*~*~*At Your Mercy*~*~*

Unknown POV

He snuck into Seto's room not too worried about being really quiet since the CEO was a deep sleeper. A dull clinking noise came from the bag he was carrying. He set the bag down at the foot of the bed and walked up next to where Seto was laying spread eagled on the bed. 'Good that will make things easier.'

He walked back to where he had left the bag and unzipped it slowly, pulling out one of the many towels in side. He unfolded the towel revealing a pair of electronic handcuffs. He repeated the process ending up with three more pairs and the remote that would open them. 'Well Bakura and Marik are good for something besides destruction.' He smiled and delved back into the bag pulling out a blindfold and a few other items.

He turned back to the bed and peeled the covers off of the tall teen admiring the toned body. He was only in boxers. 'Thanks Kaiba for making things so easy for me to do this.'

The other stood thinking for a moment. 'Now I should probably get his hands out of the way first, after blind folding him of course. Do I try and pull his boxers off? Or maybe I should just cuff his legs and cut them off. Decisions, decisions… I guess I'll go with the second option since he will fight.' He grinned at nothing, white teeth flashing in the dark.

He grabbed the blindfold and two sets of cuffs, once again thankful that his prey was a deep sleeper. The handcuffs had long chains, so they easily reached the bedposts, without him having to move Seto's hands much. After he secured one hand he gently lifted the sleeping teens head to slip on the blindfold on. He moved quickly around to the other side of the bed chaining his other hand. He stepped back to admire his handy work.

He finished the job by chaining both ankles to the posts on the end of the bed. 'Now to wake him up.' He climbed on the bed and let his hands roam over his chest and abdomen. He placed his mouth over one of Seto's nipples sucking lightly, he pulled back and blew on it watching as it responded. Seto had started to stir by now. His intruder moved to the other nipple giving it the same attention as the other.

He placed kisses along his collarbone and neck nipping every once and a while then soothing the bites with his tongue.  He moved back down to Seto's chest this time sucking hard on the nipple in his mouth earning a small moan from him.

He sat back watching as the teen woke up.   

Seto's POV

'What the hell is going on? Why can't I see anything?' He tried to move his arms and found them chained, his legs too.

Seto reviewed things in his mind, 'Okay I am chained to my bed, I still have my boxers on and the person who did this is sitting right next to me and obviously doesn't want to me to know who they are.' "What do you think you are doing? I demand that you remove these cuffs now." He made the chains rattle for emphasis. He couldn't shout unless he wanted his staff to see him and ruin his image.

The silence was beginning to bother him, all he could hear was someone breathing softly and the rattle of the cuffs when he moved.

He forgot all about being unnerved when he felt his captors hands on his chest; the tips of their fingers skated over his chest and stomach tracing random patterns. Seto jerked against the chains, "Get your hands off of me."

He felt the bed shift and the other was breathing in his ear. They spoke in a voice so low that not even their gender could be determined, "Now, now, you're not exactly in a position to be giving orders are you?" Seto shivered.

"Who are you? Why are you doing this?" He again received no answers to his questions. The bed shifted again, now he felt the stranger settle between his legs. Hands ran up his legs to settle on his hips. Seto jerked again and hissed, "Get away from me." The only response he received was a barely audible laugh. One of the hands left for a moment. Before Seto could get out his next demand for the chains to be removed something cold and very sharp was pressed against his abdomen. Now Seto was becoming scared. 'Where was my staff? Why hadn't this intruder been stopped?' 

The knife moved away and Seto let out the breath he didn't know he was holding.

Unknown POV

'The great Seto Kaiba at my mercy, how much better does it get?' He set the knife down on the bed and crawled up over Seto's chest. He repeated his earlier actions by sucking on one of Seto's nipples; he bit it lightly before soothing it with his tongue and moving to give the other one the same attention. He knew the brunette teen was nervous which was why he wasn't responding, but that could be changed. 

He smirked and started kissing his way up Seto's neck. He reached his ear and nibbled on it lightly making the CEO shiver. "This would be so much more fun if you would relax, if your good I promise I'll unchain you instead of leaving you here for your staff to find."

He watched amused as Seto's mouth turned down in a grimace, "Fine."

"Good, now relax." The CEO was still as tense as ever. His captor sighed, 'I knew it would be difficult, I just didn't know he would be this bad.' He climbed off of the teen and reached into his bag once more, pulling out a bottle of strawberry flavored massage oil. He popped the top open watching with amusement as Seto jerked. He poured some onto his hands coating both palms. He reached over and rested his hands on Seto's neck hissing warningly when his prey turned his head to try and get away, making the teen freeze.  

He worked on relieving the tension in Seto's neck and shoulders as best he could before moving down to his chest, pausing briefly to work on leanly muscled arms. He could feel the tension slowly ebbing out of the brunette's form and smiled. He worked down and around his ribs as his hands moved off to the side his prisoner squirmed away making a small noise that sounded suspiciously like laughter. He raised an eyebrow and experimented by running his fingers over said area and was greeted with what was definitely laughter. He noted and filed this information away for further use. Continuing he moved down to his legs and feet once finished he sat back and took in the resigned look on Seto's face and the gentle rise and fall of his chest. 

