Teaching Trance
By: Jaimi

Chapter 4

Authors Note: Some parts in here may seem un-Trance like, but alas, we know little about her, except that she has hidden sides. So be open minded about her character.

Things were a little awkward at first. Trance and Harper were a little apprehensive about being affectionate around the others. The others in turn were a little unnerved seeing their youngest companions so intimate. They were never over kill on the affection though. Just hugs, kisses, the odd cuddle, but it was still weird and took getting used too.


Trance was busy studying new plant life one afternoon from a planet they'd come across a few days back. It was beautiful but poisonous, and she was trying to figure out an antidote for it.

She was singing softly to herself, a tune she wasn't sure how she knew, in an odd language. Harper leaned in the doorway with a smile, listening contentedly to her sweet voice.

When she stopped to take a sampling, talking to the plant, Harper laughed, making her jump and miss the entire plant. She whirled around, glaring.

"Harper! Not funny, I could have hurt him." She said accusingly.

"Trance!" He said, mocking her. "It's a POISONOUS plant."

She stomped her foot. "That doesn't matter. It's his self defense mechanism."

"Against what?"

"Look at him Harper, he's beautiful. If he wasn't poisonous, he'd probably be extinct from people uprooting him and his kind."

He tried to hide his laugh. He still wasn't used to her talking about plants like they were sapient beings. But he understood where she was coming from about the poison.

"Well, then-" He chuckled. "My apologies."

Angry at his mocking tone, she huffed, turning her back on him.

"Hey, I'm just kidding."

But she wouldn't talk to him. He rolled his eyes, and stepped fully into the room, making his way towards her. She had finished taking the sample and was putting the plant back into it's "personal space" as she called it. It really was a beautiful plant. It's gold and purple leaves glittered. The twisting, vine-like stem had red, orange, yellow, green and blue veins running through it. Tiny silver budded flowers were here and there. The glittering gold of it was the poison. They were actually tiny, tiny thorns. There were also some spread out along the stem as well.

"Does he have a name yet?" He asked in all seriousness. He couldn't understand her love of plants, but he accepted it.

Still, she ignored him, moving away toward the table cleaning it off from the experiment. He watched her for a while, waiting, but she was stubborn as hell, and he knew it. Finally he'd had enough and strode toward her, grabbing her arm and spinning her around to face him. She reeled back in surprise, bumping into the table. She recovered quickly though and unexpectedly slapped him across the face.

His head whipped back, his eyes widened with shock, but he recovered quickly and his grip on her arms never faltered.

"Let me go, Harper. I'm not talking to you."

"Who's talking?"

With that he pressed his body tighter against hers, calm eyes never leaving her angry ones. She gasped, but refused to let him win their clash of wills. She breathed heavily, struggling while not breaking eye contact.

He calmly waited out her struggling. It wasn't until she uncharacteristically began shooting her mouth off that he took action.

"Don't be an a$$#@!e Harper. Let me go, dammit. Get you f^@#!&g hands off me, now."

"Hey!" He growled, voice husky. "Don't-"

"Go to hell. You damn-"

She was cut off. Words weren't going to shut her up, so he kissed her, roughly silencing the onslaught of nasty words. She struggled, but gave in to him as he expertly forced his tongue into her mouth, and ground his hips against hers. Waves of pleasure coursed through her, weakening her resolve. She moaned into his mouth, trying to run her hands over his muscular body but he still had her slim wrists in his tight grasp.

She whimpered, suddenly feeling the cold, hard edge of the table digging into the small of her back. Instinctively, with out breaking the kiss, he moved away slightly. Then releasing her wrists and grasping her around the waist, he lifted her onto the table. He then stepped in between her legs, wrapping his arms around her waist.

She was slightly higher up then him now and she held his head tilted up towards hers, her own tilted down, still in a passionate kiss.

They finally broke apart, gasping for breath.

"As...I was trying...to say. Don't swear. I....don't like it....when you...do." He said, trying to catch his breath.

He looked at her perplexed when she giggled.

"I know you don't."

"So, I guess you did it to get me back for making fun of your plant?"

"No, no. I forgave you at, 'Hey, I'm just kidding'."

His mouth gaped. "Then why were you ignoring me and then swearing at me?"

She grinned in mischief. "Because, you always do that when I do."

"Do what?"

"Kiss me like that." Her eyes twinkled. "I like it."

He looked at her wide eyed and then laughed, hugging her.

"You're one in a million Trance, Baby!"

"I know!"

He shook his head with a grin. "Absolutely priceless!" He muttered, burying his face in her neck and shoulder.

