, turning around and returning her mother's embrace, briefly reverting to her youthful, innocent childhood of years past, where she could see her parents together, in love, just like she and Trunks were now... though she and Trunks would always remain together, unlike her mother and father... she knew that from the very start.

Marika smiled and nodded briefly, though she quickly replied to Ami's statement with something she'd picked up from experience, the experience of having her own true love depart from her of his own free will, and never return, leaving her and the child they had created together behind.

"I... I did love your father, Ami, but... but your love is different," said Marika, wiping the tears from Ami's face. "You and Trunks... share an incredible bond, something that Kazeko and I could never claim to have... you feel his emotions, his happiness, his sadness, his fear, his pain..."

"Does that... have something to do with both of us having gifts?" asked Ami, thinking that perhaps her bond with Trunks was stronger because of their powers.

"No," said Marika, gently shaking her head. "It's because you're different people... better people than Kazeko and I... and I'm not afraid to admit that, Ami... you're my child, my wonderful, wonderful child, and I'm so glad you could find someone that truly is your soulmate... and that you cherish him so dearly..."

"...that I would die for him," said Ami, finishing her mother's sentence. "Mom... I... I won't die... Trunks won't die... I'll bring him back, just like he's brought me back so many times... this isn't just my fight, it's our fight, and we're going to win... I promise."

Wiping her tears, Ami hugged her mother one last time. Then, she transformed into Sailor Mercury and created a black energy gate with the transformation wand, which swirled just behind the Water Senshi's body.

"Ami... I love you..." whispered Marika, watching her daughter and the gate disappear right before her eyes. Then, she slowly backed into the chair that her daughter had occupied just moments earlier.

"I know you said you'd be alright, Ami... but..."

As Marika sat down in the chair, the tears began to flow. She sunk her face into her hands and began sobbing, fearing more than she ever had that she had seen her beloved daughter for the final time.


Trunks could not find the strength to stand, at least not in time, for Exeter was walking quickly toward him, and would reach the half-Saiyan in just a matter of seconds. Every move that Trunks made caused his body to tremble with pain and collapse to the ground, putting him all the way back at square one. He had just struggled into a sitting position when Exeter picked him up by the collar of his tattered black muscle shirt and lifted him to his feet, his legs barely able to support his weight on their own.

"If you're... going to capture me... then do it now and get it... over with..." Trunks growled through clenched teeth, his strength spent, his will to fight gone. "Maybe I'll find some way to escape once he gets me aboard the ship... I couldn't escape on my own last time, but... at least Ami's not going to get involved..."

"That's the spirit," replied Exeter, a rare smile forming on his battle-weary face. "Broken. Just the way I like it."

"Break this, you demented son of a bitch!"

Suddenly, Exeter could feel the impact of several large, cold blasts of energy all slamming into his back at once and creating a large, icy explosion that formed just behind his back, sending shards of ice slamming into him.

"No... Ami... no!" Trunks thought, just before being rudely tossed to the ground by Exeter, who turned around to face his attacker. There, standing beside him with an aura of light blue magical energy radiating outward from her body, was Sailor Mercury, a look of pure hatred on her face the likes of which Trunks had never seen before.

"I will not let you die alone, Trunks..." Sailor Mercury thought to him, keeping her hateful gaze fixed on Exeter's face. "I... I couldn't stand to know you were in pain and there was nothing I could do about it..."

Her eyes briefly glanced behind Exeter to Trunks, and when she saw his broken, battered form lying on the ground, a loud, shrieking gasp escaped her lips, followed by a stream of tears from her eyes.

"Why am I not surprised?" Exeter shouted, his own gaze now fixated on the determined Sailor Mercury. "Trunks told me you'd come for him... not verbally, of course, but his eyes told the whole story... he was terrified the entire fight. Not that I would destroy him, but that you would come and I would destroy you. Well, you know what they say about terror... it's a self-fulfilling prophecy."

A deep bank of dark blue clouds began to fill the sky above the battlefield. Within a few seconds, Trunks, Exeter, and Sailor Mercury were being drenched in freezing drops of magical rain, an attack that Sailor Mercury had only used in training, and never in an actual fight, concerned about its potentially low level of effectiveness. Her gaze shifted back to Exeter, whose body was quickly becoming caked in ice as the incredibly cold drops froze on contact with his skin.

"You know, that attack is affecting Trunks just as much as it's effecting me," said Exeter, pointing to Trunks, who was laying just behind him on the ground.

"There are certain attacks of mine that, through training together with me, Trunks has developed an immunity to," said Sailor Mercury, an angry, yet very calm tone in her voice. "This is one of them."

"Seems that I'm immune as well," said Exeter, easily melting the ice from his body by emitting a tiny bit of magical energy. "Your pathetic attacks won't even put a dent in me."

Exeter pointed his palm outward at Sailor Mercury, and she was quickly flung through the air, her body bouncing roughly across the ground several times before coming to a stop nearly a hundred feet from her original position.

"Ami!" Trunks screamed, mustering all the strength left in his voice to call out to her. "Dammit... she's going to die... it's all my fault!"

Exeter lifted off of the ground and flew at Sailor Mercury just as she began to stand, her arms thrust outward into the icy rain still plummeting to the ground. As Exeter continued to fly at her, large, pointed icebergs suddenly burst upward from the ground, attempting to impale Exeter as he flew past. Several icebergs jutted up just in front of them, but he easily flew right through the large spikes of ice, shattering them in his wake and quickly reaching Sailor Mercury once more. With one backhand to the face, she was left lying face down on the ground, a large gash across her cheek from the force of the blow. Though the icebergs had stopped, the rain continued to fall, beginning to coat the ground with a thick layer of solid ice. Exeter floated just above the ice as he slowly went over to Sailor Mercury, now struggling to pick herself up from the slippery ground.

