The Dance

By Trina

"Hey Arnold!" Helga screamed to Arnold.
"Hey Helga, what's up?" Arnold greeted.
"Arnold, were you invited to Rhonda's party??" Helga asked excitedly.
"Yeah, I was, wasn't everybody?" Arnold asked.
"Yeah, but that's not the point. You need a date, do you have a date?" Helga asked Arnold hopefully.
"I haven't thought of it yet. Do you know anyone who'd want to be my date? Maybe Lila would.." Arnold said thoughtfully.
"No, she's already going with someone," Helga lied.
"Oh, well..Do you have a date Helga?" Arnold asked.
"No.." Helga answered happily.
"Oh, well.. Good luck finding one.." Arnold left.
"Hey football head! That was rude! You watch, I'll find the best date ever!" Helga yelled after him, "And yet.. How I wish you'd pick me instead of Lila. Only this one time, it's all I ask my love. I can be kind and girly like Lila! You watch, the party is when you'll find your true feelings for me, and I'll tell you mine.." Helga walked off.

"Hey Arnold, you find a date yet? I reckon you need a date 'fore you can git inta Rhonda's party tamorra," said Stinky.
"I'm sure he's gots lots of girls wanting to go with HIM," Gerald joked.
"Well.. I don't know, there's nobody to choose from!" Arnold said.
"Well.. Helga still doesn't have a date," Sid told Arnold.
Gerald laughed.
"Who are you going with Sid?" Arnold asked.
"I reckon he's going with the new perdy girl, Paige," Stinky said.
"Yeah," Sid said dreamily.
"Well.. I guess I could ask Helga, as friends. I don't think she'll want to though.." Arnold walked off to find Helga.

"Hey Helga!" Arnold yelled over to Helga who was admiring her heart-shaped picture of Arnold.
Helga quickly hid her picture, "What do you want football head?"
"Well, I was going to ask you to be my date to Rhonda's party. Since neither of us have dates and all.." Arnold asked.
"Why would I want to go with you?" Helga asked harshly.
"It was just an idea, sorry for asking Helga," Arnold turned to leave.
"Arnold! Ok, I'll go with you, but only because you insisted!" Helga lied.
"Ok, I'll pick you up before the party then. Bye Helga!" Arnold left.
"Oh," Helga sighed, taking out her picture of Arnold again, "How I knew you'd come to me. And at last, you feel some of the deep emotion I feel for you. I'll be the looker of the party!"

Helga worked day in and day out.. until the next day.. making her perfect outfit.
Arnold came to pick her up 5 minutes early.
"Hello, I'm sorry we don't want any chocolate bars.." Miriam answered the door.
"Actually, I'm here to see Helga, Mrs Pataki," Arnold said.
"Arnold!" Helga called.
"Helga.. you look.. nice.." Arnold trailed.
Helga was wearing her hair up and a nice long, sparkly blue dress, "Yeah you too. Let's go, Bye Miriam."
"Bye dear, have fun wherever you're going," her mother waved.
Helga and Arnold started walking over to the party. On the way over, not much was spoken. Helga and Arnold kept looking at each other.
I can't beleive I'm actually on a date with my beloved Helga thought.
Wow, I didn't think Helga could ever looked this pretty Arnold thought.
When they reached the party, the music was heard through the windows. Arnold knocked on the door.
"Arnold! Helga! Come in!" Rhonda answered the door.
"Hey Rhonda," Arnold greeted.
"You came with her?" Rhonda whispered to Arnold.
"I heard that Rhonda!" Helga yelled.
"It's not what I meant!" Phoebe defended.
"Then what is it you meant, Rhonda?" Helga asked.
"I meant.. I just thought he was gonna come with Lila. Lila didn't have a date so she went with Eugene," Rhonda explained.
"What's wrong with me? Well.. it doesn't matter, come Arnold," Helga pulled Arnold into the party.

"Alright couples! Slow dance time!" Rhonda anounced.
"Hey Helga, want to.." Arnold started.
"Yes....?" Helga responded dreamily.
"Go get some punch?" Arnold finished.
Helga's face went stale, "No! You go get it for me! You're the date!" she sulked.
Arnold left to go get him and Helga punch without a complaint.
Phoebe walked over to Helga, "Hey Helga, why aren't you and Arnold dancing?" she asked.
"He's getting punch," Helga said angry.
"Oh, well.. I'm sure he'll ask you!" Phoebe told her.
"Why aren't you dancing with your date?" Helga asked.
"Stinky? He's not much of a dancer let alone slow dancer. It could ruin me!" Phoebe joked.
"Well then go teach him!" Helga pushed her away and waited for Arnold to return.
Arnold returned shortly with two glasses of punch and Helga decided to be daring.
"Arnold, why aren't we dancing like all the other couples?" Helga asked.
"Well.. we're not really a 'couple'. We're more like freinds!" Arnold said.
Helga's heart sank a few more feet, "But I want to dance!" she whined.
"Alright," Arnold gave in quickly and took her hand. A spark flew between them when his hand touched hers and Helga could tell he felt it too.
Arnold led her by the hand to the center of the dance floor and released her hand. He put his arms around her waist and she put hers around his neck. She quickly found herself resting her head on his shoulder, in a dream.
As the song ended, Helga and Arnold didn't let go, but Helga lifted her head. They leaned in closer and closer and their lips met like Helga only dreamed of.
The whole place grew silent and the music stopped. The couple paused their kiss, but their lips never parted. Most people started cheering, the rest asking, "Why her?" or "Why him?" Lila, however, remained silent and left the room.
"Helga..I'm sorry," Arnold finally said.
"For what, football head?" Helga asked.
"For kissing you. I never thought I'd do that, but someone changed in me when we danced. Helga, I think I like like you," Arnold said.
"Arnold.." Helga hugged him.
"Helga, can I be your boyfriend?" Arnold asked.
"Only if I can be your girlfriend," Helga joked.
They hugged again. Ooos and Ahhs could be heard throughout the party. Arnold and Helga left the party hand in hand.

"And that's where it ends.." Helga sighed.
"That is such a cute dream Helga!" Phoebe told her, "And you know.. Rhonda's having a party soon.." she grinned.
"You think so, Pheebs?" Helga asked.
"I know so."