Andromedas voice suddenly filled the room.

"Harper, they need you on the bridge."

He sighed. "I'm coming, I'm coming."

With a quick peck on the cheek, he left her perched on the table. Just before he walked out the door, she called out.


"Huh?" He said, turning his confused gaze back to her.

She grinned, tilting her head toward the plant. "His name is Baby!"

It clicked in and he grinned. "Good name!" Then turned, jogging toward the bridge.


The next day Harper sat in an armless swivel chair in his personal work room. He had his head tilted back, his hands fiddling with a pencil. He was mumbling mathematics in his head, when he heard the door hiss open.

The half figured formula vanished from his mind at the sight of his...his girlfriend. He laughed to himself. He'd never really said that before. Not out loud, or to himself. It felt good. He watched her brown leather clad hips swaying as she walked toward him.

"My face is up here." She teased, standing before him.

He grinned. "And what a beautiful face it is. But you're just gorgeous all over, so I'm admiring you all over...am I allowed?"

She giggled, "Could cost you."

His eyebrows quirked and he reached out pull her forward, his arms level with her stomach, he gripped around it. She smiled, running a hand through his hair.

He smiled, leaning back in the chair and casually letting his hands slip down to her hips, then boldly slip further down to rest on the back her upper thighs. She raised her eye brows but did nothing, allowing him to do whatever. She trusted him.

He gazed at her for a long time and she blushed under his watchful eyes. He always made her feel like the most beautiful creature in all the galaxies.

Casually she leaned forward, hands behind his head to tilt his lips to hers. They kissed, and then he suddenly moved them back to her upper thighs and pulled her forward and down to straddle his lap. He hadn't expected himself to act so abrupt, it just happened. He was reassured though by her smiling into the kiss.

His breath caught at them being so close. He tensed a little, wondering what the hell he was doing, knowing he should stop. He did so, reluctantly pulling away, and standing up.

"You," he started, gasping for breath. "My dear sparkly purple babe, are not good to have a round when I want to control my raging male hormones."

She rolled her eyes, trying to move in on him again. He laughed, holding her at arms length.

"Nuh-uh, not good to start this here. All I need is Dylan or Tyr walking in."

He sighed. "Go on, I gotta get this stuff done."

She pouted, wrapping her arms around his waist. She then let her hands drop and she patted his ass, causing him to jump in surprise. She winked, before turning on her heel and disappearing out the door.

"Sneak!" He muttered with a smile, turning back to his work...or trying to.


That evening he couldn't get the feel of her body out of his mind. Frustrated, he decided to pay her a visit. Hopefully seeing her would be enough.

He walked in, no longer bothering to alert her. He found her nestled in her sea of silk cushions, reading a book. She looked incredibly sexy wearing only her loose cotton shorts and a thin white tank top. She was stretched out on her side, propped up on one elbow. Her hair was pulled back in a messy bun and her tail twitched, resting over her leg.

"Hey beautiful!" He said, with a sly grin, sauntering towards her.

She looked up, not surprised to see him there. She closed the book, tossing it onto a nearby table.

"Hey!" She replied with a bright smile.

He stood in front of her, looking down at her with restrained desire.

"What?" She asked, innocently.

"C'mere!" He said, reaching down a hand to help her up.

He pulled her to her feet, brushing a stray strand of pink hair out of her eyes. She wrapped her arms around his neck, slowly pulling him closer, but keeping her head back away from him.

He grinned. "You're just reeling me in aren't you?" He mumbled, moving his lips towards hers as she teasingly moved her head around, playfully frustrating him.

She finally quit when he sighed, offering a kiss to ease his frustration. He took advantage of the moment, backing her into the wall so she couldn't pull away.

"Sneak," she mumbled into his mouth.

He smiled, not answering, just deepening the kiss. Amazing sensations raced through them both as he leaned hard against her. Then he bodily lifted her up higher against the wall, and she unconsciously wrapped her legs around his waist causing him to moan.

"God Trance!" He breathed through the kiss. "Do you have any idea what you do to me?"

She smiled into his lips, "Mm-hmm."

Harper sunk down to the cushioned floor, her legs slipping from around him, but their lips not breaking contact. He lay down, pulling her with him. They lay stretched out beside each other, the kiss becoming more frantic. Harper gasped, pulling back. No no, he thought. Stop now.

"Come on, you gotta get some sleep..."

"Stay with me?"

His eyes widened, stuttering, "Trance....I don't..."

She shook her head. "Just sleep, Harper. Just sleep."

He took a deep breath, considering.

Then nodded, "Okay," he agreed softly.

