Summary: If Drusilla had died earlier on things would have been a lot different for Spike, Darla and Angelus. For instance the first slayer Spike killed, he killed her to get revenge for his dead lover. In the sixties after Spike killed his second slayer he'd yet to make himself another mate. Spike catches sight of some interesting things in that subway. Men in black suits pulling off feats impossible for even him. What catches Spikes eye, is the girl that these men are chasing. What he's about to discover is something far beyond what even his demented mind could dream up.

Introduction: In one of the earlier versions of the Matrix, there was a hacker by the name of Surge. Surge was an expert on creating viruses, that destroyed computers. There was one he created within himself that he hoped would destroy the Matrix completely. The virus changed him completely altering his appearance, making him stronger and faster. By exchanging his blood with the minds trapped within the Matrix. The virus was diluted, making the host appear nearly human. The virus killed off the person, making the matrix flush their body, but they still lived within it. Even though the Matrix has been remade they couldn't seem to get rid of the Virus. So they created an opposing force to kill off the hosts.

Author's Notes: At first this takes place before any of the Matrix movies, and Just after Spike kills his second slayer, but as time goes on it leads into somewhere between the Matrix and the Matrix: Reloaded. Plus in Buffy time it leads into the second season. After this first story I'm going to make each chapter after that a separate short story which is based on this one. *********************New York City Subway: 1960s**************************

With a satisfied smile, Spike yanked off the dead slayer's leather duster and slipped it on. He pulled the emergency brake and walked off the subway. His platinum hair was spiked up in every direction. His pants were black and faded, his shirt was a black muscle shirt with holes throughout it, but the holes were pinned with safety pins. His eyes were outlined in black eyeliner, and he had a single eyebrow ring, and one earring. Needless to say Spike had succumbed to the punk look of that era. If you weren't punk then you were a flower child, and there was no way in hell you were going to catch Spike in tie-dye.

*************************Same Time****************************************

Slash glanced behind her. Agent Brown was on her tail, she barely had time to catch her breath before she continued running. She ran down the stairs to the Subway station, where she hoped it would be less crowded. Which it was a little, crowded enough for her to hide among the people but not too crowded for her to run. She looked behind her again, Agent Brown was nowhere in sight, but she knew he was there somewhere, so she didn't dare stop running. She turned back around and ran face first into somebody. She landed with a thud on her back, her head hitting the pavement hard. She cursed angrily Ice Pick never would've done that. She looked up from the ground at the guy she'd run into. His hair was the first thing she noticed, it was bright blonde, nearly silver.

Spike smirked down at the odd looking girl. Her long raven was braided back into tiny corn rows which ended at a pony tail, which normally would have fell just above her waist, but at the current time it was splayed out all over the ground. Her aqua eyes were wide in a combination of surprise, embarrassment, fear and anger. She wore tight maroon leather pants, and a black leather halter top which laced down the front. Her boots were heavy and black, and over top the whole outfit she wore a black leather trench coat. Holstered on her thighs were two pistols. Spike offered her hand which she took.

"Sorry," she mumbled quickly and started to run again, but Spike grabbed her by the arm.

"Easy love, Where are you running off to?" he smiled wanly.

She glanced back behind her as Agent Brown came into view, he didn't seem to see her yet. Spike's eyes followed her gaze to the guy in the suit. Spike slammed her into a cement support beam and kissed her roughly, not even being shy about the use of his tongue. She was about to back hand him when he pulled away and turned and watched the agent walk right by them not even giving them a second glance. Spike put one finger to her lips signaling her to be quiet.

Agent Brown walked out of the subway station through the door on the opposite side. His face a nonchalant as ever, but he was really angry that he'd managed to lose an inferior creature.

"See he's gone now," Spike smirked.

"" Slashed stuttered unsure whether she should be anger or grateful but to be honest she was feeling a little of both, he did save her, but at the same time she felt violated.

"No problem love, What's your name?" he asked her.

"It really doesn't matter, but if you must know it's Slash," she told him, "I really have to go now."

