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"You're a Jaffa?" Rick Screamed at Chris.


"You're supposed to say no! Work with me!"

"How did you get to Earth?" enquired Sam.

"I was smuggled to Earth by a Tok'ra operative via a cargo ship."

"Why?" asked Daniel.

"Yeah sure…why not." Said Jack nonchalantly.

"I thought Jaffa couldn't live without a symbiote unless they were on Tritonin?" said Rick.

"Tritonin was invented far earlier in this universe than in SG1's universe."

"Sweet." Mumbled Jack.

The cast and SG1 were sitting onboard an Air Force plane bound for Colorado Springs. Chris had dropped a bombshell on his fellow cast mates by coming clean about being an alien. He'd been met by gaping stares from Amanda, Michael and Teryl, raised eyebrows from Sam and Daniel, no reaction from Teal'c, a sigh from Jack and outrage from Rick.

"Is that how you became a writer on the show?"

"What's that Rick?"

"You're a great writer! Did you know about all this stuff?"

"No. All I knew was that I was a Jaffa."

"That's all?" Offered Teryl.


"Does the military know?"

"Yeah. I was sworn to secrecy, but that's pretty much shot. Ah well…"

Everything went quiet for a while, until Jack spoke up.

"I can't believe they made a TV show about us!"

"Right folks. You know why you are here." Said the short, bald man that was Captain Brown. "X-treme and Admiral Lloyd will be joining you soon. X-Treme are planet-side and the Admiral's phoning the President to keep him informed."

"Is the Navy in charge here?" asked Jack.

"Yes. I understand the Air Force is in charge in your dimension."

"You betcha."

"Chris it's good to see you!" Said Brown.

"You too John! It's been what…seven years?"

"Yeah. You'd just got the job on Stargate. Wow! We never thought that show would last!"

"We used to say the same about a show named Wormhole X-Treme." Teal'c stated.

"It's on it's what…third season now?" Daniel asked.

"Yeah! The executive producers said online that it's gonna be syndicated and they want me to do an Air Force guest spot!" chirped Jack happily. His joy quickly faded when he saw the surprised looks on his teammates faces.

"You're an X-Tremer?" said a shocked Carter.

"Well…uh…yeah. What's so bad about that? I'm a bit of a Danning/Monroe shipper, and I'm a Trekkie too!"

"I too enjoy watching Wormhole X-Treme. I also regularly watch Star Wars films." Teal'c jumped to his fellow sci fi fan's help.

"Yeah…How many times have you see the first film now?"

"Eleven…It's gotta be good…I have to see that sometime!"

"People." Shouted Brown "We're getting side-tracked!"

"Sorry 'sir'." Said Jack sarcartically.

"Colonel…I just want to know how you got here!"

"Carter…Care to explain." He gestured to the Astrophysicist.

"Of course sir!" She smiled, happy to have a spiel of technobabble to spout. "We found a device of the ancients that the Goa'uld had left behind."

"Goa'uld? You mean like a…snakeling?"

Carter was blank for a second, before silently nodding.

"We managed to activate the device using opposing sources of Naquadah and Naquadria…"

"What?" said a confused Brown.

"Alien minerals."

"Oh…We haven't found any alien minerals."

The room went silent. Both SG1 and the actors knew that this was a bad thing.

"Sweet." Muttered Jack, Rick and Chris simultaneously.

"Well we'll need to find some to get back." Daniel stated.

At that moment, the door of the briefing room opened, and the admiral stepped in. He was very small in height, stocky built, balding and wore glasses. Jack recognised him immediately.


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