He Ain't Worth Missing

By Comm. Butler

Disclaimer: JAG sadly belongs to DPB and CBS and not to me. Harm and Mac or any of the other characters don't belong to me as well. Also the song He Ain't Worth Missin' belongs to Toby Keith I am just using it for entertainment purposes.

Author's Note: WARNING SEROIUS WEBB BASHING! If you like Webb then DO NOT read this story he comes off pretty bad in this one. When you read you will notice that I REALLY dislike Webb and I am a total Harm and Mac fan. Anyway I will stop my griping and let you read. PS remember that ZULU Time is 5 hours ahead of Romeo Time. This was formatted in separate parts but what the heck I will just give them to you all at once, I must stop talking now so I can continue the next part of Out To Sea.


Mac's Apartment

Georgetown, VA

1115 ZULU

"Sarah don't get up please."

"Webb, I already told you, I have to go in early to work with Harm."

"You would rather spend time shuffling papers with that cocky bastard than here with me?" Webb inquired icily sitting up in bed. Mac was laying out her uniform and picking up their clothes from last night. She immediately dropped the shoe she was holding at Webb's comment.

"What did you just call him?"

"I called him a cocky bastard." Webb stated simply. Mac was suddenly disgusted by him and to think that they had shared a bed the night before well, the thought made her a little dizzy.

"Webb I have heard you say some mean things about him but that was downright cruel. Now I have tried to ignore the insults about Harm but that was too much! For God's sake! He saved your life in Paraguay and you can't at least give him the courtesy to not insult him?"

"No Sarah he didn't save me he doesn't give a rat's ass about me, but he saved me so that you wouldn't feel guilty and besides he never wants to hurt you, because he is in love with you."

"That's not true! He doesn't love me and he respects you!" Mac protested loudly, but in her head she heard Harm's words form her engagement party three years ago, 'He was right there are people in love with you.' Mac could still feel his lips on hers even though it was so long ago. Webb meanwhile was silent for a minute as he climbed out of bed and began putting his clothes back on.

"You love him don't you Sarah?"

"Excuse me?"

"You love Harm don't you? Why else would you jump to his defense every time."

"Harm is my best friend and the last time I checked friends don't let people insult their friends about their actions when they cannot defend themselves!" Mac yelled at him angrily. Webb continued calmly,

"You still didn't answer my question. Do you love him?"

"That is no concern of yours!" Mac snarled walking over to him while wrapping a light robe around her.

"I knew it, I can see it in your eyes, you love him and I always knew you did. I knew from the start that as long as he was around we didn't have a chance and we won't ever because of that stupid Navy jackass that you call a best friend." Webb remarked harshly. Mac was stunned and as the words sunk in her eyes began to blur with tears of sadness and rage.

"DAMN YOU!" She cursed and grabbing him by the collar threw him up against the wall.

"Don't you ever, ever say something like that again or I will personally kick your ass all the way to the frickin' moon!" She snarled.

"Is that a threat?" Mac was now inches from his face and Webb's feet were barely brushing the ground as she pinned him against the drywall.

"You are sick, and to think I thought I loved you!" She laughed bitterly and continued, "Now I want to tell you something, Clayton. I never want to see you anywhere near me again and if I do you are going to be in serious trouble. I have had enough of you gallivanting around the world and getting drunk and just wanting sex from me and I am extremely tired of you insulting people that mean an awful lot to me. Furthermore no one and I repeat no one talks trash about my Flyboy and gets away with it. Now I am going to let you go and you have five minutes to get you and your things out of my apartment. Understood?"

"Yes ma'am." Webb hissed back. Mac let go of him and he silently gathered the remainder of his things and stepped out to the door.

"You and Harm will never be happy and I hope you know that you can't live on love no matter how much you two will surely try." Webb stated then opening the door stepped out. As soon as the door slammed behind him Mac collapsed on the couch and began to cry. This was not how she wanted to start her day and yet at the same time she was glad he was no longer just another hurtle to jump over in her life.

Part II

Jag HQ

Falls Church, VA

1645 ZULU

"Hey Mac where were you this morning? I was worried that something had happened and the Admiral threw a fit why you weren't at the staff briefing this morning." Harm asked eagerly joining Mac in the bullpen.