Spike now had his back toward her. Spike whirled around his vamp face on, causing her to freeze in place.

"What the hell...?" she started, reaching for her gun.

Spike slammed her back into the support beam this time more brutally than he had the first time, "By the way, the names Spike,"

Spike sank his fangs into her neck, draining her until she was nearly dead, but then stopped, her eyes were halfway open, and she was just barely coherent. Spike shrugged then slit his wrist with his thumb nail.

Pressing his lips to her ear Spike whispered, "What do you say love? Die now or live forever?"

"Wha..." she mumbled, her speech slurred.

"Shhhh," Spike told her offering her his bleeding wrist.

She wasn't quite sure what was happening but on instinct she reached for his wrist, and with the help of Spike, she drank his blood deeply. Then leaned her head back against the support beams, her eyes fell closed, and her heart stopped beating, she officially died.

Agent Brown turned sharply back around hearing voices behind him. The place had emptied quickly, from when he first had entered, so the voices echoed, even though they were barely above a whisper, he recognized the voice he was looking for. He reentered the subway, finding only a Virus infected creature...Agent Brown only assumed he infected the girl with the virus but he didn't actually see the girl. That would be a first and a last if he had anything to say about it. None of the...rebels for lack of a better term...had ever been infected. He'd have to kill her quick, by pulling off her head or ripping out her heart.

Spike's head snapped up, upon hearing the Agent's footsteps coming down the stairs. He picked the girl up and walked onto the train tracks, he glanced quickly around for the drainage grate that lead to the sewer. When he found it, he easily lifted the rusted grate up, and dropped her gently in the shallow hole, he replaced the grate then glanced around to see just how close this penny loafer wearing Nancy boy was. Of course he'd intended on jumping into the sewer next but as he leaned down to lift up the grate again, Agent Brown kicked him in the ribs sending him flying into the wall. Actually imbedding him in it. He flicked his glance around the tracks, not finding the girl. Spike was relieved that he didn't see him shove her into the sewer. Spike ran at him to tackle him, but the Agent back handed him making him another spot in the wall.

"What the bloody hell are you?" he demanded.

"You may call me Agent Brown," he told him simply.

Seeing no sign of the girl, he cracked his neck from to side then adjusted his tie and left the subway.

Spike peeled himself from the wall and rolled himself into the sewer system. He landed into the sewer in a puddle of water, but it seemed Slash was no where in sight.

"Damn," he cursed, But spike really couldn't move right now, he hoped whatever took her wasn't in the mood for seconds.

**********************In Reality on the Nebacunezzer(SP?)*****************

"Ice Pick, We lost Slash," the Operator told him as Ice Pick rushed in.

He examined Slash's body, which was hooked into the Matrix still, and found the two puncture wounds on the side of her neck.

"What happened?" Ice Pick asked though he thought he had an idea.

"I'm not really sure, I only looked away for a second, but when I looked back at the screen, she was dead," he told Ice Pick.

"I guess...she wasn't the one I was looking for..." Ice Pick said with a hint of sadness in his voice.

They'd just freed her recently, this mission wasn't supposed to be hard, all she had to do was meet Blaze on a roof top downtown. Then the Agent showed up. The girl had shown amazing potential, she could have been the One, but not if she's dead. Not only was he wrong, but he'd gotten her killed. *****************Sunnydale, California 1997: Abandoned Factory************

"The Master is dead," One Vampire stated in a loud, as a matter of factly voice, "Someone has to take his place."

The Anointed One sat listening to the pompous vampire speak.

"As long as the Slayer's alive, whoever takes his place will be sharing his grave." The Vampire continued, "Then let the soul who kills her wear his mantle."

"Can you do it?" The Anointed asked impatiently, breaking his silence.

"Yes," He replied, "This weekend, the Night of St. Vigeous...Our power shall be at its peak." He paused, "When I kill her, it'll be the greatest event since the crucifixion."

Then he smirked, "And I should know. I was there."

A new voice entered the room, British, and slightly mocking, "You were there?"

They all turned to look at this newcomer. He was a vampire, in full game face, like all the rest of the vampires in the room, save for the Anointed One.

