Impossible Love


Staring out his window in Vale, Isaac stared at the lush green fields of Vale's spring, listening to the chirping of the birds, smelling the sent of freshly baked bread. Had he been anyone else, it would be a terrific spring day.

But he wasn't anyone else.

He was alone.

Moving from the window to the bed, he sat down, staring not into space, but into nothingness, something he did quite often after they parted. It was the only thing that comforted him these days, to stare into the void, to not realish the joys of life that he would have, had she been permitted to stay with him.

But she hadn't.

It had started so simply. It had begun as simply a simple friendship, the kind he shared with Jenna or Garet or Felix. But as they traveled, it transened mere friendship, passed being best friends. Past being boyfriend and girlfriend.

They had become lovers.

But as they realished in thier feelings for each other, it soon soured. It was not their choice, oh far from it! They hadn't wanted it to end, for they were virtually soulmates.

They had returned to her home town, to recieve her grandparent's consent. It had been intended as a simple visit, to tell them the good news.

They were appalled.

For he was not of her clan.

They had been shocked, nay horrified! Their love couldn't be because they weren't in the same clan? He had dismissed it, saying that it wouldn't affect how he felt for her.

But, though her feelings ran deep, she could not abandon her clan. She had no choice in the matter.

He had been devistated, shocked and appalled when she told him. She had to marry one of her element, to keep the blood going. He hadn't wanted to believe her, thinking that it was his imagination.

But she told him that she had no choice.

He had cired that night, staying in the inn, wishing that something would arise to help him, to let their love be. But such hopes had been futile, and he knew it, though he refused to accept it.

She had entered his room, to try to calm him, to help himself cope with the shock. But their efforts to quell their feelings became an expression of love.

The last one they would ever have.

Standing up, he walked towards the window again. He had recieved word a mere three days ago that she and her husband had a child, a blone-haired boy with sky-blue eyes and an alignment to water.

He didn't have to read further to know that it was his child.

A child he would not be permitted to rasie. All because he wasn't of her clan.

He did not know what kept him going. Was it the knowlege of someday meeting his son? Or was it the hope that he would see her again? What was it?

He did not know. He only knew one thing:

He loved her. Clan or not, he loved her.


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