A/N: Here it is the rest of it since you asked for it, I didn't post it because I think it switches themes a little too rapidly, it was only written because I felt like I had to. So if you don't like it please feel free to tell me, but don't say I didn't warn you…

 At Your Mercy

*~*~*The Forgotten Half*~*~*

Yugi blinked stunned for a moment before throwing his arms around Seto's neck and kissing him back as much as he could before the dream ended. Seto pulled away and Yugi made a small noise of protest both of them panting, "Calm down Yugi we do need to breath." He pulled Yugi closer to him and put his face into Yugi's odd colored hair.

Yugi pressed his face into Seto's neck, "You're not going to disappear?"

Seto laughed and pulled away, "I don't think I will ever understand you Yugi." He shook his head.

Yugi looked up at him and tilted his head to the side, "What do you mean?"

"You ask such an innocent question when not so long ago you held a knife to my stomach after chaining me to my own bed!"

Yugi smiled and ran a hand through Seto's hair, "Well I never claimed I was innocent, people always assume that I am." He shifted on Seto's lap so that his legs were on either side of him, straddling his lap. He looked at Seto's figure silhouetted by the moon noticing how he could still see his blue eyes, almost as if they had a light of their own. "Your not mad?"

"No Yugi, though I am wondering what you were going to do with that knife." He raised an eyebrow.

Yugi gave him a bright smile and spoke without a hint of embarrassment, "I was gonna cut your boxers off." He giggled as Seto's mouth fell open.

"Okay I now know for sure that your aren't as innocent as everyone thinks."

Yugi grinned mischievously "Oh what you expected me to answer more like this?" Yugi then let a blush heat his face and he looked down as if embarrassed and fidgeted with his hands, he spoke in an embarrassed and contrite voice, "I was going to use it to cu cut o off your b boxers." He purposely stumbled over the words.

He looked up at Seto and with a look of mischief he closed Seto's open mouth. "Was that how I was supposed to say it?"

Seto just laughed and pulled Yugi close to him, "Your scary you know that?"

Yugi smiled, "Oh I know, but it works well."

Before Seto could retort Yugi covered his mouth with his own.

Seto broke the kiss, "I really should go back to bed; I have to work tomorrow."


"What do you mean no?"

"I promised Mokuba that if I stayed we would spend the day with him, so no. You'll have to call in and tell them you can't make it."

Kaiba snorted, "I don't think so, I can't just abandon the company on a whim."

Yugi looked up at him with tears in his eyes, "You don't want to spend time with me and Mokuba?" He turned away from Seto and looked out the window mouth turned down and arms around himself.

"But Yugi-"

Yugi slumped over in defeat closing his eyes as the tears ran down his face, he spoke in an upset voice, "It's okay. I understand, I'll tell Mokuba…"

Kaiba sighed, "I suppose taking one day off wouldn't hurt…"

Yugi looked up hopefully, "Really? You promise?"

Kaiba nodded, "Yes I promise."

Yugi jumped up all of his tears gone. "Good." He walked over to his duffle bag and pulled out a small device and pressed a button. He put it back in the bag and returned to Seto's lap. "Thank you." He threw his arms around Seto's neck and gave him a firm kiss.

Seto just stared, "You just played me huh?"

Yugi nodded eyes glued to the door.

"WHAT? I can't bel-" Before Seto could say more his bedroom door was flung open and Mokuba raced in throwing himself into Yugi's arms.

"You got him to agree to tomorrow?" Yugi nodded. "Alright!" He threw himself onto his shocked brother, "Thanks Seto."

Seto came out of his shocked state; he spoke in an almost too calm voice. "How much of this did you know about?"

 Mokuba grinned and moved away from his brother sensing the eminent explosion coming he took Yugi with him. Yugi looked confused when Mokuba pulled him so that the bed was between them and Seto. "All of it."

"WHAT? You knew he was going to come in here and chain me up and scare the hell out of me? You knew he was going to con me into taking tomorrow off?" Yugi's eyes widened at the extreme amount of anger Seto was showing.

