Title: Spin

Author: Hawk Clowd

Disclaimer: so far as I know, I own nothing.  Gravitation belongs to Maki Murakami and I wouldn't take it away from her for anything in the world.  I just like to play.  ^_^

Blood Type: I don't care...  Something flammable, like hairspray.  Simply because you could light a match and Ryuichi would be on fire.

Warnings: very few.  Yaoi, which is a fairly obvious one, considering the fandom, random smut, and possible angst.

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Part: One

Author's Notes: I've been reading non-stop Gravitation smut for the past three days and have discovered that at least half of it is chock full of so much sweet and fluff that I end up gagging.  Smut shouldn't be sweet.  *pout*  Anyway, I decided that I would write a bit of anti-sweet smut, simply because I had nothing else to do.  It's probably badly written, but I really don't care very much (I'm not that nice).  Besides, anything that keeps my brain from turning into mashed potatoes is good.


Tatsuha had dreamed up over a thousand and two different ways in which he and Sakuma Ryuichi could meet and become lovers.  He had imagined them meeting after a concert and then making out either back stage or on the floor of a limo.  He had fantasized them meeting at a random nightclub and then going somewhere a little more private in order to indulge themselves.  Heck, he'd even imagined meeting Sakuma Ryuichi in the halls of NG Studio and following him into one of the empty recording rooms.

He had never really expected this.

Desperate to get away from his father and all of his duties at the temple, Tatsuha had managed to connive a way of getting out.  Claiming he had promised to visit a temple in Wakayama over his summer break from school, Tatsuha had bought a train ticket and escaped to his brother's apartment in Tokyo.  It had taking more begging than it was really worth, but Tatsuha had somehow convinced Eiri to let him stay for the summer.  Shuichi had been thrilled when he found out.

Two weeks went by before he walked in on Eiri and Shuichi getting it on in the bedroom, but they had been so involved in their activities that they hadn't even noticed him until it was already over.  Shuichi had started gibbering and blushing like a schoolgirl who had just been caught stealing her teacher's tic-tacs.  Eiri hadn't seemed all that bothered by it, though; he had simply lit a cigarette, located his clothes, and made a snide crack at how Tatsuha must have been desperate for another perversion outlet.  This, of course, had only made Shuichi's gibber louder.

The next time Tatsuha happened to catch them in the act, he decided, he would definitely have to take notes.  Eiri had a very surprising range of tricks and techniques that had never occurred to Tatsuha; learning them could only be beneficial to his own cause.  Unfortunately, it didn't look as though it would happen any time soon; embarrassed at having been caught, Shuichi was denying Eiri of any sex whatsoever while Tatsuha was living in the same house.  This made Eiri unhappy, for obvious reasons, and consequently made living in the house generally unpleasant for Tatsuha.

The first month of Tatsuha's makeshift vacation was nearly over before he finally had the chance to see his idol--his one true God--Sakuma Ryuichi.  He'd met the man in the past, of course, but those meetings had all been far too brief and there had always been other people (Tatsuha secretly referred to them as 'witnesses') around, preventing a successful seduction of that gorgeous, gorgeous man.  It didn't help matters at all that the much-admired singer could rarely remember who Tatsuha was when they did happen to meet, but Tatsuha's hope and dedication never wavered.

Having been ordered to buy his brother more cigarettes, Tatsuha was turning his key in the lock when he heard, through the door, the sound of Shuichi's karaoke machine belting out a mediocre techno beat.  This, of course, was hardly remarkable; when Shuichi was home, the apartment was always full of some sort of noise, whether it was Shuichi's stereo, the television, or Eiri yelling at the top of his lungs.  What was remarkable was the duet accompanying the terrible techno beat.  One of the voices was probably Shuichi's, although Tatsuha wasn't absolutely positive of that.  The other voice...

The other voice was unmistakable.  It was the voice of a man who was more than a man, of a god who walked among his people.  It was the voice of Sakuma Ryuichi.  Tatsuha's biggest crush, his love, his life...

His god.

Tatsuha lingered in the hallway for quite some time, trying to work up the nerve to walk into the apartment, before he burst in through the door.  He walked stiffly and slowly, trying--and failing--to give off an air of sophistication.  In the end, he more resembled a wooden marionette being pulled along by its strings, but how was he to know?

Shedding his shoes in the entrance way, Tatsuha bit his lip and stepped into the room Shuichi and the not-so-mysterious singer were in.  He'd been right about the person's identity, of course--how could he not have been?  In any case, the two singers were doing home-style karaoke to older songs.  At the moment, Shuichi was crooning along to an English Tatsuha didn't recognize.  The other singer--Sakuma Ryuichi himself!--was laughing uproariously and teasing Shuichi about his terrible English.  Tatsuha froze in the doorway, staring.