"What's the matter?" Exeter said, more angry than taunting. "Can't recover from your own attack?"

Sailor Mercury looked up at Exeter, her own eyes still glazed over with hatred, not showing the slightest bit of fear. He leaned over her fallen form, preparing to extinguish his ill-prepared adversary once and for all before returning to his true prize, the battered half-Saiyan he'd left just a few hundred feet behind him... or at least he thought he did. Just as he began charging up a blast to annihilate Sailor Mercury, he felt a large beam of ki slam into his back, knocking him ever so slightly forward and causing him to turn around, his eyes now meeting the eyes of Trunks, who had gained a miraculous second wind and was floating just a short distance behind him, his body pulsating with the last bit of his remaining ki.

"You... leave her out of this!" shouted Trunks, his arm pointed straight outward at Exeter. "Ami... you have to go, right now! You have to get as far away from here as possible! Take the teleportation wand and go!"

"I'm not leaving you, Trunks!" Sailor Mercury thought back to him, getting up off of the ground and putting a few feet of distance between Exeter and herself. "I love you, and I won't let you die!"

"She's forced her way into this, Trunks," said Exeter. "I can't leave her out now... it was her decision to make, and you can't expect to be able to make it for her."

Exeter turned around and immediately received a punch to the gut from Sailor Mercury, whose fist pulsated with magical energy, just like the rest of her body. Before she could strike again, she was once more knocked to the ground by Exeter, this time kicked in the chest and sent sprawling, her back and head hitting the cold, hard, icy ground at the time time.

"This will be quick," said Exeter, once again pointing his arm at Sailor Mercury. "I have an annoying Saiyan to capture."

Trunks fired off several more beams of ki into Exeter's back, screaming as he pushed his body to the limit with all of the ki energy he could muster, creating a huge, column-shaped explosion around Exeter's body that Sailor Mercury was just barely able to escape, leaping out of the way and watching as Exeter was swallowed up by the huge burst of flashing, golden energy.

"Ami... I almost hit you..." Trunks thought, realizing how close his blast had come to hitting Sailor Mercury. "Are you alright?"

"Yes, Trunks..." Sailor Mercury replied, looking at Trunks as his blast continued to rage beside her. "I... I..."

"Thank you... for coming, Ami," Trunks thought. Ami already knew he didn't want her here, and reiterating that fact would only distress her more, probably the last thing she needed. "I love you..."

The column of ki suddenly disappeared, and Exeter flew at Trunks with a shout of rage, firing an energy blast that knocked the Saiyan once more to the ground, then landing right in front of him and standing over his fallen body.

"This ends now!" Exeter shouted, raising his foot over Trunks' head. "I'll knock you out and then deal with your foolish Sailor Mercury!"

"You'll deal with me right now!" Sailor Mercury shouted, running inbetween Exeter and Trunks and stretching her arms out to her sides, forming a t-shaped barrier between the two warriors. "Trunks... I'm sorry..."

"Ami, no!" Trunks thought desperately, trying to pick himself up from the ground. "Ami!"

With one swift gesture, Exeter moved around Sailor Mercury and kicked Trunks in the chest, sending him flying high up into the air. Then, he turned his attention back to the now screaming Senshi.

"I've changed my mind," said Exeter, angrily staring at Sailor Mercury, who still had her attention focused on Trunks, flying upward in almost a straight line. "He'll come down eventually... just in time to notice you've been vaporized."

"Trunks!" Sailor Mercury thought, fearing not for herself, her only thoughts completely focused on the fate of Trunks, helplessly soaring into the stratosphere, probably even out of the range of her telepathy. "No..."

Still flying through the air, Trunks could do nothing to stop himself, watching the rapidly shrinking Exeter and Sailor Mercury on the ground below.

"By the time my momentum runs out, Ami will be... I can't let that happen! Not after everything she's done for me... I promised myself I wouldn't let her die..."

Sailor Mercury tried to use another attack, but found herself unable to gather any magical energy at all. Exeter smiled, his own aura briefly flashing blue for a split-second.

"That's something Trunks didn't get to see, since he can't use magic like you..." said Exeter. "I can absorb small amounts of magic if I'm close enough to the user... looks like your luck has just run out, Ami Mizuno."

Trunks could feel his strength beginning to return as his rage built and his fists clenched. His body began to slow, and then stop, leaving him hovering in the air nearly a half-mile off of the ground, still able to see Exeter and Sailor Mercury clearly below. His ki aura expanded, and once more regained its familiar golden luster.

"I will... NOT let... you hurt Ami again... do you hear me?" Trunks shouted as he felt an incredible, intense strength quickly filling every muscle in his body. His golden ki aura began to rapidly expand, growing even larger than it had been when Trunks was an Ascended Super Saiyan. Electricity coursed around his head, arms, chest, and legs, and his muscles, already swelled to a very large size as an effect of his Ultimate Super Saiyan form, grew slightly larger, bulging outward as blue sparks of electricity sparked around them. Exeter felt the intense surge of strength and looked up to the sky, gasping at what he saw.

"That... that's impossible!" Exeter shouted. "I sealed your Ascended Super Saiyan form! You can't do that!"

"It's different, Exeter," said Trunks as he rapidly floated back down to earth. His aura was incredible, even engulfing Exeter from a distance of twenty feet. "You sealed my regular ascension, but now, I've ascended in my Ultimate Super Saiyan form."

Sailor Mercury gasped, stepping back from Exeter and staring at the newly-transformed Trunks, her mouth wide open in shock.