"Please! If every vampire who said he was at the crucifixion was actually there...It would have been like Woodstock." He paused,

"I oughta rip your throat out." the pompous vampire snarled.

But the Brit continued, "I was actually at Woodstock, that was a weird gig," he smirked, "I fed off a flower person and I spent the next six hours watchin' my hand move."

He punched the pompous vampire in the nose hard knocking him out, "So who do you kill for fun around here?"

"Who are you?" The childlike anointed one asked.

"Spike," he replied, "You're that anointed guy...I've read about you."

He moved toward the boy, but one of his lackeys blocked his path. Spike smiled and walked around him.

"You've got slayer problems. That's a bad piece of luck." He continued, "Do you know what I find works real good with slayers? Killing them."

"Can you?" the anointed asked.

"A lot fast than Nancy boy there." Spike smirked, "Yeah. I did a couple slayer's in my time, I don't like to brag...Who am I kidding I love to brag...There was this one slayer during the Boxer rebellion..."

***************************Same Time************************************** Six motorcycles thundered into Sunnydale, riding over the broken sign. Among them was only one female, though she quickly learned to be like one of the guys. Normally they didn't go out of the way to accompany her on one of her excursions like they had this time. This time was different, she needed the support of her companions.

She'd searched the ends of the earth to find a shaman to read her. One that could tell her who her true Sire was. Now he hadn't told her directly, but he'd told her to go see the Anointed One. He'd told her that she'd know her sire when she saw him, there by letting her know he was a male. She wasn't so sure though, How would she know him? The others had assured that she'd know, that the bond between Sire and fledgling was unmistakable. She had just shrugged, thinking that she'd hit him in the face when she found him. She couldn't even remember anything that happened while she was human, the others wondered if she was suppressing her memory due to the lack of her sire. Or maybe there was something she didn't want to remember, they were unsure, but all they could do is support her.

They parked their bikes outside the abandoned factory. Hook, Slash, Scar, Flare, Sam and their fearless leader Jack.

"Look kid how 'bout we go in first, chat wit the anointed dude and see what's what 'Kay killer?" Jack told Slash.

"Yeah sure," Slash said.

"Ay, How 'bout Flare, and Me go in first?" Asked the young Jamaican guy named Scar.

As the story had been told, Scar got in a mean fight with a slayer, she caught him on the side of his face with a stake, Scaring him permanently.

Flare was a big guy, 6'4" and about 250 pounds, he had bright blond hair with dark orange tips, making his hair look like a fireball.

"Sure..." Jack shrugged knowing there was no point in telling them no, "Sam, Hook stay with Slash out here, we'll be back..."

The three headed for the factory entrance. Jack leaned up against the wall letting the other two go ahead.


(As you remember in this episode Spike's face had returned to normal when Drusilla came out...but since she's dead...he is still in Game face...and he got to thoroughly tell his slayer killing Stories which gave the Vamp. Gang time to arrive)

"Any of you want to test who's got the biggest wrinklies 'round here...step on up." He looked around, all was silent in response, Spike Smiled flashing his fangs.

"Shut da hell up! Pansy boy, we gotta talk to da anointed mon." Scar snapped.

Spike whirled around, "And who might you be?"

"None of your damned business, Brit," Scar growled turning vamp face for a second then his face melded back into his human features, "Damned English Pansy." He muttered.

Spike smiled half way then punched him, and then fight began the two traded blows furiously until the other vampires jumped in, but Flare changed the fight real quick. The large Vampire, knocked two of the Anointed's lackeys to the ground then lifted Spike by his neck.

"Flare...Drop him now!" Jack snapped upon entrance.

He did so literally just releasing him and letting him fall to the floor.

"Who are you people?" The anointed asked.

"The names Jack, and my two over zealous flunkies, are Scar and Flare...they can't help themselves...sorry...You must be the Anointed...and you..." he turned to Spike, "You must be the famous Spike..."

"Oops..." Flare muttered, he hadn't known that this vampire had been THE Spike.

