A/N: Welcome to the wonderful world of crossovers! Hooray! So, you're probably asking: Why Angel and the League? Why not Angel and the League! For one thing, I think Skinner and Spike would get along famously! [They even have the same fashion sense!] Plus, Mina's a vampire, but not the same as Angel and Spike. I wanted to see how they would react to each other. *evil-type laughter*

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            Rodney Skinner, gentleman thief, was barely able to dodge the oncoming automobile in time. Fortunately for him, it was slower than Nemo's; unfortunately, it was much, much larger. In fact, it was a city bus, but Skinner, having never seen one before, had no way of knowing that. "Holy…!" He cried, leaping out of the middle of the street, and loosing his hat in the process. He moved to retrieve it, only to be seized by Tom Sawyer and hauled onto the sidewalk as another car passed.

            "Do you mind?" Skinner asked, tearing free of Tom's grip and plucking his hat from the gutter. "What the bloody hell was that thing?" the invisible man asked. He moodily dusted off his hat and placed it back on his head.

            Tom shrugged and picked up his Winchester rifle from the ground. He was still trying to figure out where they were. Only a few moments ago, the League had been aboard the Nautilus. The ship had suddenly stopped dead in its tracks, throwing crew, furniture and League everywhere. For some odd reason, the League, and only the League, were thrown from the Nautilus and into this strange place – an unexplainable phenomenon as far as Tom was concerned. Skinner had been the only one unfortunate enough to end up in the middle of the street, while the rest of the League had ended up on the sidewalk all within a block of each other.

            Wilhemina Harker, better known as Mina, followed by Dr. Jekyll and Captain Nemo, soon joined Tom and a rather shaken up Skinner. "What is going on?" Nemo demanded – he did not like the idea of being separated from his crew and his ship. "Where are we?"

            "I have no clue," Tom replied, staring at the sky, looking for answers. "I think we're in America… but it's so different… I haven't been gone that long, have I?" Further thought was cut short by an eruption of malicious-sounding laughter from a nearby alley…

*   *   *

            Angel was up in his office, watching the moonrise over Los Angeles out the large window that consumed the entire wall. Somewhere deep inside the recesses of his soul, he felt the old hero in him long to go out and do some good. 'I am doing good,' he reminded himself. 'From the inside-out…' He cringed. That sounded so corny, even in his own head.


            The vampire glanced over his shoulder at the speaker – it was Fred. Her long brown curls were swept back into a sloppy ponytail and she had a manila file-folder in her hand, which she held out to Angel. "We just received word of some kind of cross-dimensional rift. We know five, for lack of specifics, we'll call them 'life forms,' have come through."

            "Where are they?" Angel asked, leafing through the papers.

            "There should be a map in there somewhere," Fred replied.

            After a little more rummaging, Angel found the aforementioned map. He snatched it from the folder, and tossed the remaining files on his desk. "I'll be back," he said shortly, and went from his office with all speed.

*   *   *

            "That's a nice gun. How 'bout giving it to me?"

            Tom cocked his Winchester rifle. "How 'bout not?" He replied malevolently.

            The seven thugs chuckled. "Don't matter," the ringleader replied calmly. "You can't put up a fight…" his already unhandsome face distorted and changed into the gruesome features of a vampire, "… if you're dead!" The six remaining gang-members also revealed themselves to be vampires.

            Tom couldn't help but chance a glance at Mina. She was staring at the creatures with a look that was somewhere between amazed and disgusted. Suddenly, the lead vampire leapt at Tom, who promptly fired a bullet into his chest. The vampire paused and looked at the bullet wound. He bared his fangs at Tom, obviously ticked-off with him. "Holy sh…" Tom breathed. He immediately fired another shot and another and another. He was buying as much time as he could before the vampire could charge him again. "Mina!" He shouted over the gunshots. "How do you kill a vampire?"

            Mina had barely uttered one syllable when one of the vampire-creeps lunged at her and gripped her shoulders. Mina struggled for freedom, but the vampire held tight. "Ooh," he sneered. "You're feisty, aren't you?" He looked Mina up and down. "I think I might keep you… maybe make you before the night is out…"

            "Too late for that mate…"

            The vampire roared in pain as it fell at Mina's feet in a cloud of dust. Mina just stared in bewilderment at the broken two-by-four hovering in mid-air. "What?" Skinner asked, twirling the two-by-four idly.

            Click… click… Tom had run out of bullets. The now very holy vampire grinned and charged the young American once again, while his five remaining cronies rushed the other League members.

            "Sawyer!" Skinner shouted. He lobbed the broken plank to him. "Aim for the heart!" He cried, dodging a vampire swinging blindly in his general vicinity.

            Tom clocked the oncoming vampire with the butt of his rifle and snatched the makeshift stake just before it hit the ground. "You stupid little…" the vampire began, but Tom didn't give him a chance to finish. He promptly drove the two-by-four into his attacker, reducing him to a pile of dust. He then dusted Mina's attacker. She looked fairly put off with him for coming to her rescue – she could take care of herself. Skinner and Nemo were fairing rather well. Nemo, having already beheaded one vampire, was expertly fending off another, while Skinner had taken to taunting his attacker: "No, no, I'm over here! Ha! Missed me! Oh, I'm over here now!" Jekyll, however, was in a bit of a tight spot. He was armed with the other half of Skinner's two-by-four, and a few phials of his formula, but would much rather keep those as a last resort. The doctor was putting up a good fight, but his inexperience showed – after all, Hyde had done all of the fighting before.

            Suddenly, a man jumped from the rooftop above, stake in hand. He expertly dusted Jekyll's attacker. Whirling around, he staked Skinner's vampire, unknowingly sending Skinner sprawling in the process. Nemo, in the meantime, had beheaded his vampire. "Is that all of them?" The man asked.

            "Do you mind?" Skinner asked, hauling himself off the sidewalk. The stranger stared at the spot form where Skinners voice had come. He looked even more puzzled as he watched Skinner retrieve his coat and hat from the ground. "You can stare all you want," Skinner said, pulling on his coat. "It won't make me any easier to see."

            After the initial shock of seeing – or, in this case, not seeing – Skinner had worn off, the man said, "I'm Angel. You're coming with me."

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