She smiled, kissing his cheek and cuddling against his chest. He smiled, kissing the top of her head, before resting his cheek there.

"Dim lights," he called out.

"Night Harper," she whispered, after it became dark.

He didn't answer for a bit, thinking. When he heard her steady breathing, he figured she was already asleep.

He sighed, "Night Love."

Trance smiled to herself, and fell into a peaceful sleep.


The peaceful sleep was disturbed, as Trance began to toss and turn, a nightmare taking over her once pleasant dreams. She was still in Harpers arms, but he continued to sleep, oblivious to what was going on in Trances mind at the moment.

Trance gazed happily into Harper's eyes as they danced slowly to a silent tune. Harper smiled, his mouth moved, but no sound came out. He leaned forward, his mouth covered hers in a sweet kiss.

Suddenly, Harper cried out in pain, and fell to the ground. Then they were both floating in space, Harpers body limp and lifeless. The stars around them seemed dull, almost as if they were trying to hide their special light. Moving toward Harper, she looked around in fear, if the stars were afraid, so was she. She jumped, startled, clinging to Harper and watching in horror as the Andromeda appeared before them, only to explode in a flurry of fire and debris.

Before her, her father appeared, angrily looking down at her.

He sneered. "You'd best take your fling with that HUMAN no further, daughter. Or this shall become the fate of your friends..."


"Nooo-" Trance screamed, jerking upright.

She sat there trembling, knees pulled up to her chin, arms wrapped around them. She barely noticed a concerned Harper wrapping his strong arms around her, mummering soothing nonsense into her ear. Images of the dream were still fresh in her mind. Slowly, she calmed down, as Harper continued his gentle words, rubbing her back.

"Shhhh, it's okay. Whatever it was, it was just a dream." He mumbled in her ear, his warm breath making her shiver.

Her whole body ached to return the loving embrace, to feel his firm warm lips against her soft trembling ones. But the clear message in her dream made her hold back.

She groaned to herself. Why hadn't she been more careful? She should have known...

Fresh tears coursed down her cheeks. What could she do now, but end it. Her heart broke at this thought. The thought of his own heart broken face, of never feeling his lips against hers again, of never feeling the loving embrace of his arms. But the possibility of losing him completely was worse. She sobbed in misery. It wasn't fair. It just wasn't fair. Why was HE doing this to her? What was so wrong with it? She sighed, she knew. Well, she knew why THEY thought it was wrong, but it wasn't to her, and it never would be. However she couldn't risk the lives of her friends, or Harpers life for her rebellious nature against her people.

Harper was shaken up at seeing Trance so sad, so...lost. She looked like she'd just lost her best friend. /But I'm right here,/ he thought. /And I always will be./

Trance sniffed, "I know..." She whispered.

He looked at her startled, but said nothing as he continued to hold her. Her sobs slowly subsided. She was so tired now. She could get up, leave and end this now, but she decided that she'd spend this one last evening with him, before things changed forever...for the both of them.

Harper sighed in relief as Trance fell back asleep in his arms, but his mind was still troubled as he settled back on the cushions with her. What had caused those tears, that look of loss and utter pain? He buried his face in her hair, sighing. She'd tell him...when she was ready, she'd tell him. However, he was suddenly very unsure if he wanted to know. He had a feeling his life was about to be turned upside down...in a bad way.


Harper stared at his beautiful, purple....ex-girlfriend, in shock. His heart was in his throat, as he choked on his words. "Wh-what?"

A single tear slipped down her cheek. "I'm sorry..." She whispered, unable to meet his eyes. The hurt and betrayal in them was too much.

"Why?" He asked, so quietly she had to strain to hear him.

"I-I..." She trailed off. She couldn't tell him why...what could she tell him? "It's just...it's just what's best for now, okay? Can you please just...trust me and please, still be my best friend. This hurts me too, but it would hurt even more if I didn't have your friendship."

"If it hurts you so much, then why the hell are you doing this?" His words had turned bitter, the pain wrenching at his heart.

Why? Why had he fallen for her? He should have known someone as beautiful, enchanting, amazing... Someone so seemingly FOR him, would only break his heart. He'd learned long ago not to let people behind the walls he'd built around his heart, but Trance had wormed her way through and now he was paying for it.

"Harper," She pleaded, reaching her hand out for his, but he pulled away.

"Don't Trance, just don't."

More tears followed, and she fell to her knees sobbing as he spun on his heel, and walked away.

"I'm sorry. I'm sorry that I-" She sniffed, watching his retreating back. As the door hissed shut behind him, she whispered. "I love you."

The End...For now!

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