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Will stood on the deck of the Pearl, leaning on his arms on the side of the ship. The night was calm and the sea gentle. A slight breeze rustled his hair and the ship rocked gently. The breaking of the swell on the hull played a soft melody and Will found himself singing softly with it.

"Drink up my heartys, Yo Ho…"

Yes, it was on nights like this that most men enjoyed their life as a pirate.

But Will wasn't most men. Most men didn't have the love of their life lost somewhere in the middle of the ocean.


Will closed his eyes, as if to sum up an image of her. This wasn't necessary, however, as she was in his head all day. Her lavender scent, her soft skin, those brown curls that framed her angelic face, her red lips that smiled at the sight of him…

Will squeezed his eyes shut as he tried to hold back the tears. But he didn't succeed- they fell silently to be lost forever in the deep ocean depths.

"That isn't going to help her, you know."

Will quickly wiped his eyes and turned around to see Marie. He smiled as she slowly walked over to join him.

"I know," he replied softly. "I just…can't get her out of my head."

Marie snorted and smiled slightly. "No need to tell us, Will. Jack's getting sick of your daydreaming while you 'work'. He's threaten to throw you into the brig instead of having you rip the sails when your suppose to be repairing them." She gave him a matter-of-factly look.

Will had to smile slightly at that.

Marie stared at her brother. Will was a complicated person, a bit like her in fact. They had both had a rough childhood, and both were always searching for where they belonged. Marie had spent her whole life searching for her brother. And now she could lose him again…because of that man she had stupidly trusted. Furnoa had taken away everything in Will's life away from him…and Marie couldn't help but feel that it was her fault; she had basically led them to Elizabeth.

"Will…I want to thank you."

Will was puzzled. "For what?"

"For accepting me. I felt sure that you would just laugh in my face, tell me you had no sister. I thought you would hate me."

Marie felt tears spring to her eyes under the influence of her own words. She squeezed them shut but felt Will's arms around her. He held his sister tightly and she sobbed into his chest. He whispered quietly to her.

"Marie, I never would have sent you away. I was so ashamed with myself when I realised I had forgotten you. You were my world for the little time we where together. And I felt sure you would hate me."

He held her at arm's length and lifted her head up. "But let's stop thinking about it now, Marie. We've found each other and that's all that matters." He smiled.

Marie wiped the tears away and hugged him again. "Thank you brother."

Will kissed her cheek. He thought about the journey so far. Elizabeth was always on his mind but one thing always stopped him from getting completely sick with worry over her…Marie. Whenever he thought about Elizabeth, he always felt a light touch on his arm and then saw Marie giving him a worried look. He soon pushed those thoughts from his mind and would concentrate on what he was doing, not only for Elizabeth's sake but also for Marie's. He wouldn't hurt her again but becoming a broken man, not after she had just found him. And it wasn't good for Elizabeth either…

Marie saw Will's pensive look. She gave him a quick kiss, "We will find her, Will. I promise."

Jack watched his too friends. He had been watching them for a long time now, seeing their relationship grow. Without Marie, Jack wasn't sure if Will would have carried on.

"It's beautiful, isn't it, Cap'n?"

Jack turned around to see Ana-Maria smiling at him.

"What is?" he said in his usually gruff tone.

"That," she replied gesturing to Will and Marie. "It's wonderful to see love like that."

"Oh yeah, sure is." Jack was puzzled and, to be honest, slightly worried. He had never seen Ana-Maria like this before.

"Have you ever felt like that, Cap'n?" She turned to him, still smiling. "Wanted more than anything else in the world?"

Jack backed away slightly. "Oh…um…no, not really, being a pirate an' all."

They were quiet for a few minutes and Jack suddenly felt quite sad as he watched Will and Marie. Rarely in his life had he come across someone who trusted him, someone who cared about him. Bootstrap Bill and Will maybe, but he had never felt, what had Ana-Maria said, 'wanted more that anything else in the world'. Being a pirate he thought he didn't need it, but looking at the sight before him, it seemed he was missing out on a lot of things.

Ana-Maria's sigh brought him out of his thoughts. She turned to go but placed a hand on Jack's shoulder. She spoke quietly.

"We need you, Cap'n."