Title: Growing Up

Chapter 61: Epilogue

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XoX Fall College Quarter XoX

Trish sighed as she dropped her last box onto one of the beds in her dorm room. She looked around the empty room, and took noticed that her roommate had been present in the room already. She could tell, because the other bed in the room already had her belongings on it. Her roommate clearly hadn't totally moved in just yet, but it looked as if all her things were up in their room. Trish sat down on the bed that had her items on it and continued to look around the room. The two desks were empty and plain along with their matching wooden chairs. Her eyes traveled down to the hard tile floor, she made a mental note in her head, to purchase a rug later. This surely was a big change for her and something different. Trish pulled out her cell phone from her pants pocket and flipped it open. A small smile formed on her face as she looked at her display picture. It was of Chris and her, which was taken when they came up to Toronto for the summer. They had a blast, but summer went by to fast and it was time for them to go back to the USA and head on to their own ways. She continued to smile at the picture, as her fingers automatically scrolled down her contacts list. The bar came to a stop as Chris' name scrolled across the screen. She contemplated calling him and wondered if she should. He said that she could call him whenever she wanted, and that he didn't care what time of day it was. Trish almost hit the send key to dial the number when a blonde woman entered the room.

"Oh, hi!" The blonde woman smiled walking into the room. "I'm Beth Phoenix."

"Hi, I'm Trish Stratus." Trish smiled as she shook her hand.

"I didn't unpack just yet." Beth replied making her way across the room. "I wasn't sure what bed or desk you wanted."

"Oh, it really doesn't matter." Trish answered. "It's all the same to me."

"I agree, so I guess we'll just take what we have our stuff on already then." Beth looked over at Trish.

"Sounds good to me." Trish stated as her head moved to the door.

Two young males stood in the door way of Trish and Beth's dorm room. Trish obviously didn't know them, but could say different for Beth. The short haired of the two men walked into the room and directly over to Beth. He hugged her then gave her a small kiss on the lips. Beth smiled at him and they exchanged a few words. The other man, who had longer hair, but was more in an afro was still standing in the door way. Trish couldn't help but find him a bit interesting. He was defiantly not from around Canada or America, so that's what was intriguing about her. He looked over towards Trish and flashed her a huge smile and she returned the gesture. Trish looked back over to Beth, who had just looked towards Trish herself.

"Oh, I'm sorry." Beth blushed a bit. "This is Santino, my boyfriend."

"Why, hello there pretty lady." Santino nodded his head at Trish. "That's my best friend Carlito."

"Hi, I'm Trish." Trish spoke introducing herself to the two males in the room. "It's nice to meet you two."

"It's a pleasure." Carlito smiled at Trish. "Are we going Santino?"

"Yeah, we are." Santino replied taking Beth's hand. "You want to come with us, Trish?"

"Where are you guys going?" Trish questioned as she still sat on her bed.

"We're just going to grab a bite to eat and then whatever else comes to mind." Santino answered with a smile.

"I don't know." Trish stated looking down at her phone.

"Aw, come on." Beth encouraged. "It will be fun!"

"You'll never have a dull moment with us." Carlito spoke as he looked at Trish.

Trish looked back up from her phone and over to Carlito. Something about him and the way he spoke with his accent made her rethink her answer. Her head looked back down to her cell phone, that was still open and scrolling Chris' name. She bit her bottom lip as she contemplated the idea of going out. She was in college, and she needed to make the best of it if she was going to be here 8 months. Trish shut her phone closed as she stood up from her bed. There would be plenty of other times she could call Chris, and she didn't want to come off clingy either.

"Count me in." Trish smiled as she got a smile out of all three of her new friends.


