* * *

Seto Kaiba's lips stretched into a twisted, stern grimace. His unnatural ice blue eyes flashed with fury underneath shaggy chestnut bangs. Slender fingers poised in a calm, yet threatening position were woven together tightly. "You mean to say," he said coldly," that my publicity has decreased since the last time I DID something?"

The associate meekly shook her head. "No, Master Kaiba." She looked like a little mouse cornered by a wildcat as she seemed to shrink, her little nose twitching nervously.

His features hardened. "Then what were you implying, Miss Williams?"

"Nothing sir," she mumbled, turning away. "Your evening walk is starting, sir."

He arose, rising to his full height. "Thank you for reminding me. You are excused, Miss Williams. Oh, and we'll talk about this later," he added heatedly as she scurried out.

Mokuba went inside, watching the assistant hurry away. "Hey, big brother, can you walk Killer? I have a lot of homework tonight."

Kaiba sighed. "Mokuba, he's your dog and your responsibility."

"I know, but I really have a truckload of work! Please, Kaiba? PLEA-SE???" He clasped his hands and gave him a begging look.

* * *

He waggled the leash with vigor. "GO . . . GO!"

The little black and brown Chihuahua puppy quivered, it's whole body shaking. Black, beady, bug eyes bulged and it whimpered as it tucked it's tail between two bony legs. Killer indeed! More like Baby! Kaiba sighed, standing near the yipping pup like an idiot. Why wouldn't the dumb dog go ahead do his business? For $1,000—it should know better!

Suddenly, the dog plodded over to one of his fine, leather boot, and lifted its leg. Before he could react- steady stream targeted his ankle and foot, to his despair.

"Aw, %^$@*!!!" he yelled as his sodden pants dripped.

He heard a low, feminine chuckle behind him. "I thought I'd never see the day . . ."

Mai Valentine was charmingly posed with her arms crossed in front of her chest and curvy mouth smirking affectionately. "Hello, Seto," she drawled.

Kaiba shook his leg. "Hello, yourself," he groused.

She opened her purse and handed him a traveler's packet of Kleenexes. "Here you go, hon."

With a slight, appreciative nod, he went and wiped his pant leg thoroughly, stewing in his own embarrassment. He glanced up. "Thanks," he grunted as he balled it up and tossed it into a trashcan.

"No problem." She gave a sideways glance at the dog that concentrated on a butterfly settling on a flower. "Is that . . . yours?"

He pursed his lips into a fine line. "No. It's Mokuba's. Dumb thing." He nudged it with the toe of his shoe, Killer in turn, scampered to Mai, who fondly scratched his head. He rolled onto his back for a belly rub.

She picked him up and they both sat down on a bench.

Kaiba stared straight ahead at the view overlooking the lake. Calm ruffling, waves lapped the shore. The water was glazed orange from the sinking sun and the sky was soft with the hues of dusk, stars slowly awakening. A silhouette of a couple from a few yards was easily seen. They're arms were lovingly wrapped around each other in and they reached for a sweet kiss.

"That's disgusting."

He turned and saw Mai-- her face screwed up revolted distaste as she continued petting the puppy. "Love. Bah!" Her hair swished as she shook her head.

"Why do you say that?" he asked.

She smiled strangely. "It's an emotion. It can be easily changed. Unlike what others say, it's not forever." Her voice turned slightly sad as she lowered her head, concentrating on the little Chihuahua who curled up on her lap.

"You speak like an expert."

She did not chastise him, but gave a little laugh. "You're right, I suppose." Her answer was light, as if she ignored the curt remark.

He looked on, watching the two as they separated. He noticed a gem flashing from the girl's ring finger. Suddenly, his mind buzzed. Didn't his assistant tell him he needed to spice things up? What if a scammed marriage 'did it'? But with who? A little voice in his head scolded him. Mai was sitting right next to him! Could she pull it off?

Kaiba turned. "How are you," he questioned casually," financially, I mean."

Mai lifted her left lip as a half grin. "Funny you asked. I just lost my job and apartment. I went down here to think when I saw you." Her brow raised. "Why do you want to know?"

"Do you want to make some easy money . . .?"

* * *

He finished scribbling the figures down on the napkin. "Ok, if you do all of these things, you'll make the price beside it." Kaiba gave it to her to study.

"Mm . . ."

"So?" he asked anxiously. "Will you do it?"

"Can I keep it?"


"The dress . . . and ring."

"Fine!" he huffed. "What's your answer?"

"I also have a stay in your house, right?"

"Okay! Now what do you say?!"

She widened her grin. "Yes, Seto Kaiba!" she stated dramatically. "I will marry you!"

* * *

Hope you enjoyed it! =)