While Seto continued to rant Mokuba whispered in Yugi's ear, "We need to calm him down before he passes out, any ideas?"

Yugi watched Seto start to pace, and whispered out of the corner of his mouth, "Has he actually passed out?"

"Yeah. A few times he works too much and when he doesn't sleep enough he gets like this."

"Oh, we could always try tackling him, but considering he is almost twice as tall as we are…" Yugi let his voice trail off.

"Hmm I could tackle his legs and get him to the floor, I think if you kissed him he would calm down."

"Okay. It doesn't bother you?"

Mokuba shook his head, "I am just glad he will be happy." He moved around the bed and when Seto turned in his pacing he knocked into his legs making him lose his balance and fall to the floor. Mokuba sat on his legs while Yugi leaned down and stopped his mouth with a firm kiss.

Yugi sat up and looked at a now silent Seto. "It's late, I think we should go to sleep."

Seto still had an odd look in his eyes and when he opened his mouth Mokuba moved quicker than it seemed possible and clapped a hand down. "Quick, Yugi pin his arms." Yugi did as he was asked and saw why when Seto immediately started screaming again though it was muffled by Mokuba's hand.

Yugi looked at Mokuba who was currently sitting on his brother's chest to keep him still. "What do you usually do to calm him?"

Mokuba looked away from his brother and grinned, "Let him pass out."

Yugi sweat dropped. "Oh, why is he so mad?"

"Probably because he is embarrassed."

"Okay I see. I feel bad now, I didn't mean to stress him out like this." Yugi felt real tears come to his eyes and he bent his head trying to hide them.

Seto saw him and sat up throwing Mokuba to the floor with a surprised thump. He reached out and pulled Yugi to him, "Are you okay?"

Yugi nodded and put his arms around Seto, tears falling, "I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to upset you this much."

Seto sighed, "It's okay why don't we just get some sleep." He got up unsteadily and set Yugi on his feet then helped Mokuba up. Mokuba was staring at his brother in disbelief. "What is it Mokuba?"

"Well it's just that we have always had to let you pass out before you would calm down."

Seto snorted and moved over to the bed tossing Yugi's stuff into his bag. "Where do you want to sleep Yugi? You can sleep in one of the guestrooms or in here with me. Your choice."

"Uh I guess I will stay in here."

Mokuba piped up and gave Yugi a wink behind Seto's back. "I think I'll sleep in here too, someone needs to make sure you actually sleep." He grinned as Seto spun around, Yugi giggled and after grabbing something from his bag, jumped onto the bed.

He stood up making him slightly taller than Seto, Mokuba jumped up with him, Yugi handed him the end of a licorice rope they pulled of the plastic and proceeded to eat while jumping on the bed just out of Seto's reach.

Yugi and Mokuba taunted him by staying just out of reach each of them working on an end of the long piece of candy. "What's the matter big brother?" Mokuba grinned. While Seto was focused on him Yugi bounced over and grabbed him pulling him onto the bed. He laughed and started tickling Seto making the taller teen squirm, soon Mokuba joined in.

By the time they were done Seto was completely breathless and exhausted to point where he could barely keep his eyes open. The other two were just hitting their sugar high. They sat against the headboard giggling like crazy; Yugi had pulled out another candy rope and broke it in half for them. "Mokuba you should go change for bed, I can't believe you stayed up so late to help me, thanks." Yugi hugged Mokuba then pushed him off the bed. 

A little after Mokuba had left the room Yugi moved and sat lightly on Seto's stomach, the CEO looked at him sleepily. Yugi smiled with the licorice still in his mouth and put the other end in Seto's. "I think you need a little sugar." Seto shrugged and started to devour the candy not paying attention to the fact that every bite brought Yugi a little closer, finally he noticed when Yugi was lying out on his chest his face right in his. Seto stopped eating, Yugi smiled and took the last bite pressing his lips against Seto's.

Just then they heard giggling and Seto broke the kiss. Both of them looked to the door where Mokuba was standing, Seto raised a hand and covered his eye's also hiding a blush. Yugi laughed and pulled Seto's hand away, laughing even harder when the blush deepened.  