"You never cease to amaze me, Trunks..." Sailor Mercury thought, trembling as she felt the immense surge of power coming off of Trunks' ki aura.

"Ami, you have to get as far away from here as you can," thought Trunks back to her while continuing to stare at Exeter with a cold, intimidating gaze. "Don't worry about me, Ami... I'm hurt, but now I know I have enough energy to win."

"It doesn't matter whether or not you've ascended," said Exeter, his own aura dwarfed by the incredible glow radiating from Trunks' body. "You're still incredibly slow, and all the strength in the world can't make up for that!"

"Trunks, be careful!" Sailor Mercury shouted. Exeter turned around, and with an angry growl, smashed his arm across her chest, sending her tumbling and skidding across the ground. She came to a stop just a couple of seconds later, her eyes closed, blood trickling from a large gash just above her left eye.

"Now that she's out of the way," Exeter began, "let's finish this."

Trunks' heel crashed into Exeter's neck, knocking the powerful warrior into the ground, even creating a small, severely cracked crater on impact.

"That's for what you did to Ami... you hurt her, and I will never forgive you!" Trunks shouted, leaping into the air and firing a large flurry of golden ki blasts at Exeter. The blasts all slammed into Exeter at once, creating a huge explosion that swept quickly across the battlefield, keeping its distance from Sailor Mercury, who was still lying on the ground, fading in and out of consciousness. Temporarily abandoning the battle, Trunks flew over to Sailor Mercury and gently helped her to her feet. She smiled and blinked at Trunks for a second as Trunks wiped the blood away from her face.

"Well, this is familiar..." Sailor Mercury whispered, referring to Trunks' battle against Frieza, where he had also helped her after she was hurt. "You're sure you're going to be alright?"

Trunks nodded, gently wrapping his arms around Sailor Mercury in a light embrace.

"Thank you... so much, Ami," said Trunks, briefly glancing toward the large crater where Exeter lay. "You helped me so much... you saved my life... just like last time..."

The two lovers looked into each other's eyes, their arms still occupied in their embrace. Smiles were on both of their faces, and for just a brief moment, the two completely forgot about everything... the battle, their injuries, the danger they were still in... only their love mattered, only the fact that they were both still alive, and now in each other's arms.

"You... how could you get that powerful in such a short time?" Exeter shouted, slowly rising up out of the crater. Trunks pulled away from Sailor Mercury and floated toward him, his aura glowing brilliantly and threatening to blind Exeter if he stared directly at it. "Headquarters didn't tell me about the possibility of a transformation like this..."

"That's because there's never been a transformation like this before," Trunks said. "No one's ever ascended from the Ultimate Super Saiyan form. What you are seeing now is a unique event. You should feel lucky."

The cold rain that continued to fall across the battlefield began to freeze onto Exeter yet again, and as he intensified his aura to melt the ice, he could see Trunks flying at him at an incredible speed closer to an Ascended Saiyan's than an Ultimate's. He raised his fists to block just in time, catching Trunks' leg as it swept toward his chest. He flew up higher into the air and threw Trunks to the ground with incredible force. Trunks couldn't stop, slamming into the bottom of the crater and throwing up an enormous cloud of dust. Exeter extended his arms all the way out to his sides, causing the icy rain to stop in place, as if frozen in time.

"He took control of my magic!" Sailor Mercury thought, watching as her icy raindrops were commandeered by Exeter. "Trunks, look out!"

The drops suddenly reformed into sharp, pointed ice needles, that were then sent flying toward the center of the crater, all of them aimed straight for Trunks. Trunks stood up and pointed his arm out at the needles, blasting them with a large, intense beam of ki. The ice needles were vaporized, and the blast continued upward. Exeter flew to the right, narrowly escaping Trunks' blast as it flew out into space. The skies above the battlefield cleared, Sailor Mercury's magically generated clouds disappearing as the ice that they had spawned was destroyed.

"You tried to turn Ami's attack against me..." Trunks said, his anger clearly showing through his focused expression. "That's the last mistake you will ever make!"

Trunks flew up to Exeter and punched at him, but Exeter was once again able to escape, leaping out of the way and firing a magical blast that hit Trunks in the side, knocking him backward. Exeter then flew out ahead of Trunks, kicking him in the back of the neck and sending him tumbling forward through the air. He then extended his arm, forming a long, glowing red energy sword held tightly in his hand. Trunks turned around only to see Exeter lunging toward him with the blade, barely able to leap out of the way in time. The blade slashed across Trunks' left arm, cutting a long, bloody gash and causing Trunks to clamp his right hand down over the wound as Exeter leapt back toward him with the sword. Still holding his hand over his arm, Trunks thrust forward with his leg, dealing an authoritative boot straight to Exeter's face. Exeter was sent flying high into the air, his nose and jaw instantly shattered by the powerful kick. Ignoring the pain of the cut, Trunks pulled back his arms and began concentrating his energy into a ki blast.


The huge beam shot straight out at Exeter, who replied with a large, red beam of his own, a beam of ki energy with magical energy rotating around it, giving the beam a drill-like appearance as it and Trunks' Kamehameha wave jostled for position in the air.

"Damn..." Trunks said, clenching his teeth while looking down at the wound on his arm. "That wound won't let me keep this blast up much longer... I gotta try another strategy..."

Sailor Mercury ran out to the rim of the crater, watching Trunks and Exeter's battle with a worried look on her beautiful face.

"I believe in you, Trunks..." Sailor Mercury thought. "You won't lose... you're going to win... you have to win!"

Trunks nodded at her, and then intensified his blast, which slowly but surely began plowing toward Exeter, his own blast quickly faltering in the wake of Trunks' powerful beam.