Chris played his music through out his dorm room. He had already met his roommate Lance Cade. He seemed pretty cool to Chris. Lance had left the room about ten minutes ago to go and get his girlfriend. Chris sat as his desk as he surfed the web trying to cure his boredom at the moment. He had moved in earlier this morning and wasn't sure exactly what to do. Yeah, he was ok at making friend, but just didn't feel like meeting new people at the time. He told himself that he'd go out later tonight, since classes didn't start for another couple of days. Chris looked around at his surroundings. And took it all in. The room looked like a guy lived in it. His eyes traveled to the picture to the side of him on his desk. It was a picture of Trish on his back and they were both smiling happily in the picture. The photo was taken this summer at one of the beaches in Toronto. They had a blast this summer and he was already missing it. He nodded at the picture frame and looked down at his phone that was sitting by the keyboard of his computer. He picked it up and opened his contact list. He scrolled down until the phone lit up Trish's name. He wasn't sure if he should call her or not. He'd love to talk to her right now and clear his boredom. As he was contemplating his decision, Lance Cade walked back into the room.

"Hey man!" Lance stated as he entered the room with his girlfriend. "This is Natalya."

"What's up?" Chris nodded to the couple.

"Hi." Natalya smiled at him.

"So, we were thinking about going into town, and seeing what's all in the area." Lance spoke as he went and grabbed his car keys. "You want to come?"

"Where did she go?" Natalya questioned looking behind Lance. "I'll be right back."

"Where'd who go?" Chris asked watching Natalya leave the room.

"Oh, her roommate." Lance shook his head. "Her roommate isn't to happy about being here."

"Why is that?" Chris asked looking down at his phone.

"She doesn't know anyone." Lance chuckled. "She doesn't think anyone will like her."

"Well, you must like her." Chris stated, as he clicked the more options on Trish's number. "Her roommate must like her."

"Yeah, she knows that." Lance replied. "It's the fact that Natalya and I know each other and we came from the same school."

"Oh, so she doesn't know anyone from her school?" Chris chuckled. "What school did she go to?"

"Greenwich High." Lance thought about it. "I think that's it."

"I went to Greenwich High." Chris looked up away from his phone. "What's her name? Maybe I know her?"

Before Lance could answer the question, Natalya came back into the room, dragging her roommate by the arm. Chris looked up at the tall blonde that everyone was fussing about. She was fighting against Natalya's grip and hiding her face. She obviously didn't want to be in the room. Chris eyed her oddly, thinking about if he knew her. She looked very familiar, though her hair was longer and her skin was a dark tan. He shrugged and looked back down at his phone as his thumbs alternated between calling Trish and texting Trish.

"Chris, this is my roommate." Natalya stated getting her to stop being so shy. "Maryse."

"Maryse?" Chris questioned in shock looking up at the girl.

"Hi." Maryse spoke softly, not looking at Chris.

"Stop being so shy." Natalya nudged her roommate.

"Maryse?" Chris spoke again. "Wow, you don't have to be shy. It's me Chris."

"Chris?" Maryse now questioned looking up at him. "You go here?"

"Yeah, I do." Chris smiled at her. "I haven't talked to you in a while."

"Yeah, I know what you mean." Maryse smiled slightly, she was still smitten with Chris.

"See, you do know people here." Lance replied as he wrapped an arm around Natalya.

"So are the two of you coming with us?" Natalya looked from Maryse to Chris.

"I'll go if you go." Maryse answered staring at Chris.

"Chris, you have to come." Lance laughed. "The girl wants you to."

"Please!" Maryse and Natalya said at the same time.

Chris smiled at the two girls. It was clear that Maryse and him had a history, but he didn't see any harm in being friends with her. His head looked back down at his cell phone and his smile faded a bit. The love of his life was off in a different country and hadn't called him yet. They actually hadn't spoken all day today. She must be out doing something or having a good time. Why couldn't he go out and have a good time? He could always call her later tonight if he wanted to or she could call him. Chris nodded in agreement with the choice he made. He shut his phone and placed it in his pocket and shut his computer down.

"Let's go explore!" Chris replied as he put an arm around Maryse's shoulder in a friendly way.


