Dream of the Dragon

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Rating: PG13; strong language, violence, sexual references, reference to rape, drunkeness. Descriptions of blood and violence are quite vivid.

Pairings: Mainly Hermione/Draco, a bit of Harry/OC.

AN: I hope you'll enjoy this. The first chapter or two suffer from me trying to make up my mind about characters but not as much as it'll appear. Some of the OOC moments do have an explanation.... I promise... This story starts off quite light but will get darker later on. Draco in this story is very different from the books because he has grown up. This is set in 7th year so he is older and has come into his own. There are sixteen chapters to this story plus an epilogue. So please read on and I hope you enjoy what you read!!!!!

Chapter One

Truth or Dare?

"Truth" She closed her eyes trying to avoid the fate that came after her uttered words.

"Have you ever kissed Ron and/or Harry?" the Hufflepuff prefect giggled as she spoke, raising her eyebrows as she glanced at Ron and Harry who were on either side of Hermione. The circle of prefects laughed and drew closer to hear the answer. The boys shifted uncomfortably whilst Hermione looked up at the girl with a did-you-have-to kind of face.

"Both." Hermione let out with a breath she had held since she last spoke. There was a uproar of laughter and sneering.

The prefects were gathered in a circle each sitting with their respective houses. There were four prefects from every house as well as a head boy and head girl, however only the seventh year prefects and the two heads were in the circle, meaning a grand total of ten seventeen year olds.

Harry Potter, the boy who lived, was now not deserving of the title. He had grown to over six foot in height and was no longer of a thin frame, though not to Crabbe and Goyle size and stature he was strong and physically well built. He had, with the last year's events, become a definite sex symbol and had a great fan club. But what had not changed was his embarrassment of the fame and now the new world wide attraction. It was well deserved too. Harry's stylishly un-styled hair was copied by younger boys and it was quite common to see boys wondering through Hogwarts corridors with their hair black and spiked in every direction it possible could be. His body, hair, face and manner all rendered him adequate for the title 'hero' which he had still upheld year after year. His mind and marks did nothing to blemish that.

Ronald Weasley was not to the world-wide recognition standard of Harry. But in Britain he was famous, his daring rescue of the German Minister for Magic's daughter from He Who Must Not Be Named had not only earned him sacks of Galleons but also European fame. Still currently in Germany a flaming red haired person is the height of fashion and called proudly a 'Veaselvy'. His height was also topping six foot but he was coping with it better than Harry, who when he hugged Hermione lifted her off the ground and strangled her without realising. He was Head of Griffindor Quidditch and still a prefect, managing both of them with his school subjects ably.

Hermione Granger, the brainbox of the three, had also had mild acclaim. In photographs she was always the one standing in front of Harry and Ron, her neck the lowest thing that could be seen on her body as the boy's heads nodded about a foot above her. She had not grown since she was in third year, leaving her a grand height of five foot three. Her thin frame recognised her to be physically inferior to Harry and Ron, though not totally helpless. Her hair still made a river of muddy brown down her back and her looks were nothing to the supermodel standard. She was not very curvy but not totally unblessed. With the events of the sixth year and Voldemorte's public display of himself, she had been left with a wide eyed look that was reminiscent of a deer caught in the headlights. The world of books she had lived in had fallen with a blow of the wind and she was left to face reality with only Harry and Ron for her aid.

Hogwarts had lost no time in tightening the defences of the school. Though no attack had been formed against it yet, no one kidded themselves that it was anything but a matter of time. The prefects and new staff had been chosen for this reason. To ally the houses, Dumbledore had chosen Griffindor and Slytherin heads. Seeing as there were no apt females in the Slytherin 7th year, Dumbledore had simply resorted to going down the school. Lithliya Dremae was a Slytherin in the 5th year. A pureblood who had made herself known to the general populous by using Voldemort's name, speaking her mind and not bearing a terrible regard for rules. Sarcastic, she had an intelligence that was rumoured to rival Granger's if only Lithliya only bothered to study for once. She was beautiful, shoulder length pure blonde hair, darker than Malfoy's, with sparkling dark blue eyes, from which the colour shone like a gem. The first Head girl ever to be in 5th year was to all appearances not in the least surprised by her new position and did not seem to be doing a bad job.