"This is... this... this isn't happening!" Exeter shouted as his own beam disappeared and he was subjected to the full force of an explosive Kamehameha wave. Trunks saw the explosion from below and smiled briefly at Sailor Mercury before flying up to meet Exeter, knowing that the blast probably hadn't destroyed him. Sure enough, the smoke from the blast dissolved long before Trunks reached Exeter, who now had a badly burnt right wrist and hand, the part of his body that had felt the brunt of the attack. His previous calmness was quickly being replaced by a frantic rage, a sign that Exeter knew that the state of the battle had rapidly shifted.

Trunks charged another blast, but Exeter flew downward, trying to keep his distance from his physically stronger opponent. He formed two flashing white light sparks in his hands, which floated up to Trunks and began to encircle him rapidly, their light blinding the Saiyan as they flashed past his eyes.

"What kind of an attack is this?" Trunks thought to himself. "Some sort of Solar Flare or something?"

Suddenly, the sparks disappeared, and Trunks found himself trapped inside a small, floating white energy sphere that hovered in the air and gave Trunks a severe shock whenever he touched the edges.

"I didn't want to have to use that attack on you, Trunks, since it requires quite a significant portion of my own energy," Exeter yelled up to the trapped half-Saiyan. "But if you insist on making this fight difficult, then I have no choice."

The entire sphere began to fill with a light even brighter than the two sparks Exeter had created it from. Trunks quickly closed his eyes and began to feel an intense burning as the white-hot light scorched every inch of his body, helplessly trapped inside the glowing magical sphere.

"Trunks!" shouted Sailor Mercury, able to see through the light with the help of her VR visor, now rapidly scanning the sphere, searching desperately for any way Trunks could escape. "If he doesn't get out of there soon, he'll be burnt to a crisp!"

Trunks screamed out in pain, his fists tightly clenched as he began focusing his energy. He knew that if he was going to escape the burning light, he would have to blast his way out.

"I just hope I have enough energy to neutralize one of Exeter's most powerful attacks..." Trunks thought, this time transmitting it to Sailor Mercury's mind.

"Of course you have enough, Trunks... you told me so yourself..." Sailor Mercury thought back to him, smiling a reassuring smile even though she knew Trunks wouldn't be able to see it. "I've scanned the sphere you're trapped in... haven't found any weaknesses yet, but-"

"But I'll be able to neutralize it... I have the energy... thank you, Ami."

A brilliant explosion of energy burst forth from the sphere, and a loud yell could be heard as Trunks powered out of Exeter's deadly trap. Exeter screamed as the wave of energy continued outward and rushed over his own body, hitting him like a battering ram and temporarily knocking the wind out of him.

"No one's ever... ever been able to counter the Luminous Deathglow before..." Exeter thought, his mouth wide open in shock. "Dammit... if I'm going to win this fight, I have to win it now!"

"Countering that attack took up a lot of my energy," Trunks thought. "I've got to finish Exeter off quickly... if not, I might tire out again, and then I'll be in serious trouble!"

The energy explosion faded, and Trunks and Exeter were now hovering at opposite sides of the gigantic crater, with Sailor Mercury watching from the crater's rim, her visor constantly scanning Exeter for weaknesses. She was determined to help Trunks in any way she could... even though Trunks' power was great, his speed was still hampered slightly by his muscular frame, and Exeter's repertoire of attacks was far more varied. If Exeter gained even the slightest advantage, the scales could tip toward him yet again.

Trunks and Exeter flew at one another, their energy auras both prominent and impressive as they entered into a violent collision course, both warriors headed straight for the center of the crater. When Trunks reached it, however, Exeter had suddenly disappeared, and when Trunks turned around, Exeter's elbow caught him squarely in the forehead. Exeter laughed, but the blow had barely fazed Trunks, who responded by slamming his fist into Exeter's face, knocking him into the side of the crater and throwing up another large cloud of dust.

"That won't work, Exeter..." Trunks shouted, calling out to the bottom of the crater. "It's impossible to be stronger than me now!"

"I know," came a voice from behind Trunks. As soon as Trunks turned around, he could feel several large, needle-like energy beams stabbing into his body at various places, two into his chest, one into his arm, one into his leg, and one into his foot. The needles were attached to thick, glowing red energy tendrils, all originating from the same source: Exeter's left hand, now pulsating brightly with a red glow. "I have to be smarter."

Trunks screamed out in pain as a powerful electrical blast jolted his body, his blue electrical field now replaced by red sparks that slowly rose up from his body as the shocks continued to come, burning his entire lower body. Trunks could slowly feel his energy beginning to slip away as the shocks continued, more intense than ever.

"TRUNKS!" Sailor Mercury screamed, running into the center of the crater while still frantically scanning Exeter for weaknesses. "Hold on!"

"The 'me' you knocked into the bottom of the crater before was just an illusion... a magical decoy created by me to fool you and lure you into this, much more powerful attack," said Exeter, ignoring Sailor Mercury's anguished cries from below. "These red things you see here are my Seshiki cables, magical extensions of my body that rip all the energy from the victim's body... and you've got quite a lot of energy to rip, Trunks."

Trunks clenched his teeth, paralyzed by the pain now filling every inch of his frame, hundreds of tiny energy sparks flowing out of him every second, feeling like shurikens as Exeter's magic ripped them from his body.

"TRUNKS!!!" Sailor Mercury screamed again, tears once more beginning to stream down her face. "Stop hurting Trunks right now!"

