A scientist once figured out that a butterfly flapping its wings in Mexico could lead to a Tornado in Texas. Here's a Pokémon fanfic based around this idea. Be warned, though: it's a tragedy, and bad things may happend to our favourite characters.

The Beautifly Effect

Chapter One -- Beautifly

It was a spectacular day. The cool breeze complemented the warm sunshine, while the burble of the stream accompanied the chirp of Pidgey and Taillow. The rich colours of the lush grass, autumn leaves and cloudless sky offered the two travellers a scene that surpassed postcard perfection.

"Hey, you want to stop and rest?"

"I don't wanna be late for the League."

"Come on, there's heaps of time."

He turned towards her. As he looked at her, he felt tempted to stop, even if only to sit and admire her. She was no longer the scrawny kid who years ago had fished him out of the lake. The way the wind and sun played upon her hair, enchanting him with its sparkle... But no, he had to get to the League competition. Today, that was his first priority.

"It's not how early you get there that determines the winner," she continued.

"I'm kinda nervous, Misty. What the papers have been saying..."

"That you and Richie are the top contenders this year. Really Ash, you'd be better off if you got there rested and relaxed." To make her point, Misty stopped and lay down on the grass, resting her head on her folded arms.

"Hey, have you seen Pikachu?"

"Last I saw he was sniffing round those bushes." She pointed with her head.

"Pi!" called out the small yellow Pokémon at the sound of his name as it came out of a row of bushes that lined their path. "Pika!" it called again, pointing back to where it had been.

Ash drew near to investigate, when from behind the bushes flew out a Pokémon. It had broad yellow wings, bulbed antennae and a long, curled tongue. It was obviously a bug type, and though unusual, there was a distinct appeal to its form.

Ash sized it up and quickly figured out what to do. He spent barely a moment to choose which Poké ball to use, and he cast it into the air before him.

"I'm gonna catch it," he announced to the world. "Noctowl, go!"

Noctowl appeared in a blazed of glittering light.

"Ash," called Misty. "Spend some time with me." She got up and approached him.

Ash figured it'd take only a minute to catch the bug. Then he could have both a new Pokémon, and Misty. He rotated his old League cap around as was his custom, and ordered, "Noctowl, Peck!"

While Noctowl was busy with its attack, Misty reached up to Ash's head and pulled his cap off.

"Hey!" he shouted angrily.

Misty gave him a puppy dog look.

"Give it back," Ash continued angrily.

Misty, finally fed up with him, passed back his cap. "Oh alright, Mr Pokémon Master, have your cap and your Pokémon."

As Ash reached out to take it, a sudden burst of wind made it fly out of Misty's hand. They both looked and saw the wild Pokémon flap its wings in retaliation against Noctowl with a fierce Gust attack.

"Now look what you've done!" snapped Ash. He quickly recalled Noctowl to its ball and ran off after his hat.

The cap slowly descended. But instead of landing on the grass, it fell into the water. It was immediately carried off downstream.

Ash followed his cap, pursued by Misty and Pikachu. However, his progress was hampered by trees and other vegetation that occupied most of the bank. Realizing that there was no other way to retrieve it, he dived into the water and let himself be propelled downstream by the current.

To his surprise, the current was growing stronger, the water was getting deeper and the noise of rushing water was getting louder. His cap was within sight, but so now was something else--a waterfall!

As soon as Ash realized the danger, he reached out and grabbed the root of a tree that was protruding out from the bank. He was safe for the moment, but was his hat? He looked for it again, and, yes, it was caught behind a rock. The rock was smooth and the water kept bubbling over it. The cap would not stay there for long.

If only he could reach it. With one hand holding the root tightly, he stretched himself out towards his prized possession. His outstretched fingertips were almost there, but not quite. He stretched further, holding on with clawed fingers. He could touch the cap, but not grasp it. He tried to grip it between his index and middle fingers. Just as he disloged it, a wave struck it, forcing it away from his grip and setting it free again. Ash made one last desperate attempt to grab hold, but lost his grip on the tree root in the process. His cap was about to hurtle down the waterfall, and so was he.

Now forgetting the hat, and struggling for dear life, Ash thrashed and swam against the water. Kicking and stroking, he was slowing his approach to the waterfall, but approaching it nonetheless. He thought of reaching to his belt and relasing Croconaw, but that would take the use of an arm, and he needed to keep swimming with all four limbs to stay alive. Could he ease his way towards the bank? No, the stream widened as it got closer to the fall. He wouldn't make it.

He could see no way out of his dilemma. The noise of the waterfall was getting louder. Waves were splashing into his eyes and mouth. He could feel himself tiring, the water winning. This was going to be the end.

As another wave caught his face, he felt the current pulling him under. "Pikachu..." was his last utterance before his mouth filled with water.

Suddenly, Ash felt himself being pushed up out of the water and into the air. Ash instinctively reached out and grabbed whatever was beneath him. It was wet but firm, and throbbed with life.

Ash and his lifesaver continued their leap through the air until they landed on the river bank roughly but safely. Ash coughed and spluttered, but recovered soon enough. He looked down at what had saved him. It was Misty's Staryu.

"Pikapi!" called a familiar voice.

Ash looked up and saw his favourite Pokémon, followed not far behind by Misty pushing her way through the trees.

"Oh Ash!" she cried, tears in her eyes. "I'm glad you're all right."

"Yeah," he said with another cough. "Thanks to Staryu."

Misty drew near, but relief changed to alarm as she saw Ash's face. There was an anger in his eyes that, try as he might, he could not prevent from showing.

"Ash, I just saved your life."

"I'm grateful, Misty," was all he could say. But deep down, there was a resentment he could not stop himself feeling. Given his present position in the League, he was sure he could procure a replacement cap. But it would never be the same.

In silence, they made their way back to the path. Misty noticed how Ash's wet clothes clung to his body, revealing features that a few minutes earlier she would have died to see. Trouble is, Ash very nearly did die, dulling what pleasure she could have felt, but not dulling the longing to feel it.

When they reached the path, Ash saw the Beautifly that had caused the whole incedent. It flew away, oblivious to what it had done. Ash no longer had the will to try and catch it again, but that did not stop him from missing the thrill he would have had catching it.

Pikachu, sensing that something was terribly wrong, did something quite uncharacteristic of its normally kind nature. It shot up a thunderbolt and struck the Beautifly. It fainted in mid air and fell down behind some trees. Pikachu straightaway felt a pang of guilt. It looked up at its master, but Ash was too busy with his own thoughts to notice what Pikachu had just done. Good. The last thing Pikachu wanted right now was to be scolded. Nevertheless, something oddly felt right, as if the trouble the Beautifly had started had to be atoned for. Secretly, Pikachu wished a Fearow would come and eat it.

After I wrote this I found out that a movie had been made based on the butterfly effect. There's no connection between the plot of the movie and this fanfic other than the principle that small events have the potential to lead to enormous consequences.

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