The noise quieted and a Ravenclaw prefect took over the inquisition. "When? Why? Together?" She asked giggling at the last suggestion. A snort came from the Slytherin side of the circle.

"No. One question only!" Hermione said quickly trying to cool the colour of her face from a pink down to her normal colour. "Erm, Lithliya!" She pounced on the Head Girl who was leaning back against a chair leg, cocking an eyebrow at her. "I dare you to kiss...... Harry!" Lithliya rolled her eyes in a bored fashion. Next to her Malfoy sat up and looked Hermione up and down.

"You mad woman? Like asking a princess to kiss a frog!" Malfoy spat his words out at Hermione. His voice was outvoted with the curiosity of all the other houses. Even Ron was looking keen. Harry, however, was giving Hermione the evils. But both of the Heads got up walked to the centre of the circle and leant in.

Hermione stopped breathing as their lips met. There was dead silence except the sound of tender kissing. A soft thud then the kissing stopped. Hermione let her breath out. Harry broke apart from the Head girl and looked down at Malfoy who's legs were stretched out in front of him from where he leant back against the other chair leg. Malfoy had kicked the Head Boy. "Cramp." He explained smirking. Lithliya quietly went and sat down, a smirk, like Malfoy's playing on her face.

"Hermione." Lithliya said, stretching out the word, her smirk still obvious from across the room. "Who was the better kisser? Harry or Ron? Or Viktor? Or someone else? Come on, who was the best snog you've ever had?" The females in the room stopped breathing to stare at Hermione open mouthed. Hermione impersonated a fish... she didn't have, have, have to tell the truth did she?

"Isn't there something in the rules about not being able to pass it back to the person you got it from?" Malfoy's lofty voice came across the silenced room. It remained silent, gaping at Hermione awaiting an answer. Even Ron and Harry were awaiting her answer with some form of anticipation.

"I can't believe this." She half said to herself.

"Well you blatantly know exactly who it is so just spit it out!" Cried the irate Pansy.

"Malfoy." Dead silence. Not even a breathe.

The first to gain his voice back, experienced in life changing surprises, was Harry. "What?!?"

"Well it was an accident. We were fighting and it just happened." She explained numbly. Over across the room Lithliya was wiggling an eyebrow suggestively at Draco who scowled at the girl before regaining his ego and balls.

"Hear that Potter? Bested you again." He smirked smugly and Hermione growled at herself for not lying.

"You kissed her?" Pansy's shrill outraged voice passed through the now gentle hubbub of confusion.

"You kissed him?" Ron's voice regaining temporarily its original high pitch. Hermione had only once heard his voice that high since it had broken and that was after Parvati had kicked him in the......

"Yes, okay. It was at the Yule Ball. There was something funny about that night, you said it yourself Harry." Harry, who had no recollection of ever saying that, merely raised an eyebrow. "I was outside, Viktor was with his school for a bit. Bumped into that thing. He called me... something nasty and I tried to slap him but he stopped me and... yeah.. it just happened..." Hermione was bright pink and her gaze was on the carpet. She spun the conversation round quickly as humanly possible.

"Harry, truth or dare." Harry who's ears had turned a little pink, shook his head to clear his thoughts. Not quiet succeeding he answered slowly.


Hermione thought for a second. She needed to get the attention off her and Malfoy. Ugg, even in the same sentence it sounded wrong. "Kiss Ron." The girls screamed. In fact so did the boys.

"Nooo, ahh Hermione, that's foul!" Ron exclaimed looking sick at the mere thought. Harry looked mutually disgusted. Hermione was smiling broadly, but the flush had not left her face.

"I'm not going to watch, that's foul." The male Ravenclaw turned away. So did most of the other boys. Malfoy however stayed where he was, grinning, but not smirking.

"No. There's no way." Harry shook his head in agreement.

"Get on with it." The girls chorused. The two Griffindor friends stood in the centre staring at each other in a new light. Ron's face was bright pink. Realising they were actually going to do it, the remaining male and few of the female watchers turned away. Except Malfoy.