Continuing to ignore Sailor Mercury, Exeter simply intensified his attack, causing even more sparks to flow out of Trunks' body. Trunks tried his hardest not to scream, knowing his cries of anguish would only stab like swords into the soul of his beloved, already having to suffer through seeing him in such a terrible predicament.

"Ami..." Trunks thought to Sailor Mercury, weariness even evident in his thoughts as he mentally called out to her. "You... you have to go... I'll deal with Exeter... I..."

"I found a weakness, Trunks," Sailor Mercury thought, beginning to compose herself. "In his attack... the sparks are still your energy until they enter his Seshiki cables... so all you have to do is concentrate and focus them into an attack so that they hit Exeter and not the cables... it should produce quite a violent explosion when they collide with him, which will probably cause the attack to cease."

"Concentrate my energy?" Trunks thought, wondering how he could possibly control the energy that had already been ripped from his body. "But... how do I-"

"The same way you taught me to do it, Trunks... you just have to focus... they've been stolen from your body, but if you concentrate hard enough, you should be able to control them... I believe in you, Trunks... you have to do this... I know you can!"

Trunks closed his eyes as tightly as he could, completely shutting out every thought in his mind. He could still feel the intense pain from Exeter's attack, but he dealt with that by thinking of the one thing that could take that pain away... he thought of Ami, and all the time they had spent together... and how brave and strong she was in battle, even now, helping him to defeat Exeter, coming to his rescue just as many times as he'd come for her... he hadn't wanted her to come, but now Trunks knew... now he knew he couldn't win without her. Not without her strength, not without her wisdom, not without her love... without them, Trunks was destined to lose. With them... Trunks was determined to win.

The red sparks all slammed into Exeter at once, detonating with enough force to blast both Trunks and Exeter back into the sides of the crater. While Trunks quickly recovered, standing up just a few seconds after he'd been blasted down, Exeter didn't move from where he'd landed, his body embedded in a large crack carved into the opposite side of the crater. His body had sustained severe burn damage from the incredible explosion, and he remained smoldering even as Trunks slowly walked over to him. Trunks' once prominent aura was now a gentle, blue, wispy flame, but his electrical field remained, sparking as strong as ever as Trunks walked across the crater.

"You did it, Trunks..." Sailor Mercury thought to him. "I knew you could..."

Trunks smiled at her, and then glanced down at Exeter, who was struggling to remain conscious, his eyes slowly blinking open and closed, his mouth emitting an audible groan.

"They said... they said... you were powerful..." Exeter gasped, his voice now raspy and weak, filled with pain. "I congratulate you... Saiyan..."

"I appreciate the compliment," Trunks said, pointing his palm out at Exeter and beginning to charge a ki blast. "But you still have to die."

Exeter groaned again, leaning his head back into what would be his final resting place as Trunks shot him with an enormous blast of ki, obliterating him once and for all, and carving out another large gash in the ground, giving the crater the shape of a cherry, if viewed from above. As soon as the blast had faded, Trunks could feel Exeter's energy no more, and knew that he had finally been defeated. Trunks slowly floated up to the side of the crater, landing next to Sailor Mercury before detransforming into his normal, purple-haired state. Sailor Mercury giggled, and then detransformed herself, back into pretty, smart, schoolgirl fuku-wearing Ami Mizuno.

"It's over..." said Trunks, smiling and wiping away the last tear from Ami's cheek. "Ami..."

Ami placed her finger to Trunks' lips, and then both of them knew that neither had to say anything more. They leaned in and kissed deeply as the last remnants of smoke and dust from the battle floated around them, the wind whipping at their battle-weary bodies, their hair gently flowing along for the ride.


The two walked through the door of Chris' house in Nihimo Town about fifteen minutes later, a few bandages applied to their more prominent wounds. Sailor Moon was the first to leap to her feet, first hugging Ami, and then Trunks, who muttered a silent 'ow' as Sailor Moon's arms wrapped around his aching and injured back.

"Looks like you guys came through after all!" said Sailor Venus, also standing up and walking over to greet them. "You... did come through, right? The bad guy's dead... right?"

"The bad guy is dead," said Trunks, offering up a proud smile. "And it's all thanks to Ami Mizuno, right here!"

Trunks pointed at Ami, who offered a modest giggle and shook her head.

"Trunks did most of the work... I just scanned Exeter for weaknesses and told Trunks what to do... well, just once, anyway. Other than that, it was all him, really!"

"I'm just glad you're both okay..." said Rose, walking over to Trunks and Ami and hugging both of them, just as Sailor Moon had done. "I could feel some of the energy pulses from that battle... and I was nearly overwhelmed! Trunks, what was that huge spike of energy you gained just a few minutes before the end of the fight? I've never felt anything like it in my life!"

"Should we tell them about my new Ascended Ultimate Super Saiyan stage now, or just wait for later?" Trunks thought. Ami giggled, and then nodded her head.

"You don't have to show them, but you can tell them... they might need to know about it for the next time you train with them."

"I just found a new stage of my power," said Trunks. "It's... sort of like the Ascended Super Saiyan state I transformed into to save Ami from Frieza, but... it's different. A lot different. It's when I ascend past my Ultimate Super Saiyan stage."

"You mean that big muscle-y thing?" Cammy asked, pretending to flex her own muscles. "You... you ascended past THAT?"

"I wonder what that must have looked like..." Sailor Jupiter said, curiously looking Trunks up and down. "Did your muscles get any bigger?"

"Just a little bit," said Ami, turning to face her brown-haired friend. "They couldn't have gotten much bigger than they already were, or Trunks would've popped like a balloon!"

"Good point," Sailor Jupiter replied. "Since there's no more danger, we should... probably detransform, am I right?"

