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Naval Academy Chapel

Annapolis, Maryland

August 8th

Ten minutes before the wedding

"Harriet I can't do this! I just can't!" Mac said sitting down.

"Ma'am of course you can. You love the Commander and he loves you." Harriet said sitting down next to her and taking a hold of her hand.

"But Harriet what if this is a mistake? I don't want to hurt Harm or disappoint him, what if I screw this up just like everything else? It's the Mackenzie Curse." Mac said standing again and pacing.

"Come on ma'am this isn't like you." Harriet said pushing her to the door. Mac grabbed the doorframe to stop her.

"NO! You can't make me!" Mac said holding the doorframe tighter. Harriet rolled her eyes. She was going to have to do this the drill sergeant way.

"COLONEL MACKENZIE! WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM! I WANT YOU TO GET OUT THERE AND MARRY THE COMMANDER, UNDERSTOOD? THIS IS NO TIME TO GET COLD FEET GOT ME? NOW STRAIGHTEN UP YOU ARE A MARINE!" By now Mac was standing ramrod straight and wide eyed. She had never seen Harriet act this way and for a minute the lieutenant was scaring her slightly. Harriet's face quickly softened and she lowered her voice.

"Now there is a certain groom out there who will be very disappointed if you aren't out there and we don't want that okay? Now let's move it ma'am." Harriet ordered and then placed Mac's bouquet in her hands.

"Thank you Harriet what would I ever do without you?"

"I think you would survive, but without the Commander you would be a train wreck. Now knock 'em dead, ma'am." Harriet said adjusting Mac's veil. Then picking up her train they headed out the end of the aisle, where the Admiral was waiting to walk her down.

Harm stood at the altar looking down the aisle waiting nervously for Mac. The suspense was killing him, it was finally happening and suddenly for the first time in his life he was actually having butterflies in his stomach. He tried to wait patiently as the bridal party came down the aisle and finally when he thought he would burst from nerves the music started, and when Mac appeared at the far end, his breath was taken away. She was gorgeous. The sunlight filtered in form the stained glass windows and made her looked like an angel, everything was perfect and there she was.

It seemed like an eternity until Mac reached the altar, but when she did all her fears had vanished as she looked at Harm standing there in his dress whites with a loving smile on his face. The Admiral gave her away and she joined hands with Harm and the chaplain began,

"We are gathered here today to join these two people in holy matrimony…" Then minister said all the things required and then the part came for the 'I do's'.

"Commander Harmon Rabb do you take this woman to be your lawfully wedded wife, through sickness and in health…" Harm barely listened to the minister as he spoke. He was still hypnotized by Mac. From here he could tell that Mac was beginning to show from her pregnancy, but right now that didn't matter.

"…For as long as you both shall live."

"I do." Harm stated confidently smiling and gave her hand a squeeze. The chaplain then turned to Mac.

"Do you Lt. Colonel Sarah Mackenzie take this man to be your lawfully wedded wife, through sickness and in health…" Mac barely listened to the chaplain as he spoke. She was trying to hard to hold back the tears of happiness that were overwhelming her. Damn hormones! This was finally happening after so many years of waiting she was finally marrying the man she loved more than anything else.

"… For as long as you both shall live." The minister asked and Mac's eyes shifted quickly as something in the back of the chapel caught her eye. Standing in the back much to her surprise was Webb. She had no idea how he got here and then smiling she looked back up at Harm whose eyes seemed to had spotted what she had.

"I do." She stated smiling brightly.

"The rings please?" The chaplain asked and little AJ handed him the rings.

"For this part of the ceremony the couple has chosen to write their own vows, Commander start us off?" Harm nodded and taking the ring for the chaplain he began,

"Mac, you are the best thing that has ever happened to me including getting my pilots wings. We met in a rose garden eight years ago I fell in love with you right for the get go. You have been there for me always and for that I love too much to ever be able to express in words. I hope that you accept this ring with my love and my apology for not pulling my head out of my six sooner to see how much you mean to me and breaking your heart all of those times and you always forgave me and for that I thank you."

Harm slipped the ring on to Mac's slender finger and then Mac realized it was her turn.

"Harm, at first I was fretting about what to say at this moment and now I know that I am here I can be honest. You are the only man I would ever want to spend my life with, and the only one I love with all my heart. At first I doubted this moment but not anymore. You have seen me at my worst and never thought any less of me for it. You have shown the strength and courage when I couldn't and you have been and will continue to be that strong shoulder to cry on if I ever need one. I hope you will accept this ring as a promise of my love for you and everything you will do and I will be the proudest marine in the whole corps to have a Squid for a husband."

