The Beautifly Effect

Chapter Thirty-Three -- Epilogue

Twelve years later...

"Boy, I'm exhausted."

Abigail looked up from her sowing. Richie had just walked in looking tired and dirty.

"Don't sit down till you wash up," she said. "I'll be with you as soon as I finish Ben's seam."


"Don't know what the boys are doing tearing up their clothes like that."

"Did you notice those bruises on Sonny's legs?"

"Kids'll be kids," she replied. "Oh, did you remember to thank the neighbours today?"

"Oh for mulching those leaves? Sure did. Never knew how great it'd be to have Venusaurs for neighbours."

"And I never dreamed one of my kids'd have a Pokémon as a best friend. Their little Bulba's growing from day to day."


A few minutes later, Abigail was gathering Richie's dirty workclothes as he was entering the shower. She glanced up at him, adoring both his physique and the face that hadn't lost its pleasantness in spite of the years.

"Keeps you looking good though," she commented.


"The hard work. Keeps you looking good."

"I miss Pokémon training though," he said as he shut the shower screen. "I was good at it too." It felt like a lifetime ago, a long lost age of glory that he would never know again.


"Pika!" called out Sparky. Limping on its artificial hind leg, the aging Pokémon called Richie and Abigail out to the front yard.

Out there the two parents saw Ben with his friend Bulba standing opposite Sonny with another neighbourhood Pokémon, a young Aipom.

"Hi Mom, Hi Dad!" called Ben.

"Hey, watch our new game," called Sonny.

"Bulba!" said the Bulbasaur, miming a punch with its front paw.

"Pom!" called out the Aipom, swiping its front arm through the air.

The two boys charged at each other. Ben tried to punch Sonny but the younger boy dodged easily, twisted and scratched his brother on the arm.

The parents stared with eyes wide open as the play battle continued. Pokémon were training their kids to battle each other. One thought crossed their minds as a sinking feeling inflitrated their hearts:

What had the world come to?

The End

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