Sailor Moon nodded, and the four Senshi quickly reverted back to their normal forms, just like Ami. Then, they resumed their conversation.

"So... what do you call this new form, Trunks?" asked Rei. "I'd assume you'd just call it Ultimate Super Saiyan 2, right? Or Ultimate Ascended Super Saiyan? Or maybe Ascended Ultimate Super Saiyan?"

"Does it really matter?" Trunks asked, a smile remaining on his face as he started to scratch his head. "I mean, as long as it can beat the bad guys, what does it matter what it's called?"

"It needs a cool name, that's why!" Cammy shouted. "How about... um... ooh, I got a good one! Super-Duper Super Saiyan! No, wait, how about... Extreme Super Saiyan! Like Ultimate, but even more than that, so it's Extreme Super Saiyan!"

"Extreme?" Ami thought, a puzzled look on her face as she glanced over at Cammy. "What does Trunks look like, Tony Hawk?"

"Oh, let them have their fun, Ami..." Trunks thought back to her, a warm smile on his face. "The others seem to like Cammy's idea... and in the heat of battle, what's it going to matter what I'm called? I'm not actually going to go around calling myself an Extreme Super Saiyan or anything silly like that."

"Okay then, Extreme Super Saiyan it is!" Ami declared, looking over at Trunks. "You agree, right?"

Trunks nodded, winking at Ami as he turned back to the others.

"Good suggestion, Cammy," Patrick said, hugging her as she let out a delightful squeal at Trunks and Ami's announcement. "I definitely wouldn't have thought of that one."

"You're not being sarcastic, are you?" asked Cammy, shooting Patrick a skeptical glare. He blinked, and Cammy's lips quickly curved back into a smile as she emitted an amused giggle. "Just kidding, Patrick..."

"This calls for a celebration of some sort..." said Chris' mom, walking out of the kitchen with a tray of cookies in hand. "I just baked these cookies, and I think there's enough here for everyone to have several, so... dig in!"

As everyone began feasting on the cookies, Trunks and Ami sat together in one of the couches, gratefully appreciating their wonderful time together, and the meal that both of them, at one point in the day, had thought they'd never get to experience again. They were together now, back with their friends, and finally getting a chance to experience a peaceful, enjoyable life once more. The evil was at last defeated, and the two lovers were now getting the reward they so rightly deserved. No, not the cookies so lovingly prepared by Chris' mother... but peace, a peace that Trunks and Ami could only hope would last them a good, long while.


Lita and Rose excused themselves early from the snacks, for they had a job to do, and they knew exactly what needed to be done. They walked out to the basketball court, where several girls, as well as a large group of boys, was eagerly waiting for them.

"The boys have been picking on us for the last fifteen minutes!" shouted one of the girls, pointing at a large, muscular boy dribbling the ball on one of the courts. "He's been the meanest one of all!"

"Sorry we got here a little late," said Lita, glancing over at the other court and staring right into the face of the large, muscular boy. "Hey, you!"

The boy turned and stared at Lita for several seconds.

"Yes, you!" shouted Lita, calling the boy, as well as the rest of his group, over to the court. "You guys ready to take us on?"

"I can't believe we're actually going to do this," said another, much less muscular boy, a redhead with a numerous amount of freckles on his slender face. "We've only played with girls like four times, and every single time we beat the crap out of them. Girls suck at basketball. It's not even fun to play them!"

"The only reason we're playing with you two now is because... um... why are we playing with them?" asked the big, muscular boy to the scrawny redhead beside him.


"Because we're hot, and we have big boobs, is that what you were going to say?" Rose shouted, angrily finishing the boy's sentence. The scrawny kid nodded meekly. "Figures."

Rose turned to Lita, a serious, angry stare on both girls' faces.

"Let's take these boys to school," Rose said, and Lita quickly nodded in agreement.

The game started soon afterward, with five players to a side on the court, and four boys starting out on the bench. Five girls began the game on the bench, but were quickly rotated in as the game went on, and Rose and Lita served as player-coaches, making sure each girl got to play an equal amount of time. They both even tried to sub themselves out, but the smaller girls on the team would have no part of it.

"You gotta stay in there!" said a precocious girl, about eleven years old, with short, black hair. "Those boys will kick our butts if you sub out!"

"But if we play all the time, it's not fair to the rest of you," Rose replied, and then with a whisper, said, "plus, I don't think it's very fair to the boys, either..."

"You've gotta stay in," the girl replied with a light giggle. "We're only up four points... you can't quit on us now!"

Rose heaved a long sigh, and then returned to the court, her long, pink hair flowing gracefully behind her. Obviously, she didn't use her powers during the game, wanting it to be as fair of a contest as possible, but as it turned out, she didn't need them. With Lita and Rose's help, the girls beat the boys by a score of 30-18, and there wasn't a single person on the losing team ready to except the humiliating loss.

"They cheated, I know they did!" shouted the scrawny, redheaded boy. "That pink-haired girl... she used those powers she has on the ball or something!"

"I most certainly did not," Rose replied, walking up to the boy with a sly smile on her face. "If I'd used my powers, this is the one I would've used."

Suddenly, the boy found himself pinned to the nearby chain-link fence, his arms and legs immobilized by glowing pink energy shackles. His friends desperately struggled to free him, but they had no luck whatsoever as Lita and Rose walked over to the rest of their team, giggling loudly.

"Those things aren't going to leave him up there all day, are they?" asked one of the girls. Rose smiled and gently shook her head.

"They'll dissolve on their own in fifteen minutes... they're not hurting him, either, I made sure of that."

"What about his mom? Won't she get mad?" asked another one of the girls, the black-haired girl who had tried to sub herself out for Rose earlier. Again, Rose shook her head.

