A/N: This is my first time in the Sonic section. After being a Sonic fan for years, I finally decided to write Sonic Fanfiction. If this idea has already been done before, I apologize greatly.

~Raiegki Leviathan


Operation: Seduce Echidna

Chapter One: All I want…is you


"I want that emerald!"

            Rouge slammed her fist into the dirt ground in the dark of the night, venting her frustration into the earth. Another attempt to snatch the Master Emerald was ruined yet again by Knuckles, the devout defender of the gem.

"I hate that stupid echidna!" Rouge screamed, ready to give up on it. She was ready to give up her dream of owning the Master Emerald.

But she couldn't. She had been coveting the jewel for so long, the desire to have it refused to leaver her until the treasure was securely fixed in her hands.

            To calm her self, Rouge knelt over the edge of a nearby pond and splashed her face with water. The heat from her anger died down gradually, and it felt good after an embarrassing retreat. Imagine how good she would feel when she finally got the emerald. She could already see her rival's face.

That blasted echidna was too alert. No matter when or where she tried, Knuckles would always catch her, and force her out.

Surely, there must have been something she could do that she had not yet tried, but what could it be? She had tried pretty much everything in order to get that emerald, and pretty much everything failed. What approach was left that she could use in order to posses the object of her desires?

Rouge paused drenching herself with water and looked down at herself. What kind of treasure hunter doesn't get what she wants? Her reflection, which was distorted by ripples, disgusted her. She wanted to see the greatest treasure hunter of all time. But what she did see was a failure.

However, she refused to give up. Looking back at her reflection once more, as if a sign from above, the perfect plan came to her.

"Foolproof." She grinned. "Absolutely foolproof."


            It was to be a do-nothing day.

            Usually, Knuckles was on the alert for potential threats to the Master Emerald, specifically, a persistent white female bat. But this particular day, he was certain she would not strike. He had thwarted another plot by her to snatch gem just the previous night. Rouge would not attack again for at least a week.

            How ever so wrong he was.

On his way to go do nothing, he saw the impossible.

He saw Rouge, whom he never EVER saw without something devious in mind. He cursed his luck and set out to intercept and oust her from his territory.

            Rouge was not the least bit surprised to see a red echidna with an extremely annoyed look on his face appear in front of her.

            "Rouge. Out. Now." Knuckles growled, even though he knew it was useless. Rouge never did anything he said unless forced.

            "Why Knuckles, so nice to see you." Rouge smirked, eyes narrowing into slits. "I assure you, I am not here to steal the Master Emerald."

            Of course, this was difficult to believe.

            "Are you going to try asking for it nicely?" The echidna inquired, raising an eyebrow out of amusement.

            "Heavens, no." Rouge laughed. "I don't want the Master Emerald."

            "You're very good at faking it." Knuckles remarked. Rouge took it as a compliment. "So, if you have no business here." He pointed at the ground. "I suggest going over there." He pointed in the direction opposite of what the bat was facing. "Way over there." He waved his hand as if he was shooing her away.
            "Sorry to disappoint you, but I do have business here." Rouge crossed her arms defiantly. "And I don't intend to leave until I get what I want."

            Knuckles waited for her to move. To try to fly over him or dart past him or kick dirt in his face. They both stood there for several minutes.

            "Well?" Rouge demanded.

            "Well what?" Knuckles huffed. His already thin patience was about to reach its end.

            "Don't you want to know what I want?"

            "Frankly, no."

            Rouge decided to tell him anyways. It was going to be difficult, but she figured in the end it was going to be all worth it.

            "All I want…is you." On the inside, she was gagging, but she managed to say it.

            Before this had enough time to register into a surprised Knuckles' brain, he found Rouge's arms around his neck and her lips on his. He was stunned, confused, and overwhelmed. In short, in total panic.

            'It will be worth it'. Rouge bitterly continued to tell herself. 'It will be all worth it.'

            And thus, marked the beginning of what was called "Operation: Seduce Echidna".


            Operation: Seduce Echidna (aptly named by Rouge herself) was straightforward. What one would guess upon hearing the name was exactly what the plan was:

            Seduce Knuckles the Echidna to the point where Rouge got him wrapped around her finger. Then go in for the Master Emerald, and make a quick getaway.

            The plan was perfect, according to its creator. Sure, it would sacrifice a lot of her dignity, and she would probably never be able to look Knuckles in the face ever again, (not that she wanted to) she'd be at the top of the treasure hunting food chain, and really, professing false love to someone you absolutely hate then ruining their lives as you triumph didn't sound all that bad. Except for the love part, that is.

            But to Rouge, the pros outweighed the cons.


            Rouge would have killed for a glass of water that very moment.

            The taste of Knuckles the Echidna was absolutely horrifying to her. She had to get rid of it as soon as possible.

            'Stupid echidna. If you weren't so stubborn, I wouldn't have to put both of us through this!'