Mac slipped the ring on his finger and smiled, looking up at him where she saw a tear start down his face which she reached up and wiped away. Everyone in the chapel smiled and back in the back Webb stepped out silently.

"By the power vested in me, by the United States Navy and the state of Maryland I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride Commander."

"Thank you sir." Harm then lifted Mac veil carefully and then taking her in his arms lifted her face to meet his and when their lips met there was relief and joy that shot between them. Harm being the Flyboy that he is couldn't resist showing off and bit and still kissing her dipped her backward. This caused Mac to wrap her arms around his neck in surprise. Everyone in attendance was surprised as well and Mattie and Chloe giggled. When they broke apart and straighten up the chaplain cleared his throat.

"Presenting for the first time to all of you Mr. and Mrs. Commander Harmon Rabb Jr." The music began again and arms in arm harm and Mac took the walk out of the chapel to the waiting honor guard. They walked through the arch of swords with the Admiral at the end. Mac jumped when he smacked her rear lightly with his sword.

"GO NAVY!" He said loudly in his deep voice. Mac looked at Harm and they shared a smile, which held so much promise for the future.

Address 4347

Alexandria, Virginia

0215 ZULU

"Harm why are we stopping here?" Mac asked looking out the window at the beautiful house in front of them.

"Go ahead get out." Harm said opening the door of the limo and helping out and helping her out.

"Harm is there something you aren't telling me?"

"Yes, now come on." Harm said taking her hand and leading her up the front steps and onto the porch. He pulled a key out of his pocket and handed it to her.

"Go ahead open the door, it won't bite." Mac put the key in the lock but as she turned it she asked again,

"Harm why are we here." Mac pushed open the door and was about to step in when Harm stopped her.

"Just a minute I have to carry you over the threshold, it is only proper." Harm said picking her up and stepping inside onto the hardwood floor.

"Welcome to our new home Mrs. Rabb." Harm asked setting her down and letting her walk into the empty living room she immediately walked over to the fireplace, her heels clicking and echoing across the floor.

"Well what do you think?"

Mac was speechless, a house and it was all theirs. She finally found her voice.

"Oh Harm it's beautiful, but I think it needs furniture before we can move in." She stated smiling and walking back over to him.

"I think that can be arranged, but just so you know it has four bedrooms, not including ours, which is furnished." Harm cocking an eyebrow. Mac smiled and commented,

"Well aren't you going to sweep me off my feet and carry me up to the bed chamber just like in a fairy tale?"

"The knight in shining armor does all the work, doesn't he?" Harm asked.

"Well he did have to save the princess after all and my feet hurt from dancing so much."

"Well my princess is perfectly capable of saving herself, but as you wish…" Harm picked Mac up again and carried her up the stairs and down the hall to the master bedroom. Where he closed the door with his foot and left the outside world behind and focus on each other.


Six and a half months later


1821 ZULU

"So as you see your honors a person's character at one time is no excuse for this man's behavior, towards his fellow officers and his…" Mac paused and winced slightly before continuing. "His family so I hope that you decide to find the major and guilty on all charges and specifications. Thank you for you time." Mac finished and sat down carefully. Her feet hurt and she was starting to have short bursts of pain in her stomach, which was large now with the baby. She brushed the pains off as false labor which she had three times already, this one was as stubborn as Harm and it was two weeks late. She listened as Harm made his closing argument and she was relieved when the judge banged her gavel and adjourned court. Mac quickly packed her things and left and made a beeline for the break room.

"Hey, Sweetie are you okay? I saw in there and you kept flinching." Harm asked concerned. Mac replied form the fridge,

"Yeah I'm just peachy, my feet that I can't see hurt and I feel like I am carrying around a bowling ball. That kicks like crazy, mind you. Why any woman would ever want to be pregnant is beyond me. I'm not even sure why I wanted to be." Mac said pulling out a small carton of Ben and Jerry's from the freezer.

"Hey I would help you but I can't just take the baby and put it in me instead, but I can say that you look extremely sexy in your maternity uniform."

"Thank you but you're not being honest, now leave me to have some quality time with Ben and Jerr…Ouch!… cut it out little stubborn one. You are just like your daddy… Ouch!" Mac cooed rubbing her stomach.