"That would be me..." his tone was angry, he was restraining himself from killing Jack, "Give me one good reason Why I shouldn't tear you into messes."

Slash entered the building cautiously, Sam and Hook refused to go in with her, mainly because Jack told them to stay outside. But Slash never confined herself with his rules, orders or whatever you want to call them. As soon as she entered the building her eyes fell on Spike. She couldn't for the life of her remember his name or how exactly she met him, but like the Shaman told her, she'd know her Sire when she saw him. Slash drew in a silent unneeded breath. For some reason even though she wanted to know who her Sire was, she felt this intense fear of him, she couldn't figure out why, but it didn't really seem to be fear coming directly from him, but just a sense of fear from being around him if that made sense.

Spike's eyes landed on Slash, immediate recognition past through his eyes, and then utter shock. Both of these emotions happening within mere seconds of each other. It was true, though she didn't look exactly the same, her jet black hair fell just past hair shoulders, not to her waist as it had. She also had white streaks in her hair on either side of her face. Her eyes were still that aqua color but they seemed lost. She wore hip hugging black flare jeans, with her thick heavy boots. Her shirt was a black tank-top, just high enough to show of her flat stomach which was pierced with a small diamond which set nicely in her navel. And was just low enough to show off other feminine charms, but not too low so it left some to the imagination. Over top of it all she wore her black trench coat. Her ears were lined with about three silver piercings per ear, on her right ear there was a cartilage piercing which had a chain that attached it to another earring. Around her neck were about five silver necklaces, and on her hands she had one silver ring for each finger including her thumbs. All in all though, it was still Slash.

"Slash," Spike said quietly.

The lost looked never ceased, as she cocked her head to the side like a puppy. She really tried hard to remember him but she drew up a great big blank, and it pissed her off. Jack looked at her intensely, with a questioning look.

She only shook her head..."I still can't remember," she said at almost a whisper. Then she angrily slammed her fist into the frame of the doorway. Not doing much to the metal frame except for denting it but she was sure she broke her hand but the pain didn't seem to register. Jack was at her side before Spike moved two steps in her direction.

"Hey easy...the door didn't do a damned thing to you killer," he said gently earning him a half smile.

"We'll be outside Brit, Come join us when your done..." Jack told Spike leading Slash out by her wrist.

Flare and Scar followed behind him, Scar tossed a glare at Spike, who smiled.

"I'll do your slayer for you," Spike told the Anointed One, backing toward the door, "Just keep your flunkies off my back Deal?"

The Boy nodded and Spike backed out of the factory door. *************************Outside******************************************

"Sam, Hook!" Jack all but growled, "I told you to Stay with Slash...So what the hell are you doing standing here like a couple of idiotic heifers on crack!"

"Why we gotta be all dat?" Hook asked.

Hook was your tall black guy, from the streets vampire. He was from the Bronx. Sometimes he seemed to be too ghetto for his own good, then other times it was amusing. Though he got his Nickname Hook, in sort of the same way Spike got the name Spike. Hook liked to torture and rip apart his victims with meat hooks, he had two he kept sheathed in his leather bikers jacket.

"Hook..." Jack started.

"I'm just sayin' dawg, you told us to stay outside with Slash...Slash wanted to go inside, we told her you said to stay outside...but she went we stayed outside like you said..." Hook said.

"I said, 'Stay with Slash outside', I meant stay with Slash, I could've cared less whether you were inside, outside or Sunbathing you asinine half- wits," Jack snapped.

"That's being repetitive...Asinine and half-wit...means the same thing," the quiet Sam spook up.

He was older that all of them...except Jack...Jack was a hundred and fifteen years old...and Sam was a hundred years old. He was a quiet Cuban vamp. He had an interesting sense of humor but he barely showed it. He was the one interested in all the magic and the occult. He was the one who actually developed the power to mesmerize his victims. He'd actually taught Slash, how to do it to some extent. Most of them called Slash Killer, because Jack had started it, but Sam he called her Boriqua. Mainly because she was half Puerto Rican and half Spaniard. She only really claimed her Puerto Rican half.

