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The early morning light peered through Vivian's window, urging her to get up and motivated. Vivian protested against dawn, wanting the sun to sink below the horizon for a few more hours. Instead of complying with her wishes, the sun stubbornly got brighter. Acknowledging defeat, Vivian sat up yawning. Half asleep, she went through a series of stretches to get her muscles ready for that day's workload.

After having stretched, she pulled her worn, threadbare nightgown over her head and hurriedly yanked on a breast band and loincloth. She pulled a brush through her hair, and then teased it into a waist length braid. She then grabbed a pair of well used breeches, pulled them on and went searching for her shirt. She knew it was around somewhere. She had to think back to last night. The Commodore's wedding present had been nearly finished and it had been hot inside the stuffy forge. Once Will left for home, she had thrown off her shirt, (it always made him uncomfortable when she took it off when he was there.) and had continued working till the well crafted sword had been completely finished. She had thrown it off…but where? She was pretty sure she had tossed it into her room.

Vivian had learned her lesson with carelessly throwing clothing around the forge last year. Will had gone ballistic when he had entered his beloved smith to find his apprentice and a current boyfriend's clothes tossed randomly around the room. Will also hadn't been too happy to learn that his then-seventeen apprentice was sleeping with men before she was married. Viviane had laughed all day at his shocked face, well until he got really irritated, and set her about the grueling task of cleaning the forge. Maybe, in her desperate attempt to get the present finished on time, she had forgotten to throw it into her small add on room to the forge.

Hearing a small sound, she turned around. Standing in the doorway was the master of the smith and her teacher, William Turner. Hanging of his pointer finger was her shirt. Striding across the little space to snatch her shirt, she snapped, "Excuse me," and slammed the door in his face. As she pulled the thin white shirt over her head, she heard him laughing as he heated the forge for the days work.

"Oh well he would laugh," Vivian muttered under her breath, "After I slave away at the forge to get a very important present finished while he rides home to his beloved wife and children." Tying a heavy leather apron behind her back, she opened the door and stepped into the forge. Will sat in a chair next to the forge reading the paper while waiting for the forge to get hot enough to heat up the metal for the day's use. Not even acknowledging that she was there, he said,

"I brought a roll for your breakfast. What have I told you about leaving your clothes all over the forge?" Will lowered the paper so he could look at her directly. Will hadn't changed much over the last eighteen years. Only little things could be noted. Small threads of gray traced along his curly dark hair, and small laugh lines slightly creased around his eyes and mouth. His chocolate brown eyes were still bright and full of mischief. Giving him a look as she stuffed the warm round roll in her mouth, when she swallowed she said,

"Excuse me; I was heinously busy having an enormous workload to finish by this morning given to me by my cruel and nasty master. It was hot, and you had gone home, so I didn't see why not. The heat affected my brain and I forgot to but my shirt in my room. Stop complaining. So, what's the schedule for today?" Will opened his mouth to reply, but at that moment an excited seven-year-old girl, closely followed by a harassed looking eighteen year old boy burst into the front door of the smith.

"Da! Da! Guess what, Guess what?" the little girl screeched. Not waiting for her father to reply, "Mommy said that I could get a new fancy dress for the Commodore's after-wedding ball we're having in two days! Isn't fabulous?" she ran up to her father and threw herself into his arms, continuing to yell in delight.

"Yes, but what's not at all fabulous is I'm the one in charge of taking her shopping," muttered the eighteen year old. Vivian smiled at him.

"Cheer up, Jaq. At least you're not stuck in a forge all day with a complete loony who has the key to the weapons cupboard." Jaq laughed. "Anna, hunny, you need to stop screeching, your gonna make my ears pop," Vivian laughingly chided the young girl. The mischievous young girl turned in her father's arms and with a wicked smile said,

"Oh, Mommy also said you had to come. In a dress. With a smile. Isn't that great?" Will also smiled the same smile.

"Well then, Miss Vivi, I think I'll give you the day off so you can go shopping with my little Anna and Jaq. Since you being the blacksmith's eighteen year old apprentice, you probably don't have a dress suitable for the ball." He said. Vivian looked horrified. She despised dresses and tried to get out of every fancy dressed up party she could manage. She looked for an escape route but Jaq blocked the front door, Anna the back and Will firmly stood in front of her bedroom door.

"Unfortunately I think I have plans on Friday, so I don't think I should go shopping with you to buy a dress of an event I won't be going-" she quickly tried to get out of the party but Will gave her a mock mean look and said.

"Oh, I think you will be going. Or else some little apprentice will be going to every party forth with of this one if she fails to make an appearance at this one." Vivian firmly cowed, replied with,

"I'll go find my boots."

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