Paul sat at the small booth table with his friend and roommate Shawn Michaels. They had finished moving into their dorm and unpacking. The two guys had worked up an appetite unpacking, and decided to grab a bite to eat at the campus food court building. Shawn had pretty much devoured his hamburger and fries. Where as Paul, hadn't even really touched his nachos. Shawn looked up at his friend, who was pretty much playing with his food. Paul was off in his own world. He was still fairly upset and angry with himself for what he'd done to Stephanie. He hadn't talked to her since the day after graduation and it was hard on him. He had wanted to call her so many times, but held against it. If he would have shown any sign that he was still very much in love with her, he knew she'd be sitting right next to him at the moment. Paul knew he couldn't let her crush her own dream just for him. Shawn continued watching Paul, and having enough of his sad act, he spoke up and said something.

"Dude, can you please cheer up some." Shawn sighed taking a sip of his soda.

"Sorry man." Paul half heartedly smiled. "I was just in my own world."

"You've been in your own world for the last few months." Shawn shook his head.

"I'm working on it." Paul spoke as he took a bite of his nachos.

"I still don't understand why you didn't just tell her the truth." Shawn looked at his friend. "You two would still be together and you wouldn't be acting this way."

"She wouldn't listen to me if I told her the truth and told her to still go to Boston." Paul confessed. "She would fight me against it."

"So, it was better to lie to her and break her heart?" Shawn questioned. "Now, you feel like crap?"

"Can we just drop the subject?" Paul spoke irritated with the topic at hand.

The table became quiet as the two tried to finish their meals. Shawn had finished ay before Paul, and was unsure to say anything. He didn't want to strike a nerve with his friend. Shawn tapped his fingers on the table lightly as he looked around the area. Paul didn't feel like eating, and pushed his nachos away from him. He looked up around the area and noticed two women coming towards their table. A blonde and a brunette were heading in their direction. Paul had no clue who they were at all, and judging by Shawn's look on his face, he didn't know them either. Shawn was all for it though. The two ladies approached their table and smiled at the two men.

"Would you mind if we joined you guys?" The blonde asked with a smile.

"Yeah, please do." Shawn smirked hoping this would help his friend.

"I'm Kelly." Kelly smiled at Paul as she sat in the booth next to him.

"I'm Rebecca." Rebecca stated as she sat down next to Shawn.

"I'm Shawn, and this is my friend Paul." Shawn replied, as he noticed Paul hadn't said anything just yet.

"It's nice to meet you guys." Rebecca replied as she looked at Shawn.

"It's nice to meet you ladies as well." Paul finally spoke as he gave the girls a genuine smile. "What brings you ladies over to us?"

"Well, we're throwing a party and wanted to know if you guys wanted to come." Rebecca stated her eyes never once leaving Shawn.

"Why us out of all these men here?" Paul questioned as he looked at Kelly.

"Well, you two just look like you could use some fun." Kelly smiled at him. "Am I right?"

"You are defiantly right!!" Shawn answered before Paul could say anything. "When and where and we will both be there."

"Awesome!!!" Rebecca and Kelly responded in union as Kelly wrote down the address. "Here, maybe you guys could show up a bit early?"

"Well, see." Shawn nodded at the two ladies. "We'll see you two later tonight."

"Bye!" Rebecca raised an eyebrow at Shawn.

"See ya later Paul." Kelly blushed a bit as she said goodbye.

"It was nice meeting you Kelly." Paul smiled as she walked away.

The two girls looked away and Shawn snatched the napkin away from Paul. He knew that Paul would throw it away or something. He read the address and immediately knew the girls were in a sorority house. Shawn nodded in approval as he looked up at his friend.

"They are in a sorority." Shawn grinned.

"Yeah, ok." Paul sighed. "Do we have to go to this party?"

"Yes, we do!" Shawn replied. "You need to get out of this funk."

"I'm not in a funk." Paul answered defensively.

"Then you'll go to this party." Shawn smirked. "You can't stay in, you'll just be reminded of the past."