"Yes well since obviously you don't pay attention when I tell you things once...maybe I should be repetitive..." Jack replied.

"Jack its okay...I'm fine..." Slash insisted.

Jack ignored her and continued his rant, turning on Flare and Scar.

"And what Do you guys not know the meaning of a civil conversation...What the Hell was that?" Jack demanded running a hand through his spiky black hair.

"Hey, mon, he hit me first..." Scar grumbled.

"Hell I would've hit you too..." Jack snapped.

Slash wandered over to the curb of the small street they'd parked their bikes on. She stared intently at the road, as if it were interesting. She didn't bother looking up when she heard someone sit down next to her. She didn't have to, it was like a scent automatically programmed into her brain, and or maybe a sixth sense programmed into her brain that screamed 'Sire.'

"Interesting bunch..." Spike commented, as the others seemed to preoccupied to notice that Slash had withdrawn from the group, and Spike had joined her.

"Yeah you can say that again...they just need a few minutes to get over it," Slash said without looking at him.

"So what have you been up to love?" Spike asked her.

"Lately?" she shrugged, "Trying to find you...and trying to remember..."

"Remember what..." Spike asked cautiously.

"My entire human life...I don't remember anything from before I woke up dead...which made it a lot harder to find you," she said.

"You don't remember anything..." Spike asked suddenly.

"Nothing..." she confirmed.

"Oh boy..." Spike said realizing now that explaining to her what happened might be harder than he thought.

Slash now looked intently at her broken hand, the cuts and bruises had already started to heal. Spike intertwined his fingers with her broken hand, then press his thumb against the center of her palm causing her to flinch in pain, then she gritted her teeth as he pulled back, setting the bone in her hand. He released her hand and grabbed her chin and turned her face toward his forcing her to look at him. When he let her go, she tried to look away again, but he grabbed her chin again forcing her to look at him. He looked her directly in the eye. Her eyes darted from side to side trying to find something else to look at.

"Hey..." Spike said quietly..."Look at me..."

She felt compelled to do exactly that, though it seemed against her will. She figured it had something to do with the Sire-Fledgling bond. Her hands shook slightly, it was barely noticeable. That fear she'd felt earlier was taking a hold of her again.

"You know I didn't mean to leave you...but I'm glad you're okay..." Spike told her.

She opened her mouth to respond but then closed it again, figuring it better that she didn't.

Spike noticed her hand shaking slightly, and smelled her fear.

"Hey love...what are you scared of?" Spike said gently.

Now the interesting thing here was, that anyone who knew Spike, or had even heard of Spike would think it completely out of character for him to care. In truth though, Spike did have human emotions, strangely enough more than most vampires...but that was what made him dangerous. One of the things anyway, because he had this strange ability to care and not care at the same time. Like he could care less what he did to ninety-nine percent of the human population, the other one percent he actually could find a reason to respect. Strangely enough he found that he respected more humans than he did vampires. Spike was a very different vampire.

"I don't know what your talking about..." Slash muttered her eyes darting away from his again.

"Really?" Spike said...he grabbed a hold of both her wrists, stopping them from shaking...then raised a questioning eyebrow.

Slash took a deep breath, then stood up, pulling away from Spike.

Slash rejoined the group, that was now having a nice chat about one thing or another.

"Ya'll are done now?" Slash asked.

"We were just waiting for you," Sam mumbled in his quiet voice.

"Oh..." Slash said simply.

"Hey Brit, we're going to get a beer...join us..." Jack said.

Slash knew that, that wasn't a friendly offer, but more of a passive demand. Jack didn't trust Spike, plus he was a bit angry that Spike would even think of leaving Slash alone after he sired her. So Jack wanted to get to know him...and most likely demand an explanation. Jack didn't have that little thing that most people like to call tact.

Whether Spike realized this or not was beyond anyone, but Spike had heard the word beer.

"Why the bloody hell not?" Spike shrugged.

"Do you know of a good place?" Flare asked.