He moved up on the bed and once again nibbled on the prone teen's ear eliciting a small noise and shiver, "So have you decided to relax?" Seto growled but only half-heartedly. His captor laughed softly under his breath and kissed his way down Seto's jaw line to his mouth capturing it in a chaste kiss. He ran a hand through the CEO's soft locks, wishing he could look into those blue eyes, eyes he felt pierce straight through him as if seeing him truly. He sighed softly against the teen's lips, running his hands down skimming to his chest and playing lightly with the already taut nubs of flesh.     

Seto moaned, slightly arching back up and pressed back with his lips making the unknown person above him smile.

Seto's POV

'There is only one person I want and this couldn't be him… But I can imagine, it will at least make this bearable. I am fairly certain it is a guy though I cannot know for sure. How could this even be happening?' Seto squirmed slightly under the hands on his chest, never one to be completely submissive Seto darted his tongue out and ran it over the bottom lip of his tormenter plunging his tongue in when he gasped. The mysterious person recovered quickly and soon they were battling for the small amount of dominance it would give Seto.  

Seto soon lost when the other decided to suck on his tongue. Seto jerked against the chains and groaned into his captor's mouth in frustration getting a small laugh in response. He felt the other's tongue start to leave and whimpered a little catching on to their lip with is teeth he sucked on it trying to prolong the contact. Seto mentally started cursing himself, 'I can't believe this what the hell is wrong with me?' He released the lip and turned his head away in disgust.

"Why?" His voice sounded incredibly bitter and annoyingly breathy to his ears.

The reply that he received was simple giving him no clues, "Because I want you." The heat in their voice made him shiver.

Unknown POV

He sat back and took the teen in front of him in, 'But do I want him this way?' He sighed and absentmindedly began dancing his fingers over Seto's chest and stomach tracing random patterns.

He ran a finger along the edge of Seto's boxers that were slung lower on his hips, noticing with a sort of grim satisfaction that his hips moved up slightly.

'I can't do this, this way. If I do I know I'll just go back to feeling just as lonely. But if I release him he will most likely call his security or do something to me. Or worse he would just reject me completely…' He pulled his hands back and wrapped his arms around himself fighting back the tears that threatened.

He got up off of the bed and grabbed the remote moving to the window seat in the room he pushed the curtains away to let the moonlight filter into the room. He sat down pulling his knees up to his chest, facing his head away and resting his fore head on the cool glass. He sighed and wrapped his arms around his knees. Closing his eyes he pressed the button on the remote that would release all of the cuffs at once, then he braced for the worst.  

Seto's POV

Seto felt the hands leave and had to bite back a whimper that wanted to leave his mouth. The bed shifted as he captor left confusing Seto to no end. He strained listening for the movements of his captor and heard the curtains pushed away from the window.

After a few minutes he heard a heavy sigh then an odd clicking noise came from the cuffs that were holding him down and he felt them fall off the bedposts and drop onto the bed. He didn't dare move for a second, then he experimentally moved his arm; lifting up he felt the cuff drop off.

He sat up and the other cuff dropped off. He ripped off the blindfold then the cuffs on his ankles. He looked over to the window where his captor was sitting curled up looking away from him and out of the window, they wore a hooded-cloak so Seto had no idea who it was that had kept him chained.

He got up and with quick strides moved to the window and grabbed the figures arm jerking them up. "Show yourself." They turned but their face was kept in a shadow by the hood of the cloak. Seto released their arm and stood back crossing his arms over his bare chest.     

They stood up, Seto immediately noticed their height, or lack there of. Their head was down and without making a single noise they reached up and undid the silver chain holding the cloak together, letting the cloak fall to the ground without looking up and let their hands drop to their side.

Seto gasped lightly, 'It was him all along… The one I wanted them to be.'

Normal POV

The now uncloaked figure cringed slightly at Seto' gasp. Seto took a step towards him and he took two back stepping over the cloak pooled at his feet. He still hadn't looked up out of fear of what he would see on Seto's face.

Seto moved past the now still figure to the window and sat down. "Come here." He was back to ordering but his voice was much softer than usual. The teen approached him slowly, head down; he stopped less than a foot away. Seto reached out and placed a hand under his chin and tilted the smaller teens head up. Marveling at the way his amethyst eyes caught the moonlight that lit up his pale skin.  

Said eyes closed and a tear made its way down his face, "I'm sorry."

Seto almost didn't hear the barely audible apology. He reached out and wiped the tear away softly, cupping the smooth cheek. "Yugi…" Seto spoke in an awed whisper; he pulled the smaller teen onto his lap suddenly making him squeak, though his eyes remained tightly shut. "How? Why?"

Yugi looked away out of the window not having met Seto's eyes once. He spoke in a low whisper "Bakura and Marik helped me with the plan and the stuff, Mokuba let me into the mansion and led me to your room." He paused and took a deep breath before continuing. "I did this because, because I thought it would be the only way…" Yugi closed his eyes again, waiting for the worst. 

He jerked in surprise; his eyes flying open when he heard Seto's rich laughter ring out, free of its normal scorn and malice. Seto looked down at him speaking in a playful tone, "What a foolish thing to do." He watched Yugi cringe and he grabbed his chin forcing Yugi's eyes to meet his, "You could have had me without going through all that trouble." He bent his head and pressed his lips to Yugi's. 


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