"I already told his mom about how rude he was to me last time," Rose said, "and she gave me her permission to deal with him if he gets out of line. I'm sure she won't mind."

"Thank you... for helping us beat those mean boys!" shouted another one of the girls, hugging Lita tightly around the waist. Lita smiled and gently patted the girl on the head.

"You girls are welcome," Lita said. "We were looking forward to this, don't worry!"

Still giggling at the boys' efforts to free their perverted friend, Rose and Lita hugged several more of the girls before leaving the playground, waving and smiling the entire time.


After the cookies were finished, and the long, friendly conversations finally ended, Trunks, the eight girls (including Rose and Lita, who had gone back to Chris' house after the game), and Darien said their goodbyes to Chris and his mother before leaving Nihimo Town, headed back first to Trunks and Bulma's, and then at last to their homes in Juuban, where they were all sure their families were waiting for them. Just before leaving town, Angela spotted Chris, running toward them at the town entrance.

"Angela!" Chris shouted, running over to her and stopping right next to her, breathing heavily and leaning over the ground after he stopped, trying to catch his breath.

"Chris?" Angela asked, gently placing her hand under his chin and lifting up his head to get a better look at him. "You okay?"

Chris smiled and nodded, sweat pouring down his now crimson face as Angela lifted up his chin.

"Angela, I... I mean, if you're not doing anything tomorrow night, I'd like to... um... I'd like to visit your world and um... and go out on a date... with you."

"Whoa, Chris, where did that come from?" Trunks asked, glancing over and smiling at his friend.

"Guess Trunks isn't the only one here with a thing for blue-haired women..." Rose thought, looking back and forth between Chris and her sister.

"Sure!" Angela said, with a surprising amount of eagerness that even Chris hadn't been prepared for. "Tomorrow at... at eight o'clock, okay? Trunks, you'd take Chris to my house, wouldn't you?"

"Okay," said Trunks, having just reclaimed his teleportation wand from Ami. "You'll have to be ready, though, Chris... I'm not going to take you to the other dimension unless you look nice, you got it?"

Chris nodded, and then ran up and kissed Angela on the cheek, causing both of them to blush.

"Thanks, Angela... I promise I'll make it the best night ever!" Chris shouted as he ran back to town. "Thank you!"

Angela giggled again, her hand briefly touching the spot on her cheek where Chris had kissed her.

"Not much of a kisser, but he certainly is sweet..." Angela thought, her eyelids still fluttering. "I think we're both going to enjoy our date!"

After Chris' brief interruption, Trunks, Ami, and the others finally left Nihimo Town and returned to the Briefs' home.


"Trunks... oh my goodness, I'm so glad you're alright!"

Bulma hugged Trunks as soon as he walked through the door, noticing the extensive bandaging on his body.

"I should probably grow a few more Senzu Beans, shouldn't I?" Bulma asked, turning to Ami and hugging her as well. "You've got a couple of nasty scrapes too..."

"That's okay," said Rose, her hand beginning to light up with bright red energy. "I can heal both of them... they're not hurt too badly, so I won't be using too much of my energy..."

"I'm just glad you're both safe," said Bulma, looking back and forth between Trunks and Ami. "You defeated Exeter, once and for all?"

Trunks nodded, smiling at Bulma, and then at Ami.

"Once and for all... and forever..."


Long after Trunks and the others had returned, everyone except Trunks, Patrick, Ami, and Cammy had gone back to Juuban, and the four who had stayed had finished eating their supper, Cammy and Patrick were now alone in the upstairs guest room, sitting next to one another in wooden chairs next to the bed.

"So... how long are you going to be living here?" Cammy asked, gently stroking her short, green hair away from her face.

"Until Trunks, Bulma, and I build a house in Nihimo Town for me to live in," Patrick said, smiling. "Now that Exeter's been defeated, we'll be able to work pretty quickly... and I'll probably have a home built in a couple of weeks."

"Now the town's finally getting someone to live there permanently and watch for monsters and stuff!" Cammy said. "I'm glad... now Nihimo Town will never be caught off-guard again!"

"I hope Nihimo Town never even gets attacked again..." Patrick said, a serious look appearing on his face. "This world's been through too much already... kind of like you, Cammy..."

"Hmm?" Cammy asked, a puzzled look on her face. "What do you-"

"You've... you've suffered through so much in your life... being forced to work for Crysthea, being killed by Frieza in a horrible manner... being kidnapped by me and... and..."

Cammy's fingers flew to Patrick's hand, gripping it tightly and squeezing as Patrick bowed his head, beginning to tremble as he recalled yet again the horrible things he'd inflicted on the kind, sweet girl now seated right next to him.

"And it's over now, Patrick... the evil's gone... and you're good now... and we're friends... right, Patrick?"

Patrick smiled, and then nodded, wrapping his arms around Cammy's back in a gentle embraced.

"Thank you... Cammy..."

"Thank you, Patrick... you're more than a friend... I think I may have fallen in love with you... but I don't know yet... I'll tell you when I'm absolutely sure."


That night, Ami and Trunks sat alone out on the roof of the tall building where Ami and her mother lived together in their apartment. Ami's mother had been ecstatic to see Trunks and Ami again, and would have made supper for them had they not already had supper at Bulma's house. Instead, the three talked for nearly a half-hour, Ami's mother tearfully telling Trunks what she had told Ami before... they shared a special bond, Trunks and Ami... a bond that she knew would last for the rest of their lives. And now, as Trunks and Ami sat on that roof, the stars above them, staring out into the beautiful skyline of Tokyo before them, holding hands as the cool night air surrounded them both.