Mokuba was still giggling, "That was so cute."

Seto looked at Mokuba with something akin to horror on his face, "How long were you there?"

Yugi answered for Mokuba, "Since I sat down on your stomach."

"You mean you knew he was there?" Yugi smiled and moved off of him to lean against the headboard. Mokuba came over and sat on Yugi's lap making a very amusing picture since they were basically the same height. Seto sat up and looked at them chuckling softly. "You guys make a cute picture." He then scowled when he realized what he had said. "If you ever tell anyone I said that I will lock you away for ten years."

Yugi and Mokuba giggled. Mokuba turned to Yugi, "You know… We can use that against him."

"How we have no proof?"

Mokuba grinned and pulled out a small tape recorder. "I always have one just in case Seto has an un-Seto moment."

"Really? You'll have to let me listen to them."

"Oh sure but I have video too."

During the whole conversation Seto sat with a horrified expression on his face. "What!"

Mokuba eeped and put his face into Yugi's shoulder hiding a grin. Yugi put protective arms around him. "Maybe we should go to sleep now Kaiba?"

Seto glared at his brother. Yugi set him down and stood up stripping down to his boxers. Seto's gaze snapped to Yugi. Yugi giggled and threw his shirt at him catching Seto right in the face.

Mokuba sat just out of Seto's immediate reach guarded by Yugi; he looked thoughtful for a moment. "You know Yugi, Seto talks in his sleep. I have some tapes with your name mentioned and some other interesting noises." He laughed and ducked behind Yugi when his crimson-cheeked brother dived for him.

Yugi's face was also lightly tinted but he was laughing and keeping Mokuba from harm. He reached down and grabbed his bag opening it he dug around and pulled out some giant pixie stix and more candy ropes.

Seto eyed the candy suspiciously, "Why did you bring candy?"

Yugi shrugged and passed Mokuba some of it, "It was for when I was done and gave Mokuba the remote for the cuffs, it's for helping me." He opened a rope and stuck the end in his mouth sucking on it rather than chewing. "Yami says I have an unnatural obsession with sugar."

Mokuba lied down with his head on Yugi's lap, tipping a pixie stix into his mouth. Yugi absentmindedly pet his hair. "You'll get a stomach ache if you eat any more Mokuba. We should go to sleep before your brother passes out." Yugi smiled warmly in Seto's direction and took the candy from Mokuba and set it on the dresser. He finished off his own.

Seto had been silent for a while now watching how Yugi and his brother interacted, "I didn't know you two were this close?"

Yugi nodded, "We have been for a while, I have even sleep over here a few times without you knowing. That's how I knew you were a deep sleeper," Yugi looked thoughtful for a moment, he wrinkled his nose in amusement. "I never got to hear you talk but you did mutter a lot."

Seto scowled and gestured to his brother who was all but asleep in Yugi's lap; even after the amount of sugar he had. "We should probably get some sleep."

Yugi nodded and gently moved Mokuba's head onto the pillows then joined him. Seto crawled up next to them and pulled the covers up. His chest was to Yugi's back and Mokuba curled up against Yugi's chest.

Yugi looked back at Seto placing a soft kiss on his mouth, "Night Kaiba." He turned and almost immediately began to fall asleep.

Seto placed a kiss on Yugi's neck, "Seto."


"Call me Seto."

"Oh, Goodnight Seto."

"Goodnight Yugi."

At that moment Mokuba shifted, "Are you guys done now? I wanna go to sleep." His voice sounded slurred.

"Yeah Mokuba goodnight." Yugi rested a hand on Mokuba's hair stroking it to relax him.

"Goodnight big brother, night Yugi."

"Go to sleep."

Yugi laughed and snuggled closer to Seto feeling completely content, "On that happy note…"

Mokuba giggled lightly.

Seto sighed, "Goodnight you two."

They fell asleep covered in moonlight with Seto watching over the now two most important people in his life, for once falling asleep feeling truly content.


There it is. Later,

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