He smiled at her, making her heart flutter.

It was spring; the pale pink cherry blossoms being in full bloom, the air being fresh, the sound of playing children filling the park. Everything was alive ... she felt alive!

He clasped his hand in hers and pulled her close to him quickly, making her laugh as she fell into his strong arms and cuddled close to his warm chest. He hugged her briefly and kissed her, making her feel like the happiest girl in the world.

Suddenly, winter came with vengeance. The cherry blossoms wilted, died, and fell off. The air was sharp and bitter. Everything was silent. Her heart hammered with terror ... This was too familiar ...

He suddenly pulled back and looked at her coldly. He wasn't the same ... His smiling face had disappeared without a trace as if he had taken off a mask of emotion. Then, he began to drift away, a feminine figure materializing beside him, clinging cruelly onto the arm that once held her.

"Goodbye," he said quietly, his voice void of any feeling as he turned to walk away.

Hot tears sprang, leaking down her numb cheeks. "No!" she cried, chasing after him. "Please, don't go!" She roughly grabbed his free arm and planted a hard kiss on his lips, relishing the empty, sorrowful touch.


Mai awoke, finding her mouth latched heavily on to Seto Kaiba's. His eyes were awake, surprised, and confused, the marble blue searching for an answer in her uncut amethyst. She released the strong hold and slowly withdrew, staring. Her body gave a deep shudder. "Kaiba, I'm sorry ..."

"Mai ... What's wrong?" He seemed less concerned about how she ended up on top of him, kissing him in his sleep and more concerned of the tears that slowly coursing down her face.

"Bad dream," she whispered, standing up and then walking away.


He found in her the kitchen, busily taking out various ingredients and supplies. "Um ... Mai? What are you doing?'

"I'm going to make pancakes." She took out a large mixing bowl and whisk from the cupboard.


"I like to cook when I'm rattled, okay?' she muttered stubbornly, reaching for the flour.

Kaiba was quiet, yet reluctantly took a seat, watching her gather some butter and blueberries. "Is something wrong?"

"No!" Chagrined, she dumped the sugar bag on the table and stomped towards the spice rack and roughly picked up the cinnamon.

"Can I, um, at least help?"

"As you wish," she replied coldly, placing an egg on the table.

"What do you need me to do?" he asked, standing.

She blinked. "Oh, well just measure out a cup of flour, a teaspoon of baking soda, an eighth of a teaspoon of nutmeg and cinnamon... Are you getting this down?"

"Hold on, hold on!" He grabbed the measuring cup, dipped it into the flour bin, and dumped it into the bowl. "How much? Two cups?" He poured another cupful, only this time, carelessly, causing a plume of powdery white everywhere.

She stared at him, her face dusted white slightly. "I said 'one'." Mai sighed. "But it's ok ... as long as we can eat four each ... I hope your hungry!" A shadow of a smile passed across her face quickly. "Now we'll have to double the recipe... Okay, here we go again ... Two teaspoons of baking powder ..."

Mai giggled, loosening up a great amount. 'Kaiba, you look silly!" she chuckled, playfully slapping his shoulder and leaving a white handprint.

"Me? What about you?' he shot back accusingly with a wry smirk.

They were both covered head to toe in flour, as was the kitchen. Bits of batter clung onto their hair and clothing, splotches of blue spotting their faces and vegetable oil sticking to their fingers. The kitchen fared worse with smashed eggs on the floor, yogurt slathered on the table, and milk sopping onto the floor.

"My turn to mix!" whined Mai, as he slowed the whisk down.

"Fine ... here ..."

He watched her as she struggled to stir, her face lit up and cheery. "Pancakes always make me happy!" she declared. "Finished! Wanna lick the spoon?"

"What about salmonella?" he asked, wrinkling his nose as she further pushed the utensil into his face.

"Oh, Kaiba! You're such a worry-wart!" She paused and then said. " You know, I really should give you a nickname. Seto and Kaiba are so ... formal."

"Uh, where's that spoon?" he asked quickly, changing the subject.


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