"A tolerable place..." Spike said slowly, actually he just wanted to see what this slayer was all about...and he figured he knew where to find her. **************************The Bronze*************************************

The seven surrounded a table, each of the guys with a beer in hand, and Slash with a vodka...she didn't drink beer. Spike carefully watched the slayer who'd moved from the table where she sat to the dance floor. He wanted to see her fight...he had the perfect way to get her to fight.

"I'm going to go grab a bite to eat..." Flare sat getting up, "Anyone coming?"

Spike got up silently to go with him. Everyone else seemed to get along fine with Spike, except Jack. Jack had remained uncharacteristically quiet. Even Scar had gotten over the whole him punching him in the face. But for some reason Jack didn't like him. Slash watched them go for a second. She silently hoped Spike wasn't trying to kill the blond he'd been watching. For some reason she seemed to have this sixth sense, one that most vampires didn't try to develop, some never had to, but this sense screamed 'Slayer!' in her brain. She got up to follow them much to Jack's irritation.

Flare had easily picked his victim and lured her outside. Spike was still inside presumably still looking for his meal.

Spike stood close by the slayer, close enough to where she'd hear him.

"Where's the phone?" he said loudly, "There's some big guy out there trying to bite someone."

Of course everyone ignored him...except the slayer. She'd stopped dancing and rushed out the door. Spike had slipped unnoticed after her.

Slash saw him go out the door after the girl, she was unsure of what had just happened, she figured that he went after her to eat her. Slash also slipped out the door inconspicuously. The slayer had her back turned to her as a crying girl ran past her and into the Bronze. Much to her surprise, Flare and the slayer traded blows. She was about to step in and help when she felt two hands pull her into the shadows. She was about to protest but Spike clamped a hand over her mouth. He turned her around slowly and put a finger to his lips signaling her to be quiet. Slash was about to protest again, but Spike raised an eyebrow, and again that Sire-Fledgling control kicked in and Slash clamped her mouth shut.

"And a stake," the Slayer grunted punching Flare, "Would be nice!"

Her male friend ran back into the club to retrieve the object. The two continued trading blows but it seemed the slayer had the upper hand.

"Spike...Slash...Gimme a hand!" Flare called to them.

Slash started to move toward him again, but Spike grabbed a hold of her arms and held her firmly in place. The boy returned with the stake.

"Buffy!" he called to her tossing the stake end over end.

She caught it. And just as Buffy would've staked him, Spike let Slash go. Slash darted toward Flare rather than Buffy. She pulled him hard to the ground causing the stake to stab at empty air.

"Go..." Slash told the beat up looking Flare, who eagerly scurried back into the club.

"Who the hell are you?" Buffy asked.

Spike stepped out of the shadows, pulling Slash to him.

"Another one...Who are you?" Buffy demanded.

"You'll find out on St. Vigeous day," Spike said slowly.

"What happens then?" Buffy asked.

"I kill you..." Spike said pulling Slash into the shadows and out of the alley.

The other five waited for the two. Jack's face conveyed his outrage. Slash was angry to but not nearly as angry as Jack, and she wasn't about to say anything. Jack on the other hand had a whole lot to say.

"Wanna tell me what that was all about?" Jack demanded, "You could've gotten him killed, just because you want to play games!"

"I didn't get him killed, now Did I mate?" Spike growled.

"No you got him beat into a bloody're right that's much better," Jack said caustically, "And uh...Slash want to tell me why you waited until the last possible minute to help him?"

"He wouldn't let me..." Slash said just as Venomous.

"Oh...well since when has anyone been able to stop you from doing what you want..." Jack asked.

Slash took three steps toward him, until they were about six inches apart, she nearly backhanded him, but she restrained herself.

She only said quietly in a voice only meant for him to hear, "I guess you wouldn't killed your Sire."

Jack for a second looked as if he'd been slapped, he'd probably have preferred if she had hit him. He quickly changed his face back into the one of anger. She pushed passed him and walked away from all of them, but Jack called back over his shoulder, loud enough for all of them to hear, "Maybe not, but mine didn't leave me in a sewer."