Paul thought about what Shawn said. He was right in a lot of ways. He knew he'd keep thinking about Stephanie. So maybe it was a good idea to go out and it was his college experience. Paul did admit to himself that Kelly was kind of attractive, but he wasn't near ready to start dating again. For some reason, he still had some little hope of a rekindling with Stephanie later down the line. Then he'd remember what he had told her at the bonfire. It was possible that she would never want to speak with him again. Paul knew her better then that, and sooner or later, they would be able to talk again and at least be friends. He sighed as he shut his eyes. He couldn't dwell on the past no matter how bad he wanted to go back. He looked at his friend from across the table and gave him a half smile as he nodded.

"What time is the party?" Paul questioned.

"That's my man!" Shawn smirked as the two got up from the table and headed back to their dorm.


Stephanie back into her dorm room that was already set up. Her roommate that she hadn't met yet had moved in the day before wasn't present at the moment. Stephanie's parents and Shane had just helped her move in and unpack everything. She had just walked them back to their car and said their goodbyes. She was now officially on her own now. Her eyes scanned the room she was in. Half the room was full of different colors of pink, which happened to be her side. Her roommate's side was multiple shades of purple. The colors meshed well together and it didn't bother Stephanie at all. As much as her room seemed so bright with all the colors, she felt sadden and lonely in the room. She was clearly not over Paul and it still hurt. Stephanie sat down on her bed as she looked around the room still. She was determined to get over Paul, but she knew that was going to be extremely hard given the circumstances that were at state. It would be even more hard for her to get over him, but she wouldn't think about it right now. Or at least, she'd try not to think about it. Stephanie's eyes shot towards the door opening and saw a black haired woman enter the room. The woman smiled at her and she returned the smile.

"Hi, I'm Melina." Melina smiled extending her hand to Stephanie.

"Stephanie." Stephanie smiled back taking her hand and shaking Melina's.

"I love the pink." Melina replied as she walked over to her desk. "My second favorite color."

"I think it meshes well with the purple." Stephanie spoke giving her approval.

"Yeah, I agree." Melina answered grabbing her car keys. "Are you doing anything?"

"No, not really." Stephanie responded. "Just laying around."

"Aw, you should come with me and my boyfriend." Melina said twirling her keys. "We're going to the movies."

"I don't want to intrude or be a third wheel." Stephanie retorted nicely.

"You wouldn't be a third wheel." Melina giggled. "He's bringing his roommate too."

"I don't know." Stephanie stated, she was feeling a bit tired.

Melina was about to speak, but was cut off when her boyfriend and his roommate walked into the room. A huge smile formed on Melina's face as her boyfriend made his way over to her and kissed her. Stephanie frowned a bit at the couple in front of her. It clearly reminded her of her past relationship. She slowly looked away from the couple and looked up at the roommate. She smiled at him and he smiled at her. He was fairly attractive and had a great smile. Stephanie was taken aback as he sat down on her bed right next to her.

"I'm The Miz." Miz smiled at Stephanie. "And you are?"

"Stephanie." Stephanie blushed a bit. "The Miz?"

"It his stupid nickname." Melina laughed. "He wont ever use his real name."

"Really?" Stephanie looked back at Miz.

"That's right, the first name isn't that great." Miz stated as he looked up at the couple.

"I'm John." John replied introducing himself. "Will you be going to the movies with us?"

"I'm not too sure." Stephanie answered honestly.

"Oh, you should go with us." Miz instructed with a smile. "A pretty girl like yourself shouldn't be sitting in your room alone."

"I'm really tired though." Stephanie gave an innocent smile.

"Well, then I'll just stay here with you." Miz smirked and looked at Melina and John. "You two can go to the movies alone."

"Miz!" Melina looked at him shocked. "She might have a boyfriend."

"Do you?" Miz turned and looked at Stephanie.

"No, I don't." Stephanie looked down a bit.

"Oh…" Melina let out knowing full well of the situation. "Miz, why don't you come with us and let Steph stay here by herself."

"Why?" Miz looked over from Melina to Stephanie.

"Dude, come on." John spoke getting his friend's attention. "Let her take a nap, and maybe she'll come out with us some other time."