When Shuichi noticed him, he stopped in the middle of his song and beamed.  "Welcome back, Tatsuha!"

Unable to locate his vocal cords, Tatsuha could only nod mutely.  Undeterred, Shuichi continued onward, intent on making nice.

"You know Tatsuha, don't you, Ryuichi?  And Tatsuha definitely knows you, so..."  The younger pop star shrugged his shoulders and grinned widely, letting his voice trail off.

Sakuma Ryuichi beamed.  "Tatsuha-kun!  I remember you!"  Tatsuha stuttered a brief reply, but it obviously wasn't enough to keep Ryuichi's attention on him for too long.  "Sing with Shuichi and Kumagoro and me!  It'll be fun, na no da!"

"Yeah, sing with us!" Shuichi agreed, grinning.  "I've never heard you sing before!"

Looking from one singer to the other, Tatsuha shrank up into himself.  "I...  I think I'll just listen for a little while.  Is that okay?"

"That's fine," Shuichi confirmed.  "If you get tired of it, though, Yuki's been in his office all day and you're more than welcome to try and drag him out of it so he can eat or sleep or whatever it is he needs to do."

Ryuichi's face split into a smile.  "He should sing with us, too!  I'll go get him!"

"NO!"  Both Shuichi and Tatsuha rushed to stop him.  Shuichi shook his head at the older singer.  "That would be a bad idea," he said decisively.  "And it probably wouldn't be any fun at all."

Tatsuha nodded.  "Besides, Eiri can't carry a tune to save his life."

Shuichi giggled.  "Really?"


The confirmation of this fact immediately started Shuichi in on a fit of uncontrollable laughter, which both Ryuichi and Tatsuha could not help but join.  The ice having finally been broken, the three eventually turned back to the karaoke machine and proceeded to belt out songs, the majority of which were in Japanese now, much to Tatsuha's relief.  After all, of the three of them Ryuichi was the only who had even an elementary-level grasp on the language.  Nearly twenty minutes passed, full of their laughter, singing, and chitchat.  Tatsuha was on top of the world; never before had he spent so much "quality time" with someone as wonderful and heavenly as Sakuma Ryuichi and he was savoring every moment of it.

Eventually, however, they must have gotten too loud, as Eiri suddenly burst out of his study, throwing the door against the wall.  "All of you!" he roared.  "I'm trying to work!  Either shut up or get out!"

As they all gaped, the door slammed shut again.  Ryuichi's eyes welled up.  "Naa, Mister Yuki Eiri man is mean, na no da!"

"It's because he's horny," Tatsuha informed the singer, rolling his eyes.


"He's stuck writing smut novels and he isn't getting any himself," Tatsuha explained, directing his words pointedly at Shuichi, who flushed a bright red.

"That's not my fault!" Shuichi protested weakly.  "I mean, yeah, he's not...  Well, it's no reason to be such a grouch anyway, especially when there's company over!  I mean, lots and lots of people all over the world must be in situations like his and they're not all mean and irritable!"

"All those people don't have the infamous Uesegi libido, either," pointed out Tatsuha.  Shuichi's face pulled into a pout.

"Kuma-chan has an idea, na no da!" Ryuichi suddenly proclaimed, holding up his stuffed bunny.  Tatsuha eyed the thing warily.  "Tatsuha can come stay with me and Kumagoro tonight and Shuichi can make Mister Yuki Eiri man all happy, no da!"

"Eh?" Shuichi questioned, flushing again.  "I don't know if that's a good idea.  Tatsuha can be really really tricky sometimes; he could do bad things to you!"

"Don't talk about me as though I'm not here," Tatsuha mumbled, but no one heard him.

"Kumagoro will protect me, na no da!" Ryuichi exclaimed, beaming.  His bunny waved its pink arms in agreement.  "Pleeeeaaaaase, Shuichi?  Kumagoro wants Tatsuha to come over!  He's fun!"

"Yes, Shuichi, let me stay over!" Tatsuha begged, clinging to Ryuichi's arm.  He felt almost light-headed; his god actually wanted to hang out with him!  Unsupervised!  Things couldn't get better than this!  "I'll be good!  I promise!"

"Demo..." Shuichi seemed torn between protecting Ryuichi and alleviating his lover's bad temper, but as Shuichi looked over his shoulder at Yuki's office, Tatsuha knew that he had won.  "Okay!  It's not my problem anyway...  You guys go and have fun and stuff and I'll...  I'll make Yuki a little less grumpy."

---end part one---