She flinched at that, but kept walking. Spike glared at Jack, but moved to follow her. Jack caught him by the arm, vamping out as he did.

"Maybe you should just leave," he growled.

Spike only smirked and roughly pulled away from him then followed after her. *****************************later****************************************

Spike could have caught up with her if he'd wanted to, but instead he followed her for a while to see where she'd go. She didn't seem to realize she was being followed. Spike didn't realize that he too, was being followed. A pair of eyes watched him from behind dark glasses from the roof top of a nearby building. Human eyes, attached to a human. Of course this wasn't a normal human...but then who was nowadays.

Slash had found her way to the docks, outside of a rough looking bar called the Fish Tank. She wondered idly down one pier until she came to the end, and stopped abruptly as if she wasn't expecting the water to be there. That was the time Spike took the time to catch up to her. She was staring intently at the water when Spike approached her from behind. Though she'd heard him before he'd gotten on to the actual pier. Not that he'd been trying to sneak up on her. She didn't turn to face him, she was mad at him. She didn't even bother to speak to him.

"Hey love you okay?" Spike asked cautiously aware that she might possibly be upset with him.

She didn't respond nor did she move at all. Spike moved closer to her and put a hand on her shoulder. She roughly pulled away from him, "Don't," she snapped.

Spike sighed in aggravation, "So are you pissed, because Nancy boy almost but didn't get killed, or about the whole sewer thing..."

"Yes," she said quietly.

"Okay let's start with the easier explanation," Spike paused..."I left you in the sewer because...I was trying to protect you...There was a were running from ran from him right into first I found it a bit armed with guns...running from a guy in a three piece suit...he had a gun too...I thought he'd I turned you...then he came back, so I put you in the drainage hole...and closed the grate back...only for a least I meant it to be...I just wanted to see if he'd seen me...he didn't at least he didn't see me put you in...he probably thought I was trying to leave that way, he kicked me in the ribs...and I hit the wall on the opposite side, no wait, I was in the wall on the opposite side...I tried to tackle him...but I ended up making another hole in the wall. He left...obviously not looking for me...I rolled my way to the sewer...and by that time you were gone," Spike said.

Slash blinked...she couldn't believe she could forget something like that. Being chased by a guy in a three piece suit, was something most people don't do nor something most people would forget.

"What was he?" she asked quietly.

"Hell if I know...but he told me his name was Agent Brown..." Spike told her.

She shrugged, she couldn't remember, so if he was lying she wouldn't remember anyway, "Don't remember..." she said flatly.

"Didn't figure you would..." Spike told her, "And about the slayer thing...If I'm going to kill her, I have to see how she fights now don't I?"

"It was stupid...and reckless...and..."

"She didn't even have a bloody stake..." Spike finished.

"But she got one didn't she?" Slash demanded.

"And then I let you go didn't I?"

She crossed her arms still not facing him, until he gently turned her around to face him.

"Come on can't stay mad at me," Spike said smiling wanly.

Slash turned away from him..."The hell I can't..."

Spike turned her back toward him, and she backhanded him, or rather she tried to but he caught her hand and pulled her to him. Before she could protest, he covered her mouth with his, his tongue slipping into her mouth. Tingles ran down her spine, and much to Spike's satisfaction, when he pulled away Slash was left speechless. She took in several unneeded shaky breaths, she was also shaking a bit too. Spike smiled a bit tracing her jaw line with his thumb, then stopping at her bottom lip. Instead of kissing her on her lips, he trailed kisses down her neck. The two were rudely interrupted by the sound of foot steps on the dock.

Spike slowly turned his head in the direction of the footsteps.

"Sorry..." The guy that stood about ten feet from them said quickly.

"Sought off..." Spike growled.

"Can't do that..." the guy replied quietly, "Your both in danger..."

"What's new?" Spike demanded.

Spike finally released Slash, he took a few steps toward the guy, drawing himself to full height.

The guy rolled his eyes under his dark glasses. He wore a long leather trench coat and his outfit was all black. His dark hair was shaggy, but not real long.