"Fine, I guess." Miz sighed and looked over at Stephanie. "Can I have a hug?"

"I don't even know you." Stephanie couldn't help but giggle.

"Yeah you do." Miz grinned. "I'm Miz and your Stephanie."

"Wow." Stephanie blushed. "We really know each other now."

"We sure do." Miz smiled at her. "So how about that hug?"

"Miz, let the girl be." Melina giggled.

"I just want one hug for now." Miz looked at Stephanie with his bottom lip stuck out.

"Can you just give him hug so we can get going?" John shook his head with a smile.

Stephanie leaned in and gave Miz a hug and he hugged her back. The hug felt good and she felt comfortable with it. After the hug, John, Melina and Miz left the room and shut the door on their way out. Stephanie couldn't help but have a small smile on her face. It quickly faded away as the silence took over in the room. She kicked off her shoes and leaned up against the head board while laying on the bed. Her mind was racing with thoughts. Miz was really nice and she couldn't help but notice how cute he was. Thinking about Miz quickly made her start to think about Paul. A soft sigh escaped her lips as her thoughts drifted to Paul. She couldn't help but wonder what he was doing at the moment. Stephanie shut her eyes as she took her right hand and placed it on her chest. She felt her chain around her neck and the small piece of jewelry on the chain. She picked it up and played with the piece that just happened to be the promise ring Paul had given her. There was no way she could get rid of it and she wanted to keep it close to her. Her fingers traced the ring as her left hand went to rest on her flat stomach. Her eyes stayed shut as another sigh escaped her lips. This year was going to be crazy for her and probably one of the most hardest years she'd ever have to go through.


Randy walked into his dorm room in his basketball shorts and a white tank top. He had just gotten back from the gym that he had been dying to try. He had a pretty good work out, and was about to hit the showers. As he grabbed his blue towel from his closet and his shower caddy he heard his cell phone go of indicating that he had just received a text message. He shut his closet door and walked over to his phone. Randy opened the phone to his inbox and smiled at the message. He got a tingling sensation that ran through his body and heart. They had a date today and he needed to hurry up and shower. As he was about the leave the room his roommate walked into the room.

"Hey man." Cody Rhodes stated entering the room. "Hitting the showers?"

"Yeah, I got plans." Randy nodded at his roommate.

"What, a hot date?" Cody questioned jumping on his bed.

"Pretty much." Randy smirked as he looked at his roommate.

"With who?" Cody looked up at Randy.

"My girlfriend." Randy rolled his eyes. "The girl that's in half my pictures."

"Oh damn!" Cody chuckled. "I thought she was just a really hot friend of yours."

"Oh, like I couldn't hook up with her?" Randy rolled his eyes sarcastically.

"She's a 100 out of 10." Cody nodded in approval. "Didn't know you had it in you."

"Oh whatever man!" Randy hit Cody with his towel.

"How long have you been dating her?" Cody questioned very interested in his girlfriend.

"For the past four months." Randy smiled. "Though we've dated prior to that."

"Oh, so it's an old flame." Cody smirked. "Does she have a hot roommate?"

"I haven't met her roommate yet." Randy looked at himself in the mirror.

"Well, when you do hook a brother up." Cody laughed as he got up from the bed.

"Do it yourself man." Randy chuckled as he left the room.

Randy walked down to the community bathroom where the showers were. He walked to an empty stall and went inside. He closed the first curtain and stripped the clothing from his body. Randy then turned into the shower and turned the water on. Hot water ran from the spout as he stepped inside and shut the second curtain. He lathered his body with soap as he began humming to himself, while thinking of his girlfriend. She had to be the best thing that had happened to him in a long while. After being heartbroken by Candice, he didn't think he'd fall for anyone again as hard. His girlfriend had proven him wrong, and she continued to prove him each and everyday. He had feelings for her before Candice entered the picture, but he assumed that Candice was the proof he needed to let him know that his feelings were indeed strong and true for his girlfriend. Candice would always have a special place in his heart, but she was no longer the love of his life. Randy finished up his shower and shut the water off. He quickly dried off as best he could and then proceeded to wrap the towel around his waist. He pulled back both curtains and exited the shower stall. He walked out of the community bathroom and walked down the hall to his room. A few girls walked passed him and couldn't help but giggle and blush. Randy lived on a unisex floor and so it was bound to happen. He didn't care, he knew he looked good. It also didn't bother him, because he was so into his girlfriend that he honestly didn't even notice the other women around him. Randy reached his room and walked in and shut the door behind him. Cody was on his laptop doing something that was keeping him preoccupied. Randy began to change and get ready for his date.

