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"The E-mail"

Part Three

by e-dog

2536 Zulu

JAG Headquarters

Falls Church, Virginia

His screen saver flashed on and he watched the colors bounce around. He had just been sitting there... staring at the screen after Sturgis left. He was stuck between a rock and a hard place and hated it. Deep down he wanted Mac to see that e-mail, but on the other hand, he didn't want the entire office to see it! There had to be some way he could fix this!

Harm's phone rang, startling him and he picked it up, "Hello?"

He listened to the other end and sighed, "You have got to be kidding me...Mattie, I'm so sorry..."

Harm got up, with the phone attached to his ear listening to Mattie on the other end explain the situation. "I'm kinda in a tight spot, can't Jenn help?...oh, I forgot about that too...Uh... yeah, I'll be there soon...bye."

He tried his best not to slam the phone down, but he did. Mattie had called needing a ride from school. Apparently, he forgot there was a some basketball game she attended and he forgot he had to pick her up tonight. On top of that, he also forgot that Jenn was out and couldn't pick up Mattie from school. So he had to leave.

"Damn it," he said, looking at his computer screen helplessly. He sucked it up, knowing the damage was done. He decided it would be better to try and get some sleep tonight and prepare for the next day. He grabbed his briefcase and cover and headed for the elevators. The doors opened and Mac walked out as he walked in.

"Hey, Harm." she said like it was normal to see each other this late at the office.

"Hey, Mac," he said nonchalantly as well, then just as the doors shut he realized who it was. His eyes grew wide and he called out desperately, "Mac!"

"Harm?" she said confused and turned around. The doors were closed now, however, and she shrugged it off. Harm was just probably working late. She quickly entered her office and spied the folder she was looking for.

"There you are," she smiled and picked it up. Before walking out, she snapped her fingers...remembering she still needed to print out an e-mail she received from Bud earlier that day...


Harm banged on the elevator doors and cursed loudly, "Ah hell! Open up!"

Why was Mac here so late? Why did she have to show up now? When he finally reached the first floor, the doors opened and Tiner was standing there. Harm looked at him confused and asked, "Tiner?"

"I need to pick up a book, sir," Tiner explained and was getting ready to step on, but Harm pushed him back off and ordered, "Take the stairs, Petty Officer!"

"But sir!" Tiner exclaimed as the doors closed in his face. "I have to get up there..."

Tiner sighed and decided to wait on the next trip up...


Harm bursted through the elevator doors and ran into Mac's office. He paused, trying to catch his breath and then asked, "Mac? Did you open your e-mail?"

She jumped up, surprised to see him and stammered, "What?"

"Did you open your e-mail?" he asked again.

"Uh...No. Why?" she asked.

"Oh good...," he smiled, then straightened up. "What I mean is...there was an e-mail virus going around... and I didn't want you to get it."

"You already opened it or something?" Mac laughed.

"Yeah," Harm said, then added softly. "I think I infected the whole office..."

"You always were the computer genius," she laughed sarcastically. "Thanks for the warning. I won't open my e-mail."

"Good, don't open your e-mail," he smiled. "I have to run..."

"Bye," she said and watched him walk away. When he was gone, she looked at the screen...the e-mail in front of her. She sighed in disbelief and said, "Oh, Harm...wow..."

She had seen it was addressed to everyone and that the e-mail had no subject. So she opened it...and was she surprised! She leaned forward to read it again...and again...and again. She sat back and covered her mouth in attempts to suppress her amusement, but it wasn't working. Poor Harm.

When Harm had bursted into her office just now, she could see how worried he was about the whole thing, so she decided to lie about seeing it. To help put his mind at ease for one night, at least.

She read it again for the last time and smiled, truly touched by what he had to say. Unfortunately, he said it to everyone!

"Wow..." she heard someone say out in the bullpen. She got up and saw Tiner at his desk, holding his law book under his arm and starring blankly at his screen. He was reading it aloud, "I'm in love with you. I know this may seem sudden and I may sound crazy to you, but I really mean it."

Tiner let a smile cross his face, then he looked up and saw Mac. He quickly stood to attention, "Ma'am!"

"At ease," she said. Tiner immediately began to explain why he was here.

"I was just grabbing my book and saw the computer was still up, so I, uh... as I was going to close the program, I spotted the email and couldn't resist in opening it...," he said.

"You read it?" she asked, knowing he had.

"Uh...yes, Ma'am," he smiled sheepishly. "The Comdr. sure has a way with words..."

"Yeah, but he sure doesn't know his way around a keyboard," she laughed and Tiner agreed.

Mac turned around and then Tiner called her back. "Yes, Tiner?"

"Aren't you going to respond, Ma'am?" he asked. "I mean, he did ask for you to write back..."

Mac didn't answer, but that did give her an idea. Tiner saw the thoughtful expression cross her face and wondered what she was planning to do...

The next morning

1522 Zulu

JAG Headquarters

Falls Church, Virginia

Harm rode the elevator up dog tired. That had to be the worst night of his life. Period.

He didn't get any sleep. All he could think about was that...e-mail. The elevator ride ended sooner then he wanted it to and the doors slowly opened. Before stepping off, he peeked out to see if anyone was there and the hallway was all clear. He stepped out and quietly made his way to the bullpen. Of course he prayed that no one would be there, but he knew deep down that he wouldn't be so lucky. He could hear an unusually quiet roar over the bullpen which almost immediately ceased when he came into view of his co-workers.

