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The departing

Lyra woke with a start. She still had these dreams, even 70 years after it had happened. Will, a shadowed face in the distance, drifting steadily closer, but fading almost immediately. Pantalaimon lay there staring into space, for he felt for Kirjarva the same way Lyra did for Will. Though they were both fully awake, neither moved for several minutes. "Lyra..." whispered Pan. "Pan..." mumbled Lyra. They knew it was happening, and it was nothing like they had ever experienced before. It was no pain, like going into the world of the dead, but no happiness, like when she and Will had been together... They had been fairly successful in their life, (her and pan). Lyra had become one of the world's greatest and wisest alethiometerists. She was not rich, nor famous, but was relatively happy although she had not loved since that moment when she had left Will forever. It still brought tears to her eyes, and her heart felt eternally bruised. Well, it would not be bruised for much longer. At least, she wouldn't feel it... Pantalaimon pressed close to her wrinkled hand. He did not want to leave her, but it had to happen. It happened to everyone. Lyra's heart was thumping painfully for Pan, wishing it to never happen. They were elderly, it was inevitable. They were dying.

At the same moment in a parallel universe, Will lay restless in his bed. Kirjarva crept up to him and he stroked his fur as best he could. At 83 years old, he suffered painfully from arthritis. When younger, after Lyra, he'd had several girlfriends but couldn't help comparing them to Lyra and was never in love. An old bachelor now, he had indeed taken up his father's mantle. He had been an explorer, mapping out areas of desert and the Antarctic. But part of him he knew was always in another world, his other half, and the only comfort was that she was forever thinking about him as he was about her. He was not complete. "Something is wrong" said kirjarva quietly. "I know, but what can we do?" Replied Will. "Lyra..." Kirjarva started and then stopped abruptly. It always upset Will to talk about her. Even in private, to his daemon. She gave a soft mew as their hearts tugged. It was like when Kirjarva used to change, remembered Will suddenly, and she looked into his eyes as the thought entered their mind.

Suddenly, Will let out a cry. Suddenly, in a parallel universe, Pan disappeared. Forever. Lyra was dead. Will lost the will to live. He sank at once into unconsciousness as inky black as his daemons fur.

They had died within seconds of each other.

But now, looking down at the scene from above, were a pair of angels. Xaphina and her friend were speaking in low voices. "It is not the end" something said. It might have been one, or both of them. It was impossible to tell, as with all angels. "These people have undergone the ultimate sacrifice. They have saved the worlds, and sacrificed each other. There is a bond there, which takes them even beyond death. These brave lovers have been apart for so long. Now I will make sure they are together. The ultimate test has been getting on with their lives. Now I will make sure they are rewarded".

And the angels flew up into the sky.

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