"Dude, there is this party tonight." Cody replied his eyes never leaving the screen. "You want to go?"

"Probably not." Randy spoke as he pulled his jeans up over his boxers. "Unless…"

"Unless your girlfriend goes." Cody shook his head. "You are so whipped!"

"You just wish you could be whipped over someone." Randy laughed pulling his shirt over his head.

"Yeah right." Cody stated sarcastically. "Have you seen my body? I'm God's gift to women!"

"First of all, I don't swing that way and I don't check guys out." Randy shook his head as he put some gel in his hair. "Secondly, God's gift to women? Let's not get ahead of yourself here."

"I can have any woman I want." Cody nodded with a smirk.

"Really, any woman?" Randy questioned. "I beg to differ."

"Name one girlfriend that wouldn't want me?" Cody eyed Randy as he was putting his last minute touches to his appearance.

"My girlfriend." Randy grinned as he finished getting ready.

"Ok, any single woman." Cody rephrased his line.

"Whatever man." Randy stated as he grabbed his car keys. "I'll catch you later."

With that said, Randy left the dorm room quickly. He looked at his watch on his wrist and smiled realizing that he would be on time. Even though Randy could have easily just walked to her dorm, he wanted to pick her up since they would be leaving campus and going into town. His heart raced as he got into his car and made his way to her dorm. He pulled up in the area where he saw meters and other parking spaces. A smile crept onto his face as he pulled up to the side of the building as he saw her waiting outside. She looked beautiful. He rolled down the passenger's side window with a smirk.

"Excuse me Miss." Randy raised his eyebrow. "I'm supposed to be picking up my girlfriend, but if you hurry and get in the car, I'd be more then happy to take you out instead."


Stacy smiled as she looked at herself in the mirror. She had just finished changing from her clothes that she wore when she was moving into her dorm. She wore a pink striped shirt with a v-neck with short sleeves. Along with the shirt, she wore white short shorts since it was still fairly warm out. Her blonde hair just flowed down to her shoulders. While she was turning around in the mirror and checking herself out, her roommate walked into the room. The red haired woman just watched as her blonde roommate spun about in front of the mirror. She smirked knowing where she was off to.

"The boyfriend coming?" Maria Kanellis, the roommate questioned.

"Yeah." Stacy blushed softly. "We're going into town."

"Aw, a date!" Maria smiled. "That's so sweet."

"I know!" Stacy giggled. "I'm kind of excited."

"Girl, you aren't kind of excited." Maria giggled along with her. "You are excited, you're all red in the face."

"I don't know why." Stacy answered. "He just has that affect on me."

"Well, that's always a good thing." Maria spoke as she sat down on her bed.

"You have a boyfriend?" Stacy asked as she continued to look at herself in the mirror.

"No, not yet." Maria replied. "I'm not ready for a relationship right now."

"Aw, why not?" Stacy asked turning to her roommate.

"I'm not ready to settle down." Maria smirked. "I want to party and live it up."

"You can do that while you are in a relationship." Stacy nodded. "I do it all the time."

"Does your boyfriend know?" Maria questioned looking at Stacy.

"Yeah, he does." Stacy answered honestly. "Sometimes we go out together or separate."

"Aw, so you two aren't the couple that do everything together?" Maria nodded her head in approval.

"We know how much is too much." Stacy stated as she ran a hand through her hair.