He stood there frozen for a moment, trying his best not to look his co-workers in the eyes. Harriet tried to hold back a smile, but he could see it was too much for her to bear. She quickly turned away and even though he couldn't see her...he could feel the smile breaking across her face. His eyes scanned the room and he saw Sturgis, just flipping through a folder, trying to look busy. Bud was at the water fountain, but wasn't drinking any water.

Harm finally found the ability to move his legs and he quickly strode into his office and shut the door. The dull roar could be heard again through his door and he sighed. That was by far the most embarrassing entrance into JAG he had ever experienced.

"Well," he breathed, after his heart had finally stopped beating so fast. "That wasn't too bad..."

"Comdr.! Get in my office now!" he heard AJ bark outside his office door.

"And so it begins," Harm muttered as he stepped back out into the bullpen and quickly walked past all the happy and amused stares. He tried to smile and pretend he found it amusing too, but he just couldn't. He was too embarrassed.

He walked into AJ's office and surprisingly saw Mac there too. He came up next to her and said, "Reporting as ordered..."

"Yeah, yeah, at ease," AJ said dismissing the formal introduction. Harm took the more relaxed stance and AJ sighed.

"I have to say, I'm disappointed in both of you," AJ began.

"Wait, both of us, sir?" Harm interrupted.

"That's what I said, Comdr," AJ said annoyed. "Now, I want you two to know, that was a highly unprofessional way to use e-mail in the workplace."

"We know, sir," Mac said and Harm looked at her, but she motioned for him to just stay quiet.

"Now, I know this could happen to anyone," AJ smiled, which made Harm relax even more. "To be honest, I've done it myself...computers aren't exactly user-friendly..."

"You've done it yourself, sir?" Harm interjected.

"Sent an e-mail to the SecNav that was intended for someone else," AJ recalled. "Let's just say I said some things about my CO that he shouldn't have read..."

Both Harm and Mac released small chuckles at this, but then AJ got serious again, "But the fact remains you shouldn't send personal e-mails to each other. Not here at JAG. I've had to learn that the hard way and I hope you two learned a lesson too."

"Understood, sir," They both responded at the same time. Harm glanced at Mac, still confused as to why she was getting reprimanded too...


AJ's punishment wasn't as bad as it could have been. Fortunately, he sympathized with the situation, seeing how he was a victim of it once himself. So after AJ ordered his punishment, which was some grunt work and a few extra hours unpaid, Mac walked out and was quickly followed by Harm.

"Mac, wait," he said, this time completely unfazed by the stares they were both receiving. "What was that all about?"

"You didn't get the e-mail?" she asked, and then walked away.

"E-mail?" he repeated confused. He hurried into his office, sat down and opened his e-mail. There was a new message and it too was sent to the entire JAG office. Only this time, it was from Mac. He clicked it open and smiled as he read:


Someone suggested I should respond to you, so I am. You were right...you were being an ass, but I accept your apology. I'm sure after you receive this e-mail, we'll talk real soon.

Love, Mac

P.S. I love you too.~

Harm read the last line three times before looking up and seeing Mac in the doorway. He stood up and asked, "Why?"

"I couldn't let you suffer all that embarrassment by yourself," she said, giving him a small smile and stepped further into his office.

"Wow, Mac," he walked up to her. "You sent that e-mail out to everyone, so I wouldn't be alone?"

She nodded and he broke into a grin, "That was...that was really thoughtful of you."

"I thought so too," she laughed and began to head out. "I'll talk to you later, Harm..."

"Wait, Mac," he called her back quietly. She turned around and came back in. He stared into her eyes and looked at her with an intensity she had never seen from him before. She was frozen in place and speechless. He finally spoke and said, "I thought we were going to talk."

"Now?" she managed to get out, still having trouble breaking from his stare.

He just nodded yes. Completely forgetting where he was, he slowly leaned down to kiss her. Mac, apparently losing all common sense too, slowly gravitated upwards to meet him, but they both stopped when they heard a fake cough from the bullpen.

Harm and Mac both slowly turned to look out into the bullpen. They saw the smiling faces of Harriet, Bud, Sturgis, Tiner and practically everyone who was out there just looking into Harm's office...waiting for the momentous occasion.

Waiting for the kiss.

Mac turned away from their smiling faces, slightly embarrassed. She couldn't believe she was about to kiss Harm in front of everyone at work! Had she lost her mind?

"Mac," Harm looked at her and lifted her chin up to see her face.

"Harm, everyone is watching," she whispered.

"So?" he grinned. "We sent out e-mails saying that we loved each other to everyone!"

"Good point," she laughed.

And with that, Harm suddenly leaned down and gently brushed his lips against hers. There were a few whistles from the onlookers as Mac slowly fell deeper into the kiss. What was meant to be a taste, soon became much more. She now had her arms wrapped around his neck. His fingers were entangled in her hair. Harm attempted to shut his office door with his foot, but kept missing.

The bullpen was soon jumping with excitement. Harriet was even predicting when the wedding shower would be. Tiner laughed along with his co-workers, who were happy that Harm and Mac were finally getting it right. Then he suddenly stopped clapping. The bullpen hadn't noticed yet, but Tiner always knew when his CO was coming. He looked up and said in a hushed whisper, "Sir! Ma'am! He's coming!"

Harm and Mac didn't even hear Tiner's attempts to break them up. The bullpen was just too loud. Everyone however shut-up when AJ bellowed, "Comdr? Col? What the hell do you think you're doing?!?"

Harm and Mac pulled apart quickly; wide eyed, breathless and shocked at to how far that kiss went.

They slowly turned to their CO and gave him a blank expression...

The End?

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