Chapter 6: Really...? What now?

Princess Sango

"Kagura!" I ran in front of her as Inuyasha took out his sword. "No, don't hurt her!"

They looked at me, shocked. "Kohaku, why do you defend her?" asked Sango.

"Hai, I defend her. She has saved me twice."

They looked at her and she nodded to them. "We're free from Naraku. We're not an outlet anymore. Kohaku has been helping better. He's constructed this kimono you see me wearing."

Inuyasha stared on while I watched my sister. Her eyes stared, but inside she was fighting a battle. "Sister... can Kagura come with us, please?" Everyone flinched. Kagome shook her head. Then I felt Kagura's hand on my shoulder. I turned to face her.

"It's best that I don't stay with them. They'll never trust me like you do." Kagura hugged me, "You stay with your sister. She'll need you. We're free now, come see me later on in life."

I nodded as she released me, "Hai 'kaasan."

Kagura gave me one last hug and smile before walking outside the room. As they started to walk out I gathered some things and placed them in my pack. Later that day the started to look for the village. I started directing them as soon as things got familiar. When we landed for the night, I didn't go to sleep.

As I sat there sewing a new blanket colored blue, Miroku confronted me. "Kohaku, what are you doing?"

"Just sewing a new blanket." My replies have been snappy lately but I don't give. As I crushed the berries, Miroku watched me. "Kuso, what the hell do you want?"

Miroku seemed surprised. "Nothing..."

I started shrinking into the shell again, "Gomen..." He shook his head and kept watching me. A couple hours later Miroku had long been asleep as I tied the finishing knot. I rolled up my old blanket and use dit as a pillow. Then I placed the blanket over me.

Then Kagura's words came back to me. "We're free now, come see me later on in life."

I sighed, "Kaasan, I promise you... I'll come see you day."