Destiny by Chris Anderson

Disclaimer: This story is based on characters and situations created and owned by Lucasfilm, Ltd. No money is being made and no infringement is intended.

She was born with the talents of her line, and she has always known- has always been told, over and over again- that she is strong in the Force. Even before her birth and that of her twin, there were those who saw her potential and her brother's, and wanted them for their own ends. She might have been born to be anyone's pawn, but for the blood in her veins, the things that make her Skywalker, and Solo, and Jedi.

And it has never been questioned, simply understood, that she would be a Jedi, that she would not make her mother's choice, to set aside the power for other things, another life. That she would, when she was old enough, accept the burdens of her birthright, because the galaxy needed her.

She has known her power every day of her life; every moment, and in every breath, it is there. She has lived with it, felt it permeating everything, every aspect of her life. She's gotten used to it; she's had to. And she could not make the choice her mother made, *because* of that. Leia Organa Solo had set aside, for the most part, her Jedi heritage, and she could do it, because she had not lived with it so deeply as Jaina did, because she had not been born with it, born to it as Jaina was born to it.

The choice, of course, was never much of one at all.

All her life, she has been taught of the will of the Force, with its peculiar brand of destiny. But somehow she has never quite *believed* in destiny- or perhaps it might best be said that she has lost her faith in it, now.

The strictest teachings of the Jedi would tell her that her youngest brother is one with the Force now, not to be pitied or mourned, because he is not really dead, not really gone, any more than the Masters of old are ever really gone.

That is, she thinks, what her Uncle Luke would say, or perhaps even what her master, her Aunt Mara, might tell her, but she hasn't asked them, and she won't.

She knows what she is, what she was born to be, but the idea that it was her little brother's *fate* to die so young, so horribly, makes her want to throw up.