"You don't understand...She might though...They want you dead...because you know...and they want him dead, because he infected you," he explained.

"I know what exactly, I mean I'm sure I do...or used to anyway...but my life is a big blank...I remember no danger here..." Slash said.

"Damn," he cursed.

He pulled a cellphone out of his pocket.

"Morpheus, she doesn't remember, I guess she has some kind of amnesia or something..." he said, he then hung up the phone as another man stepped out of the darkness. He was taller than the first. He was also black and bald.

"Does the name Ice Pick mean anything to you?" the one presumably named Morpheus asked, Slash.

A slight alarm of recognition went through her, but she couldn't bring up a face or what relation the person had to her. She didn't know whether this person was, male, female or even some weird sexless demon. She couldn't even decide what this name or person meant to her, but she knew one thing it rang a bell.

"Nope nothing," Slash told him.

The other guy raised an eyebrow.

"Names...What are they?" Spike demanded getting rather irritated with them.

The other one the shorter one looked as if he was biting back a comment, but smartly he choose to stay silent.

"I am Morpheus and this is Neo..." Morpheus told him patiently.

"Do those name ring any bells love?" Spike asked.

"They wouldn't we have never met her before, but Ice Pick was my teacher, and hers too..." Morpheus said.

"I think its a kind of a post traumatic stress syndrome," said a female voice.

"And this is Trinity," Morpheus said introducing them.

"Well since I haven't been through trauma it can't be POST traumatic anything," Slash said boredly.

Trinity rolled her eyes and continued with her explanation, "I was reading Ice Pick's Journal, it said that she was claustrophobic, but not in the sense of being scared of small places but in the sense of being afraid of boundaries...being said before she was free she was the bungee jumping, Sky diving, Street racing, law breaking type. Because she was trying to find away to break the boundaries, break away from the nagging feeling in the back of her head that was telling her no matter what she did she was still trapped, but when she was freed, that feeling lifted, she could come and go in and out of the Matrix as she pleased, breaking boundaries inside the Matrix that most people scarcely even dreamed of, but when she was infected, she was suddenly trapped inside the Matrix and she couldn't handle that...her subconscious collapsed on her conscious mind making her forget completely about it..."

They all were silent for a second before Slash broke the silence, "That is the biggest bunch of crap I have ever heard...and what virus are we speaking of pink ranger?"

"What you would call actually a virus created to destroy the Matrix..." Morpheus said.

"Oh..." Slash said slowly as if he were insane, "And the matrix would be..."

"Everything around you that you think is real..." Neo said simply.

"Along time ago, humans lived a carefree life, Machines did all the work, until we developed machines with minds of their own, we enslaved them, and they worked for us for sometime, and then..." Slash abruptly cut off Morpheus.

"One said no, and killed their owners, started a revolt, and enslaved us like we did to them?" Slash suggested.

"More or less..." Neo shrugged, "you remembered?"

"No it strangely sounded like 'Planet of the Apes'" She replied rolling her eyes.

Neo was growing impatient thinking that this girl was just faking it, "Look the Agents are after you lead by Agent Brown himself, so if you wanna play games fine, but we don't have time,"

"Agent Brown?" Now he had Spike's attention.

"Okay anyone wanna tell me who the HELL! This Agent Brown is because I'm getting very aggravated trying to remember," Slash snapped, vamping out in obvious frustration.

"Easy love..." Spike warned.

Neo sighed, "You really don't remember do you?"

"No it was a funny joke I played on everyone," she replied in cold voice, glaring at Neo through her predatory golden eyes.

Spike looked at Neo as if he were an idiot, then looked at Morpheus, "Where did you find that stupid git anyway?"

"We don't have time to argue," Trinity snapped, "We have to go, now,"

"Trinity's right," Morpheus said, "The question is are you coming?"

{Author's Note: Okay I'm kind of stumped so if ya'll could give me some suggestions on where the rest of the story should go that'd be great, and I'll combine the best ideas into one if I can but at least if I don't use any of the ideas it'll get me sometimes my brain needs a kick in the ass...:P Thanks}