They leaned in... Lips touched. "Ten seconds at least!" The Ravenclaw girl shouted, counting. The boys had their eyes scrunched closed and their movements were mechanical and stiff.

"Ahh that's foul." Malfoy said looking pretty sick. He stood up and walked out, making choking sounds as he did. The kiss had one second left then.......

"Ah, fuck...." Ron said, spitting on the floor. Harry bent over gagging.

"I'd rather face Voldemort than do that again." Harry choked out. Hermione, along with the other girls was on the floor laughing hysterically. Even Lithliya was laughing. The game had ended with a climax that none of them would soon forget.

The prefects broke off into their house groups. Pansy storming off ready to sing to the whole of Slytherin the gay love affair between the two boys, Lithliya winking at Hermione before sliding out the room silently. The Hufflepuffs bounced off, the Ravenclaws waved farewell before walking off down the corridor laughing. The Griffindors were the last to leave, Harry and Ron now unable to look each other in the eye. They were both furious with Hermione for making them go through with it.

"Don't forget we know where you sleep." Ron warned still wiping his mouth as they traipsed out the portrait door into the darkened corridor. The portrait closed with a click behind them, the duelling swordsmen waving a friendly goodbye, before continuing to swordfight one another onto the ground... definitely gay Hermione decided.

"And another thing we ain't forgotten" Harry said in an annoyed quiet voice. It was worn down from choking.

"Haven't, Harry. Another thing we haven't forgotten." Hermione corrected as they reached the Griffindor common room. "Ivorous Spots" she added, as the fat lady waved them in sleepily.

"We haven't forgotten about you and..." He was cut off by the noise from the common room. It appeared that in their absence the lower year prefects hadn't paid attention to the bedtimes imposed... "Everyone!" The whole house stopped, looking at the bedraggled but ever so brave hero. "Bed, now!"

A groan came up and everyone began departing up various staircases. Ginny however, now a fifth year, wormed her way up to them. "What's all this about you two kissing?" She asked Harry and Ron curiously. The whole house froze awaiting Harry and Ron's answer.

Confirming they had kissed by turning bright pink, whilst shouting still for the house to go to bed the boys angrily stormed up to their own dormitory. Hogwarts, Harry thought bitterly, one bloody big rumour mill.

"Harry" Dean stood on the staircase, with Seamus behind. "We have no problem with.... you know... you and Ron. I suppose we should have guessed when you two disappeared off on your own together so much..."


"Ron! Language!" Hermione chided him from the bottom of the staircase. Ron let out a cry of anguish before turning and storming up to their room.

"We kissed," Harry explained slowly and calmly. "On a truth or dare. It was the first time and will be the last." Dean and Seamus nodded before inching their way passed Harry on the staircase.

"I'm sorry Harry, I didn't know it would have this much impact." Hermione said at the bottom of the stairs. She could not see up them but could hear everything.

"It's alright, 'Mione."

"Thanks for being so understanding." She said plaintively.

"You say that now. But you and Malferret is going to be all around the school by the morning."



By morning all students in Hogwarts knew of the Gay kiss of the heroes and the exploits of the Slytherin King and the Cleverest Girl in Hogwarts at the Yule Ball. Even the Professors were hiding smiles and Harry and Ron passed them in the halls.

Hermione was almost glad her secret about kissing Malfoy was out. She now had a reason to be just as irritated at Harry and Ron as they were at her. Her mind about this was changed when she passed the Slytherins for the first time. One of the burly second years stuck out a foot to trip her up. She stumbled on it, but when she turned round he was looking the other way. She turned her back on him and continued walking. Some Slytherin 6th years blew air kisses at her.

Harry and Ron seemed to find this just dessert and did nothing to fend them off. By the end of the day Hermione was thoroughly outraged. The boys departed to do Quidditch practice. Hermione had naturally finished all her homework hours in advance so she was left with nothing to do. Ignoring Ginny and half of Griffindors questions about Malfoy and the kiss, as it had now been dubbed, she walked out into the hallways.

Her feet led her to the Room of Requirement. I need something to do. Something practical. Hermione said to herself. She opened the door.

