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Back Again
By: kelle24

J.J. and his wife were waiting for the arrival of their twins. They already knew that one was going to be a boy and one a girl. They were going to name them Charlie Lee and Allison Grace Cambridge. For both of their families.


Charlie and Allison Cambridge came into the world on a bright sunny day. The twins were crying until they were placed in their parent's arms. Their eyes were open each of the twins looked into their parents eyes.

Carrying the twins into the house they took them into the nursery. His parents were now a part of his life because of what he did when he was nine years old. They watched him get married and they were there when the twins were born.

He watched as they slept in their separate cribs. He was in awe of his tiny children. He was glad he did what he did when he was nine. That way his children would never have to worry about using their powers or having to worry if the government were going to capture them. He smiled at his wife and then looked back at his children.

The End.