"I'm sorry Harm I had some business to take care of this morning." She remarked coolly opening her office door. She set her things down and turned on her computer. Harm sat down in the chair on the other side of her desk and looked at her. She didn't seem as happy today and her makeup wasn't on and under closer inspection it looked like she had been crying. He cleared his throat and inquired,

"So how was your date with Webb last night?" Harm hated saying that sentence it tasted bad on his tongue, but he had to at least to pretend to respect her choice of men. Harm did have to give Webb his props though he had 'won' Mac and there wasn't much Harm could do about it except try to think of a way to get her back.

"Oh same old, same old. We went to dinner and then went back to my apartment then he got drunk and we had sex and that was all there was to it." Mac shrugged. Harm stared at her. Something was wrong, she was being too blunt. She never talked about Webb so casually and she sure didn't share her sex exploits with him.

"Mac are you feeling okay?" He asked gently.

"Well does it look like I feel fine?" She asked.

"Well no not really. Is there something you want to tell me?"

"What do you want me to tell you? That I am fine that my life is perfect, and that I am having the time of my life?" Mac sighed standing and looked out the window. Harm came up behind her and put his hands on her shoulders.

"I want you to tell me what is wrong so that I can try and make it better. I hate to see you hurting."

"How can you help the fact that it's…it's over." Mac said turning and looking up at him tears were running down her face and she couldn't stop them. Harm looked at her confused and then it hit him and his heart fluttered and then sank quickly with the reality.

"It's over between you and Webb?" Mac nodded and pressed her face into his chest her shoulders shaking as she sobbed openly. Harm wrapped his arms around her and rocked her back and forth trying to soothe her. After a while she lifted her head and muttered,

"Oh man I'm crying again and over something so petty as a guy too."

"Hey it's okay to cry. It's tough to break up with someone you care about, believe me, I speak from experience." Harm said taking a thumb and wiping away her tears gently. His hand stayed on her cheek for a minute before it returned to around her waist. They stood there until Petty Officer Coates opened the door.

"Umm, Sir, Ma'am,"

"Can it wait Coates?" Harm asked irritated.

"No Sir the Admiral wants to see you. I didn't mean to bother you, sorry." Jennifer mumbled nervously.

"Thank you Coates." Mac said softly pulling out of Harm's embrace. She straightened her uniform jacket and ran a hand through her hair.

"Well we need to see the Admiral, but we will finish this later, I promise." Harm said and they walked out of the office side by side.

Admiral's Office

"Well Colonel, it's nice to see that you decided to show up today. Might I ask what caused you to be late?"

"I would prefer not to discuss it. It is rather personal, sir." Mac stated keeping her eyes staring straight ahead.

"I see. Now Commander what is the status on the Harrell case?"

"Well Sir the major is willing to serve two years in the brig and have a dishonorable discharge and we think that the prosecution will gladly take the offer." Harm replied confidently.

"Well with that being the case then you two will be getting six new cases Coates will have them brought to your desks. That's all dismissed." The Admiral said returning to his paperwork. Harm and Mac left and after Harm gave Mac's hand a reassuring squeeze and made his way to his office while Mac went to hers.

20 minutes later

"Coates this is not six cases this is like forty." Harm said when Coates placed a stack of files that must have been a foot tall on his already full desk.

"Sir this is not only the case briefs, but also the service records of suspects and any related personnel, and lists of possible witnesses, along with copies of articles of the UCMJ that may prove useful and the evidence catalogs."

"My god Coates! How did you do all of this?"

"Well with Bud and Mattie's help it was easy." Coates shrugged.

"You had Mattie look up articles and witnesses?"

"She was happy to do it sir and she is a queen when it comes to research on the 'net." Coates admitted.

"Well I guess that was the reason the phone bill was through the roof."

"Actually that was her talking to her boyfriend."

"She has one?" Harm asked. He was a little concerned that he didn't know, but Mattie probably had her reasons and he didn't want to be too controlling.

"Uhh Coates since I will be doing these tonight could you…"

"Don't worry sir Chad is coming over tonight they have to prepare for a test and I will be supervising so don't worry."


"Her boyfriend."

"Oh right. Thanks Coates." Harm said and Jen left leaving Harm to a pile of cases.

Oh well I had better get started. I'll compare notes with Mac tonight. He thought as he started at the top of the pile.

Part III

Harm's Apartment

North of Union Station

2325 ZULU

Mac stood outside the door listening to Harm's guitar on the other side. She was late and he must have just been waiting on her. She almost opened the door but stopped when he started to sing softly.

