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Epilogue: One Year Later

Standing in front of the tall mirror, a twenty-one year old woman examined her reflection, grimacing at the sight of her protruding pregnant stomach. Pulling her shirt up slightly, she revealed the bare belly and ran her hands along it. As she looked back up at the mirror, she saw the reflection of her husband come up behind and wrap his arms around her, resting his hands atop hers which were still on her stomach.

"Squall, I'm so fat," Yuffie whined as she once again looked at her reflection. "And I'm ugly and I don't see why you stick around with me being so mood swingy."

Smiling, Squall pushed her long ebony hair away from the back of her neck and placed a light kiss there. "You're not ugly, Yuf. You're beautiful," he whispered, chuckling slightly as he added, "and your mood swings keep me on my toes."

She raised an eyebrow which he saw in her reflection. "What about me being fat? You forgot about that one."

"I... uh... well, Yuffie.... you're pregnant... and.... uh.... that's to be expected," he stammered, hoping she wouldn't hit him as she had been known to do during her pregnancy.

Letting out a resigned sigh, the woman decided to let him get away with that one. "You're lucky I'm too tired to hit you right now," she muttered under her breath as she walked over to the bed to take a nap, smiling as she looked around the room of the house they had bought only months before on the outskirts of Traverse Town.

Squall followed her to the bed, laying down next to her with his head resting on her stomach while he rubbed it with his hand. "I'm just glad your morning sickness is over. I never did like the sound of vomit splashing in the toilet."

Rolling her eyes, Yuffie ran a hand through her husband's tangled mess of russet hair. "You're such a romantic, Squall," she muttered sarcastically. "And be glad you're not at Aerith and Cloud's house. Aerith's been puking up everything for the past two weeks. You got to admit that even I didn't have it that bad."

"I know, and you have no idea how glad I am that you didn't." Turning his head so his mouth was nearly up against her swollen stomach, Squall started talking to the unborn baby. "You know, Kioshi, you have such an amazing mother," he whispered, looking at Yuffie's face out of the corner of his eye. "She's so beautiful and so strong, not physically necessarily, but strong mentally. I mean, look, she puts up with me, doesn't she?"

Listening to him praise her, Yuffie wiped away a few tears from her eyes. "Squall, you're forgetting something, you know." Placing her hands on either side of her stomach, she started speaking to the baby as well. "And you have such a wonderful father, Kioshi. You have no idea how much I love him. And he's so handsome and he's strong, too. And he puts up with all my mood swings and midnight cravings. Like last week, when we made him go to the store at three AM because we wanted pickles and ice cream and there wasn't any in the house. And..." she paused for a moment, wiping away a few more tears, "I just love him so much, Kioshi."

Squall sat up, scooting up the bed to be level with Yuffie's head. "And I love you, Yuffie," he whispered, pulling her into a kiss.

"EWW!! Kissin'" Amaya squealed from their bedroom door, holding a long stick in one hand. "That's gross!"

Smiling against his mouth, Yuffie gently pulled away and beckoned for the child to come to her. "Amaya, what are you doing with a stick in the house?" she asked in exasperation.

The girl waved the stick around defiantly. "It's not a stick, Mommy. It's a gunblade, 'cause I'm gonna be just like daddy."

Squall laughed nervously and gave his wife a sheepish grin. "I've been teaching her a little about fencing," he said in self-defense.

Rubbing the bridge of her nose, Yuffie nodded her head. "That's fine but I don't want her swinging that stick around in the house." She turned to face Amaya and reached out her hand. "Give it here, baby."

"Aw, mommy," the child whined before giving in and handing over the stick. She climbed up on the bed and looked at her mother's belly. "When will Kioshi Rai get here, mommy?" she asked, having already forgotten about the stick.

"Just another couple of months, sweetie." Thank God, she silently added.

"Yay!" Amaya exclaimed. The shrill ring of the telephone in the living room caught there attention and before Squall or Yuffie could respond, Amaya had flown off the bed and ran into the living room, screaming, "I'll get it!"

Shaking his head, Squall looked back over to Yuffie. "I still can't believe we're naming him Kioshi Rai. I mean, come on, Yuf. They mean 'quiet' and 'thunder.' How much bigger of an oxymoron do you want?"

"I like it," Yuffie said adamantly. "By the way, you might want to go get the phone away from Amaya. You know how much she likes to talk on it."

"Yes, I know." He gave her a quick kiss before leaning over and giving her stomach a kiss, jumping back and rubbing his lips when he felt Kioshi kick him. "The little bugger kicked me!" he exclaimed.

"Hm, must be a ninja," Yuffie replied, laughing as Squall walked out of the room and into the living room, leaving her in peace and quiet for her nap. "Yep, a little ninja to add to our happy family," she murmured as she fell asleep.


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