"Mac are you sure you're okay? Why don't you sit down." Harm fretted and Mac rolled her eyes and snapped,

"Where am I supposed to sit on the counter…ouch!" Mac said.

"Ya know I am beginning to think this little baby of ours is stubborn like her mother. Are you sure it's not time?"

"Harm we are not driving to the hospital for the third time just for them to say that I am fine and it's just false labor. Besides court in back in session in thirty five minutes." Mac stated defiantly grabbing a spoon and opening the ice-cream carton, and when she did she cursed.

"Damn it! Who ate it?" The carton was empty, but suddenly her problem worsened.

"Ate what Colonel?" The Admiral said walking in.

"My Ben and Jerry's I left it in the freezer and after someone ate it they put the empty carton back into the freezer, what kind of idiot would…"

"Colonel I apologize for eating it I didn't know it was yours." The Admiral said pulling some Cheerios out of the cabinet and turning to leave, "By the way Colonel your looking a little flushed are you sure not having the baby?"

"Why does everyone keep thinking that I am going to drop it any second? God at least someone would think that I would know…OUCH!" Mac cried and the Admiral turned and rushed to her side.

"Colonel you are going to the hospital. The Commander will drive you and the rest will met you when we can.

"But sir…court."

"COLONEL! This baby is your main priority right now I will tell the judge to wait to announce the verdict. Now go!" The Admiral ordered and Mac didn't argue she just let Harm help her out as the pains hit her again.

Bethseda Naval Hospital

Maternity Ward Room 211

Two hours later

"Let me guess, Lieutenant, false labor?" Mac asked rolling her eyes.

"Uh no not today ma'am you are five and a half centimeters dilated, this baby should be here by midnight." The lieutenant said straightening up. "I'll leave you two alone now." Then she walked out, closing the room door behind her.

"Harm it's finally happening. I can't believe it." Mac squeaked. Harm smiled down at her.

"Yeah we've been waiting for far too long, and just think in less then twenty four hours you will be able to see you're feet again."

"Ha-ha very funny Harm…ohhh that hurts." Mac stated.

"Man I'm bushed, tell you what since it's going to be a while, why don't you call the Admiral and tell him, and your mom will probably want to know too and maybe get some real food I hear the stuff here is pretty bad. Oh and Mattie…" Mac suggested. Harm kissed her forehead lightly and replied.

"You rest, you'll need your energy later. I'll call the Admiral, we will wait on calling mom until I can tell her whether she has a grandson or granddaughter. I'll do what I can for food and as for Mattie I'll call her school and tell them and then Harriet can pick her up and bring her here." Harm reassured her and then left Mac to sleep.

Bethseda Naval Hospital

0725 ZULU

10 hours later

"God it hurts! Can't you give me an epidural or something?" Mac pleaded to the lieutenant.

"Sorry ma'am, but your medical records say that you can't because of an allergy to it." She shrugged. Mac pulled the woman down by her collar and she spoke icily.

"Have you ever had a baby lieutenant? Well if you haven't let tell you it is painful right now and I think I am going to scream. This is worse then getting shot, so please get me some painkillers or something, or I'll have you court martialed!" Mac let go of the woman's collar, which she straightened and replied confidently.

"Ma'am I know how painful it is both to have a baby and to lose one, mine was still born. Now I don't want to frighten you but as your physician I cannot give you anything because it might harm the baby and need I remind you that your pregnancy is borderline for the high-risk category. One because of your age and the other due to your narrow hips. Now all you can do is try to ignore it and let your husband comfort you that is the best advice I can give you and also it should be about an hour before you dilate fully so it will be soon." With that said the lieutenant left to care for her other charges and leaving Harm and Mac alone.

"Mac, listen to me it won't be much longer okay and I'll be right here the whole time." Harm said taking her hand, which was slightly clammy. Mac sighed and touched Harm's face with her other hand and sighed,

"You're a wreak Harm and it's two am, have you slept at all?"


"God you are so…" she paused for the contraction, "So arrogant and protective. Where's Mattie?"

Out in the waiting room asleep."

"WHAT! You didn't take her home?"

"Well I couldn't get her to leave so I let her stay."

"Like I said you spoil her too much."

"Well I am a dad after all, it's my job." Harm shrugged.

"Not yet Flyboy, the papers still haven't gone through." Mac said and clenched his hand for another contraction. Harm waited before speaking again.