A long room stretched before her. Wooden floor, with tall walls leading up to a pointed ceiling. Great acoustics, she thought dryly, but I never was very good with instruments. She looked about for an instrument assuming that that was what the room was prepared for her to do. No, no instrument. A Muggle stereo stood on a table though. It had no wire. She walked over to it and switched the On/Off button. The mini screen flashed 'Welcome' then 'CD' repeatedly before continuing on to '1 0.00'.

A base started. The floor seemed to vibrate to the sound. An intertwining melody came on over the top. Hermione looked about waiting for something else to happen. Nothing did. Hermione walked towards the other end of the hall, hoping that being closer might make something appear.

Her foot skidded along the floor. She stopped. The floor was polished so it was very slippery. A bit like ice skating but without the cold. She slid forwards, squealing slightly as she lost balance. Trying to move in time with the base she skated around, laughing.

"Granger," A proud, aristocratic voice from by the door commented. "Is that entirely appropriate behaviour for a deputy head girl?" Malfoy had come to the room of requirement asking for entertainment. Pansy whining in his ear was enough to send any man insane and his great patience for the girl was waning. What he had not expected was for his entertainment to be of the clean and childish kind let alone in the form of a Griffindor.

"Malfoy," She said in a mock high-class voice, "please come down from the clouds, reality wants to speak with you." Malfoy merely raised an eyebrow. Lithliya was wearing off on him.

Hermione overbalanced with a squeal and landed against the wall with a sickening thud. Malfoy froze for half a second before skating over to her, placing his shoes by hers next to the door. Just as he got over to her, her body moved spinning round and pushing his legs from under him. Her overbalanced and landed on her, causing her great pain.

"Get off you great oaf." She said giggling even with his elbow buried deep in her stomach. He rolled away grunting. She lay on the floor gazing up at the ceiling vacantly. She started giggling.

"What are you thinking of?" He asked sneering. "If you think at all that is." He was annoyed to have been lured into her trap, but teasing her was more appealing than retreating to darling Pansy.

"Cinderella." She giggled again.

"French fairytale." Malfoy dismissed it and felt to his rib where he had sustained an injury a while ago that could not be treated by Madame Pomfrey. He needed it to get better before his first Quidditch match against Ravenclaw in a few weeks. His thoughts returned to the fairytale as his companion laughed again. "Impossible idea. Pauper marrying a prince. Never would happen. Even in France. Blood cannot be changed." He scowled.

"Why? Because your blood dictates your intelligence, your physique?" She asked settling her head on a cushion that the room had just produced.

"No." The cushion vibrated with his voice. "Because your blood decides who your family are. Your blood is who your family is. If your family is noble rich, a royal house, you are hardly going to hand down the crown to one whom is married to one of a poor, slobbery family. For starters they might have a disease in their family."

"But it happened." Her voice said over the room, echoing. The music had changed to a soothing melody not far off the titanic theme. Ugg, that movie was sad. "John of Gaunt, third son of Edward III, married Katherine Roet, whose father was a common serf. From them the Royal houses of Tudor, Stuart, Hanover & Windsor are descended."

Malfoy raised an eyebrow. He had not known that. The Royal Family were naturally of little interest to him, their Wizard blood was pure but they were of little magical talents preferring to keep to their own little Muggle followers. They were the ruling Wizards, but their power had faded earlier than it had with the Muggles who still clung to them. "What was the catch?" He asked feeling a little sleepy. Her fault. Using him as a damn pillow.

"Well they got married three years before he died." Malfoy snorted. "No it's not like that. They were lovers for years before that, in between his other wives..." Malfoy snorted again. "She bore him four children. And they were married after being in love all their lives." A sweet story, Draco thought idly, before shifting a bit, wondering vaguely if it was a good idea to fall asleep in here.

Hermione was also feeling sleep coming over her. Her cushion moved. She frowned and raised her head sleepily to look at it. Oh, it was okay, it was just Draco's shoulder. She leant back down and thought idly of Katherine, and her sacrifice of her God, her honour, and her own private life for him. All for a man of pure royal blood...


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