"That's good." Maria smiled as she laid down on her bed.

Stacy smiled back at Maria as she looked back at herself in the mirror. It was going to be a hard school year for her, just because she wasn't with her friends. She had her boyfriend, but a girl needed her best friends. She knew she could call them and communicate with them whenever, but she didn't want to seem like the clingy one. Maria was really nice and she could see herself being really good friends with her. Stacy had to admit though, when leaving her best friends behind, and them leaving her, she began to get commitment issues. She didn't want anything that was long term. Yeah, her boyfriend was long term, but they weren't committed to one another, such as engaged or anything. If it ever came down to getting engaged, she honestly wouldn't know what to do. Luckily she wouldn't have to worry about that just yet. She was still young and she was loving her life and every bit of it. Except for the change part.

"Hey, does your boyfriend have a roommate?" Maria questioned out of the blue.

"Yeah, I believe so." Stacy answered as she leaned over her bed to grab her cell phone.

"Is he cute?" Maria wondered aloud.

"I haven't met him yet." Stacy giggled. "I thought you weren't looking for a boyfriend."

"I'm not, I'm just looking for a good time." Maria laughed. "But if the connection was there, I wouldn't let it pass me by."

"Maria, you are so…" Stacy didn't know the words to say.

"I know, I know." Maria smiled shaking her head. "I love me too."

"We are going to have one crazy year." Stacy sighed as she looked at the time on her phone.

"Oh hell yeah!" Maria stated sitting back up on her bed. "We're going to make it the best too."

"I sure hope so." Stacy smiled. "I'm going to get going now."

"Ok, see you later Stace!" Maria spoke as Stacy walked out of the room.

She headed down the hall and to the elevator. She waited patiently as she sent a text message to her boyfriend. The elevator came to her floor, and she got in. She pressed the one that would take her down to the lobby. Once the elevator stopped at the lobby, she got off and walked into the lobby. She went over to the vending machine and got herself a water bottle before walking outside. Twisting the cap off of her water bottle, she stood outside waiting for her boyfriend. She took a sip and put the cap back on. A smile crept on her face as she heard a car pull up to the side of building. She shook her head as the window rolled down.

"Excuse me Miss." Randy raised his eyebrow. "I'm supposed to be picking up my girlfriend, but if you hurry and get in the car, I'd be more then happy to take you out instead."

Stacy walked over to the car putting on a small strut to show off her long legs. She opened the car door, and placed her left leg in first. Randy's eyes followed her leg from the bottom to the top. He had to admit, he loved her legs. Stacy smirked with a slight giggle as she got into the car. She shut the door and looked over at Randy. They kissed and then Randy put the car back in drive. Stacy gently hit him in the arm as he took off down the street.

"What was that for?" Randy questioned looking at her.

"For picking up some hot woman standing outside instead of your girlfriend." Stacy smirked.

"Aw, could you blame me?" Randy smiled at the blonde woman next to him.

"Yeah, I could." Stacy raised an eyebrow. "Your girlfriend is probably devastated that you just blew her off."

"She'll be ok." Randy answered. "Don't worry about it."

"You didn't even call her and tell her." Stacy replied as she looked at Randy.

"Oh, I'm sure she wont mind." Randy grinned at Stacy. "She'd understand, that I just couldn't pass up an opportunity to take such a beautiful woman out."

"Well, when you put it like that." Stacy blushed with a smile.

Randy smiled back over at Stacy as he took his right hand and held her left hand while he continued to drive. The soft sound of the radio played through the car as the two shared in a conversation about anything and everything. Stacy smiled to herself as she looked out the window. She honestly couldn't picture herself anywhere else at the moment. Randy quickly glanced over at Stacy and couldn't help but smile. She was amazing and he loved it. He loved her and that was that. Randy pulled up to a red light and he looked back at Stacy as he put the brakes on. Stacy looked back over at Randy and they exchanged smiles. Randy leaned in with Stacy meeting him half way. They shared another sweet kiss that was only one of many more to come.


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