"Actually, I got the papers last night Bud brought them when he and little AJ came to see you. She is ours. We have a fourteen year old daughter."

"Oh great. Have you told her?"

"No not yet I figured we would wait until after you had this baby, we don't want to get her too over excited. Lord when I told her that you were ready to have the baby she started getting all giggly and jumpy, she reminded me of a cheerleader at a pep rally." Harm stated.

"Spoken like a father." Mac said and then was silent and closed her eyes trying to ignore the contractions.

1035 ZULU (5 am)

Three and a half hours later

"Alright that was good ma'am now I need you to do that once more for me."

"Come on Marine you can do this…here we go…one…two… three." Harm encouraged as Mac pushed. This would be the fifth one and Mac was exhausted.

"Very good I can almost see the head I think two more and we will have one more US citizen."

"You're crazy lieutenant!" Mac shouted out as best she could. They waited for the next contraction and when it came Mac pushed as hard as she could and holding Harm's which he winced because it felt like she was breaking them.

"Alright we have a head, now once more, wait for it… now, come on ma'am you can do better then that now push!" The lieutenant exclaimed. The next five minutes were a blur for Mac, all she heard was the high pitched wail of a newborn child and when she did she collapsed completely wiped.

The next she clearly remembered was the nurse laying a small infant in her arms and Harm saying,

"You did it Mac! It's boy Mac! A boy!" Mac licked her lips and smiled looking down into the innocent brown eyes of her son.

"No Harm, we did it, finally one promise and five years later we did it." Mac took Harm's hand a gain and held it.

"Ma'am this little guy need a name."

"How about Harmon Christopher Rabb? He is stubborn and looks, a lot like his father and the name must be carried on and then Christopher which was the name that I chose. Here Harm hold him for a minute he's your too after all." Mac said, and as the nurse filled out the birth certificate Harm whispered,

"Welcome to the big wide world, little Harm."


February, 14

Vietnam Wall

Washington DC

Harm and Mac stood in front of the wall with Mac cradling little Harm in her arms in a warm blanket, snow was lightly falling around them, which can be expected in February.

"Hello Dad, once again Mac and I brought someone for you to meet." Harm said touching the cold marble.

"This is your grandson Harmon Christopher, he was born at five am about one month ago on the fifteen of January and so far he looks just like his dad, but he has my eyes." Mac said softly. She took a step closer to the wall as if Harmon Rabb Senior was standing there looking down at his grandson.

"Harm this is your grandpa, he was a pilot and a Squid just like Daddy." Mac whispered to her son, who blinked his eyes innocently and then wiggling pulled his hand out of the blanket and reached for the cold black marble, where the senior Rabb's name was etched. His chubby little finger touched it and he smiled a toothless little grin, which distantly reminded Mac of Harm's signature grin. Harm smiled and then spoke,

"You also have a granddaughter, Mattie you met her at Christmas time this year and the year before. The adoption papers came through and she is ours now. I miss you so much and wish you were here with us." Harm said holding back tears. Mac laid a hand on his arm and he smiled.

"I love you Sarah."

"I love too Harm, I love you too." Mac said and Harm leaned down and kissed her softly. It lasted until there was a soft wail and they parted and looked down at the littlest Rabb and laughed.

"Is that supposed to mean 'yuck mom and dad are kissing again'?" Harm joked.

"No I think he is jealous that his dad is getting one more kiss then he is." Mac said turning away from the wall, with Harm's arm around her waist."

"Oh and I suppose that is a trait he inherited from me too. Jealousy?"

"Yep, I think so and when he is older he will probably be pretty cocky too."

"Thanks for giving me all the credit Mac."

"Well you did contribute half of his DNA and I put in for the other half."

"Oh so he's perfect then."

"Well almost, but I know that things are about as perfect as possible, for a Flyboy and a Marine."

"Yes and who'd of thought that we were meant to be."

"Funny thing about that. I thought we were."

"Well that's nice to know." Harm said and they walked to the SUV that they had traded in one of their Corvettes. Mac had said it wasn't a mom kind of car and Harm agreed, even though he was sad to see a little red Corvette get traded in for a 'mom' car. He would do anything to make Mac happy, which is what he had done for her so many times in the past, and hoped that he would continue to love and make her happy until the day he died.

"After all the starts and stops,

We keep coming back to these two hearts,

Two angels who've been rescued from a fog,

After all that we've been through,

It all comes down to me and you,

I guess it's meant to be,

Forever you and me.

After all."