"We are.... we are two parts of the same whole, Ami... just like your mother said..." Trunks said, smiling as he looked into her beautiful blue eyes. "You'll always be a part of me, Ami..."

Ami smiled back, gently stroking her hand across Trunks' face and kissing him briefly on the lips.

"I love you with all of my heart and soul... and I always will," Ami replied. "Trunks, I... when I went to the battle, I... I... you told me to stay away, Trunks, and-"

"Ami... don't think you have to do something or not do something because I tell you to," said Trunks, his gentle touch bringing an incredible, uplifting feeling to Ami where his skin made contact with hers. "I was trying to protect you, but... I was really trying to protect myself, from having to see you hurt... I knew you were strong enough to help me, but... it was selfish of me to ask you to stay away, Ami..."

Ami shook her head, and again kissed Trunks on the lips.

"I know what you were trying to do, Trunks... and I appreciate that you want me to be safe... and I know now that you know exactly how I felt whenever you were hurt..."

"I couldn't have beaten Exeter without you there," said Trunks. "That's the entire truth."


Trunks and Ami kissed again, and then a second time, their lips gently but firmly pressing together, Ami's body leaning into Trunks' chest as the two kissed again and again, the stars above illuminating their passion against the blessed night sky.


"Now just push your energy off of the ground... you've got it, Ami... you've got it..."

Ami, transformed into Sailor Mercury, looked down and gasped in amazement as her feet slowly lifted up off of the ground, her magical energy pressing down on the earth and lifting her entire body slowly upward.

"Trunks, I'm doing it... I'm doing it... I'm flying!"

With one final push of energy, Sailor Mercury lifted rapidly off of the ground, her body jettisoning hundreds of feet into the air. She screamed and quickly cut off the energy flow, her body now beginning to plummet to the ground. She panicked and flared up her energy again, this time pushing forward with a surprising amount of speed. Trunks chuckled at her as she clumsily jetted in different directions for several seconds before finally coming to a gentle stop, landing on the ground just a few feet away from Trunks.

"That was incredible... I did it, Trunks!" Sailor Mercury shouted happily, leaping into Trunks' arms and wrapping him up in a tight embrace. "I did it... I did it... I flew! It was the greatest thing, Trunks, the most incredible experience of my entire life!"

"That's exactly how I felt the first time Gohan taught me to fly," Trunks said, smiling at Sailor Mercury, his heart delighting with her joy. "Now this time, try to have a bit more control, okay?"

Sailor Mercury nodded, and slowly lifted up off of the ground, this time in full control of her energy as it pushed her skyward. She stopped just a hundred feet in the air, hovering in place and beckoning Trunks up to her.

"Trunks, the view is great up here! I can see your house!" Sailor Mercury said with a giggle. A second later, Trunks was hovering next to her.

"Yeah, but that's because it's only a few yards away," said Trunks, pointing to his house almost directly below. "Hi, mom!"

Bulma, who had been making lunch at the time, poked her head out the window and waved to Trunks and Sailor Mercury.

"Wow, Ami... how's the air up there?" Bulma shouted excitedly. "That's great that you can fly! I wish I could!"

With a smile, Bulma retreated through the window, returning to her work inside the kitchen.

"If she had just a little bit more energy, I could probably teach her to fly, but it would take a lot longer than it did to teach you, Ami..." Trunks said, looking back at her. "Took a lot less time than I thought it would, Ami!"

"Well, I've gained a lot of energy since I began training with you, Trunks," Sailor Mercury said, smiling as she glanced down at the ground below. "This... this really is incredible... you've given me such a wonderful gift, Trunks..."

"I'll probably teach the others tomorrow," said Trunks, gently clasping Ami's right hand in both of his own. "I'm... I'm glad you're happy, Ami... you don't know how happy that makes me feel..."

"I know exactly how much it does, Trunks... because that's why I'm so happy..."

"You've given me an incredible gift too, Ami..." Trunks said, releasing her hand and gently placing it around her shoulder. "Every time I see you smile..."

A tear streaked down Ami's face, and Trunks gently caught it on his other hand, gently touching his finger to the tip of her nose.

"Thank you... so much, Trunks..." Ami whispered, wrapping her arm around Trunks and leaning in to kiss him. "I love you..."

They floated in the air in each other's arms, kissing for nearly a full minute before finally lowering slowly to the ground, their lips mingling the entire way down.


"He is as strong as you say," said Sunzeki to a figure wrapped in shadow, seated at a chair in the center of what was known to everyone in the Galactic Research Armada as 'headquarters'. "Exeter couldn't possibly have known the power contained within that Saiyan's body. At least he accepted death... unlike those fools, Pandemonium and Nikashi."

"And he will continue to get stronger," replied a deep voice from the shadows. "As I hope he will."

"I could sense his strength with every blow, every blast... he was stronger than I, and I will train every single day to match his strength. Although, for the purposes of our research... it would be much better if he remained my superior."

"Yet you must continue to test him... we must see how far Trunks' strength goes."

"Perhaps you will get to test his strength yourself some day."

"I'm looking very much forward to it, Sunzeki... but surely it is a day that Trunks and Ami truly fear."

"By the time this is all over... they will both suffer more than they can possibly imagine."

"For the purposes of our research... they can count on it."



Don't let that get you wrong... this fanfic itself is over. The story, however, will be concluded in the last fic of the trilogy... "Testing The Chaos Theory". Look for it in the Dragonball Z/Sailor Moon section sometime in 2005! So many questions remain to be answered... but I hope that this fic is still satisfying to the readers! I enjoyed writing it very much, and I hope you all enjoyed it just as well! Thanks to all of my readers!