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Summary: Jack has a surprise for Will and Elizabeth, but one that forces Will to make the biggest decision of his life... (A.N Alright ignore that and just read the story!)

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'She's a Pirate'

It was a perfect night out at sea. A warm breeze filled the air, the stars were twinkling and the sea was calm. The perfect conditions for sailing.

But aboard the Black Pearl, Marie was nervous.

Why was she doing this? She could of stayed at home, safe and happy. No. Who was she kidding? She had no place to call home, she wasn't safe and definitely wasn't happy. But this maybe her chance to become happy. And she had to find Him. He was the only one left.

Marie heard something move and looked behind her, the grip on her sword tightening.

"Whoa! Steady on Marie! Only me. Why ent you in bed"

Marie let out a sigh of relief. "I can't sleep Jack. Questions just keep... appearing in my head. What if he doesn't recognise me? What if he doesn't like me? What if..."

"What if?" Jack interrupted. "Ye can't live life like tha' can ye?"

Marie smiled- slightly

"Of course 'e'll like ye. And if 'e don't there's always room aboard the Pearl for ye."

She smiled again-well, grinned this time.

"Thanks Jack" She said and hugged him

Jack, who wasn't expecting this, staggered back and hesitated a little before putting his arm around her and patting her back, the bright lights of Port Royal glowing in the distance.

He'd have to stop doing this. He was going too soft.

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