Title: Yume Wei

Co-authored by; Mistress Nika and Jodea Moondreamer

Rating: PG-13

Summary: NG has finally signed an all female band. Yume Wei is definitely something different. Who makes up this strange group? An emotionless goth, a Shuuichi-obsessed girl with an attitude and a closet full of short skirts and really big boots, and a Ryuuichi-obsessed girl with a tendency to change her personality as quickly as she changes her hair color...which is often. And all of them have taken a dislike to a certain novelist. Now they seem determined to break up more than one semi-happy relationship and they could very well do it too! What exactly are these three girls up to? And who are they really? Will their plans succeed or are they doomed to failure?

Warnings: shounen-ai, sexual innuendo (this is Gravitation, isn't that a given? -_-)

Couples: Well, I'll tell you what AREN'T the couples! Shuuichi/Hana, Ryuuichi/Kyoko (they're fans...they're not gonna end up with them so don't cry foul because we've broken up your favorite couples and replaced them with fangirls!) Now, if you're totally against Yuki/Shuichi....leave. If you're totally against Hiro/Shuichi...leave. If you're against Tohma/Yuki...leave. (though that one will just be hinted at. Tohma will NOT end up with Yuki Eiri!) -_-

Quick Notes: I, Mistress Nika, have only seen nine episodes of the anime. Jodea has only read a few books of the manga. So, put together...I think we have a pretty good grasp of the story! ^^ (and the only Gravitation fics I've read are total smut -_-. PWP, yes that's my initials ^__^)


Prologue: (On Our Wei)

A crowd of women stood gathered in front of a book store. Various sighs and exclamations of joy could be heard from those assembled. Actually, the crowd extended so far that the entire store was filled with them. They had overflown onto the street.

A young girl stood off to the side of them. She looked on with smoldering eyes. "What a bunch of fools." she said hotly as she tossed her long black hair over her shoulder. Her icy blue eyes bored holes into the back of the oblivious women's heads. The girl wore a bright yellow strapless top with the picture of a fierce looking red dragon on the front. Her skirt seemed to redefine the word 'mini' and was made of black leather with red accents. On her feet were a pair of thigh-high leather boots with buckles out the yin-yang.

She scoffed at the raucous display of fangirlism. "You'd think they'd never seen a man before." she said with disdain. She tapped her foot impatiently and mumbled angrily, "One more hour. I give her one more hour and then I'm leaving."


She spun around at the sound of her name being called.

Another girl was jogging in her direction, waving a greeting. Her long red hair was partially hidden underneath a sideways black cap. She wore a short-sleeved black t-shirt with a picture of a scary looking alien on the front and a pair of baggy blue jeans.

Upon reaching her friend she said, "Sorry I made you wait. I..." Her voice drifted off as she took in the crowd of unruly women. "Don't tell me." she groaned. "Yuki Eiri."

Her friend nodded and glanced back as yet another collective squeal tore through the crowd. "I don't know how they can get so worked up about a guy who writes trashy romance novels." she said, narrowing her eyes.

"Oh please," the other girl said with a dismissive wave. "I've seen you get starry eyed over a certain singer more than a few times!"

"Yeah, but that's different!" Hana exclaimed as she turned back to face her friend. "His lyrics are much cooler than anything Yuki Eiri could come up with! And besides! He's totally hot!" She finished her sentence with a huge grin.

Her redheaded friend rolled her eyes. "Hana, sometimes I wonder who's side you're on." She paused to put her hands on her hips and tilt her head to the side in mock curiosity. "What would you do if we had to compete with him for record sales? Huh? Would you just give up because 'he's totally hot'?"

"Of course not!" Hana exclaimed loudly. "Kyoko, I may worship the ground he walks on, but this is WAR!"

"Well, I'm glad you feel that way," Kyoko said with a smirk, "because we're opening for them at their next concert. Which is in three days."

Hana's mouth dropped open in shock and her eyes grew large enough to serve as lighthouse beacons. "W...w....w..." she stuttered.

"Take your time." Kyoko stated with a hidden grin.

"WHAT!?" Hana shouted, half in joy and half in fear. "We're opening for Bad Luck!? In THREE DAYS!? How in the seven hells did you manage THAT!?"

Kyoko laughed and replied, "Total accident! Which means it MUST be fate! I was rushing to meet you here and guess who I plowed down on the street!" At her friend's wide eyed stare she continued. "Seguchi Tohma!! After I finished apologizing he helped me pick up the stuff that had fallen out of my purse." She patted the leather purse she had strung sideways across her body. "He saw our CD and asked if I was a singer. I said yes, one thing led to another, and we ended up in his office listening to the CD. He liked it and asked if we could be ready to play in three days. And that's where it ended. If we do well, he may even consider signing us!"

"You're...kidding...right?" Hana breathed in shock. "I mean, tell me you're kidding? We can't be ready in three days! This can't be happening!"

"Oh, it's happening." Kyoko responded with a grin. "We're finally on our way!"


(A/N) okay, the name of the band is Yume Wei. What does it mean? Well, basically Dream Way. (Wei=Way, play on words?) What I wanted it to mean is kinda like the path of dreams, since they're following their dreams. Get it? Good! ^^

Oh, and when Jodea gets this fic up on her profile, go and read it there too. It'll probably have some changes, but nothing major. Nothing plot-altering! ^^ Her pen name is Jodea Moondreamer.