"He's flyin' high tonight,

He's got a brand new lover,

Here you come a runnin'

You're lookin' for some cover,

I know you're sad and lonely,

I know your feelin' blue,

You miss him so much,

Won't let me get to close to you,

Oh he ain't worth missin',

Oh we should be kissin',

Stop all this foolish wishin',

He ain't worth missin',

I know your head is turnin',

I know your heart is burnin',

Girl you've got to listen,

Don't you know he ain't worth missin'…"

Mac quietly opened the door and stood just inside listening to him. He didn't even hear her and just kept singing as he looked out the windows of his living room where the rain was pouring down.

"You know I'm here to save you,

But you ain't through cryin' yet,

Look at your pretty face all red and soakin' wet,

I'm gonna make him just a memory,

Come on baby, let's get started,

The first thing you've got to see,"

Silent tears were running down her face as the lyrics hit her like a ton of bricks. The words Harm was singing, even though he didn't really write seemed to fit as if he had written them.

"Oh he ain't worth missin',

Oh we should be kissin',

Stop all this foolish wishin',

He ain't worth missin',

I know your head is turnin',

I know your heart is burnin',

Girl you've got to listen,

Don't you know he ain't worth missin',"

"If you need someone to hold you,

Someone to ease your pain,

Well I'll be holdin' steady,

Girl when you get ready,

I'm gonna to show you love is a good thing,

Yeah love is a good thing…

Oh he ain't worth missin',

Oh we should be kissin'…" Harm turned to see Mac soaking wet and smiling and immediately set his guitar down and went to her side.

"Hey how long have you been standing there?"

"Oh since the first chorus."

"Why didn't you say something?"

"I like to listen to your voice even if you are singing." Mac admitted with a soft giggle as Harm helped her out of her wet coat.

"I was that bad?"

"No you were very good. I really liked it a lot." Mac said shivering slightly.

"Well that's good to know. Here have a seat and there's a blanket if you want it." Harm gestured to the couch and Mac sat down and immediately wrapped herself up in the fleece blanket while Harm heated up the Chinese he ordered over an hour ago. After the microwave beeped Harm brought over two plates and two wineglasses.

"Harm, I don't drink remember."

"I know but I am a little short on glasses right now." Harm said returning with two bottles of mineral water. Mac opened hers and poured it into the glass and picking up a fork (how do you cut chicken with chopsticks?) began to eat her teriyaki chicken. Harm opened a case file and started reading while he ate his Japanese pan-fried noodles.

"He was right you know." Mac said after a while.

"Who?" Harm asked looking up from the file and at Mac.

"Toby Keith, he's the one who sings the song that you were singing earlier."

"I didn't know you listened to country and how was he right?"

"That he isn't worth missing."

"Who isn't?"

"Webb, I have been thinking about it and I decided that I was really dating him out of pity, isn't that stupid?" Mac said smiling at Harm.

"Not really. Was Toby Keith right about anything else?" Harm inquired.

"Well since you were singing it I guess you were right, about a lot of things basically the whole song talked about things that you have done for me or will do if I needed you too. Like when it said you were here to save me and you have been there all along and through all of my failed relationships." Mac said scooting up close to him. Harm put an arm around her shoulders, before answering,

"Mac you know that I will always be there for you and to catch you when you fall."



"Have I told you I love you?"

"No…What?!" Harm asked shocked. Mac sat up and looked at him with wide eyes and she clapped a hand over mouth.

"Oh my gosh! I'm sorry. I know we've been through this before, it just slipped out and I…I…" Mac stammered. Harm put a finger to her lips, which silenced her instantly.

"Shhh, it's okay, you did nothing wrong and besides I love you too." Harm stated softly moving his finger and giving her a light kiss on the lips. Mac blushed a bright crimson color and giggled.

"I can't believe this! What a day! First I break up with a boyfriend and spend the morning crying my eyes out and then I get a huge stack of cases to work through and then tonight come to my partner's apartment dripping wet to get a serenade, a kiss and confession out of him!" Mac laughed and Harm chuckled, before remarking,

"Well your days get pretty strange when you know Harmon Rabb Jr."

"I hope they stay strange and the days will always have a happy endings and now the pieces of my life are all put together and they create a beautiful picture, but there is one last piece missing."

"What piece could possibly be missing?"

"Well let's just say that little AJ's fifth birthday is in a few weeks we still have a deal don't we?"

"Yes we do and I intend on keeping my half of it." Harm said leaning in and giving Mac a passionate kiss, which quickly deepened as they forgot about the pile of files spread out on the coffee table and all the other problems in their lives and focused on each other.

The End