Yesterday, 21st December, at four pm there was an attack upon a Death Eater meeting in Scotland. An estimated 100 students from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry all from Slytherin house invaded an inner circle meeting. Of those students a lucky 39 managed to survive with only minor injuries to report. The remainder is presumed dead. The Death Eaters are thought to have suffered a high loss of high up members leaving behind 17 dead.

A frightened student who took part in the attack described it as 'revenge of our hero' and before he was ushered off reported that 'the attack was led by (Blaise) Zabini. He was mad. We think he loved Malfoy. He swings that way. But Zabini was great, he charged right in and he managed to kill at least six Death Eaters before he got to Him. Then Zabini charged right at him.'

It is presumed that Blaise Zabini was taking revenge for the attack upon his family which left them all dead as well as the attack on Hogwarts which left both elder and younger Malfoy dead. Blaise Zabini joins the 39 students who will be buried before 25th December. Zabini joins the endless list of people who have been killed by You-Know-Who. A list that keeps growing.





Harry Potter, the Boy Who Lived, yesterday killed Voldemort in a battle to the death. The one on one single combat took place in Trafalgar Square with as many as three hundred and fifty Muggles, Witches and wizards killed in the side battle of Death Eaters vs Aurors. Harry Potter is now recovering in St Mungos with friends and family around him. You-Know-Who's body will be cremated next week in a public ceremony.

Celebrations will take place around the globe and have already started in many cities. It is expected that the Minister of Magic, Kingsley Shacklebolt, will make a speech announcing the victory later today. It is expected the Mr Potter should receive an Order of Merlin, First class and some say even a knighthood. It is also expected that today, 10th June, will become a national holiday.

It is hoped this will be the final retribution for a war that is estimated to have ended 3million lives in the UK alone. World Wide the estimates that one in hundred people have been killed in this terrible war.



Harry Potter, the boy who defeated You-Know-Who, was yesterday awarded Order of Merlin, First class. The 17year old boy was smiling and waving as he received this prestigious award from his old Headmaster Albus Dumbledore. His friend Ronald Weasley who was also present at the battle was given an Order of Merlin, Second Class and despite his injury was still smiling merrily. Harry Potter's girlfriend, Lithliya Dremae, who was attacked just before Yule by He Who Must Not Be Named himself recovered enough to be able to fight in the final battle as well. She received an Order of Merlin, Third Class.

When asked, by special reporter, Rita Skeeter, what Harry's future plans were, he nervously said "Auror. I have already been accepted into the Ministry's program." His friend Ronald Weasley, 17 also plans to take this career. As for his future plans with his girlfriend? "No comment." This reporter saw them kissing passionately just after the ceremony finished, so safe to say Harry Potter is truly happy.



Nicodemus Neoptolemus Malfoy

Born to: Draco Malfoy (deceased) and Hermione Adiadne Granger

Hermione Granger, friend of the legendary Harry Potter, Order of Merlin, first class gave birth to a baby boy on Harry Potter's very own birthday, the anniversary of the end of the first war. His name 'Nicodemus' means 'conqueror of people' and was apparently associated with the child's father who died at the hands of one of the Death Eaters. 'Neoptolemus' was the son of the legendary Greek warrior Achilles. He also took part in the Trojan war; well famed for his arrogance and daring. Harry Potter, who was present with Ron Weasley at the birth, chose the middle name. The baby was born prematurely.





MARRIAGE: Ronald Weasley & Luna Lovegood

Famous faces turned out in scores for this wedding with a true romance story to it. The best man Harry Potter was not a bright enough star to turn the heads away from the stunningly happy couple (except perhaps in his speech with the mentioning of a gay kiss). The Maid of Honour Ginny Weasley was happy to disobey family loyalty and warned the bride severely of what she was marrying into. A speech from Hermione Granger and Mr Lovegood completed the evening, which was full of merry faces and dancing. Best of luck to the newly weds and Lithliya Dremae, long time girlfriend of Harry Potter, who caught the bouquet.


In the world between sleeping and awake I can see you. Sometimes you are smiling at me with that real smile you hid so well. You and me are in the Muggle world. You learning how to use a toaster, me trying to explain electricity again to you. And you crashing the car into a brick wall and then discovering you have to have a license.

Sometimes its you watching me as I work. Pointing out my faults in that loud sneering voice of yours. Then me getting so mad that I storm off and your laughter echoes after me.

Sometimes I think of the night we made love. I do not know if they are dreams or remembering. They might well be too sweet and too romantic to be anything but dreams. Your hands on my body. Your skin up against mine. Your hot breath tickling my neck as you plant kisses all over me. Your teasing. Your words of sweet sarcasm.

I know whatever happened that night caused my life to fall apart. Or perhaps it was before that. I know you made my life change. My parents and my friends were my life. And for that short intoxicating bit of time you were my life. And now he is. Little Nico. Your memory lives on through him. I can see it in his eyes. There is a startling lack of Granger DNA in his body. His eyes, his features are all you. By human genetics it's impossible, but wizardry I'm not so sure.

Ron suggested I should strangle him. Inflicting the world with another Malfoy. They both were great about Nico. They were shocked but under the circumstances. Lithliya told me you wanted me to still be friends with them. I don't know whether I believe her or not. The reminder of you being a little demon is just starting to walk about.

I sometimes dream that you're here with us. In our little house, in our little street. Out in the garden where that little apple tree grows. You build him a swing so he can play. You pick an apple high up that he can't reach for him. And as he grows older you only become more proud of him. Because he becomes more like you every day and you are an egotistical bastard.

Sometimes you're in one of your castles. We live in a big mansion stretching over acre after acre. You've brought Nico his own horse and we're all going riding as a family. You canter off, showing off on your tall black stallion. Little Nico tries to follow you but he can't and he falls off. And I tell you and you get all sarky. And then it's Christmas. And I come downstairs in the morning all moody because Nico kept us up all night about Santa, which you keep complaining is a stupid idea. And then we come into the room with the Christmas tree, another stupid Muggle idea, and there's lots of presents. And your sitting there being all horrible and smug and superior and I don't think I can love you any more.

When little Nico gets his letter into Hogwarts and your tired and moody and you tell him he'd better get in Slytherin, and if he takes after his mother he'll be sent off to Potter's never to return. And then I scold you and me and Nico run off to Harry's to have a party for Nico. When we return you've disappeared and I get really worried until you come back two days later as if nothing had happened.

Then I remember of your last night. And those are the most precious time of all. The way you looked with you hair in a little ponytail tied with black ribbon. And the way you spoke, so quietly and so gently to me. I just replay your words in my mind until they lose all meaning. The way we danced in front of everyone. The way you wouldn't let me go. The way I thought I hated you. The way you held me so gently and the way your moods flicked.

And the way you said your final words to me. And the way you looked at me one last time. I think you knew you were going to die. I don't know if you knew about Nico. I didn't tell anybody. But you always knew everything. Your face in the early morning dawn that you never lived to see. Your eyes not seeing me. The way I talked to you for hours. The way I felt I had lost everything. I never knew. They say love is blind. I guess its true in a way.

I looked in a mirror that morning. In the Hospital Wing. To see if I really did look beautiful. You prat. You knew I looked awful. I had a twig in my hair for Merlin's sake.

And then Nico cries. And I wake from the world in between worlds. And that is when I realise that I hardly knew you at all.