Full Summary—Lily Evans has a secret. A secret that holds the reason why she entered her third year at Hogwarts with black hair and a livid hate of her former best friend, James Potter. A secret she never told anyone about. Now, three years later her friends are determined to find out what James did to make Lily hate him, but no one seems to know...not even James himself.

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Zoning Out

mis·con·cep·tion n. (m s k n-s p sh n)

A mistaken thought, idea, or notion; a misunderstanding

"I want it black," she stated, trying to keep her voice expressionless.

"Are you sure?" asked a sugary voice, "You have such lovely hair."

"I want it all black."

"Well okay little girl, if you're sure. It will start to fade after a while and will be completely gone after six months" said the hair dresser in a more professional tone.

"Perfect." The slim thirteen year old girl purposefully followed the lady to a barbershop chair and sat patiently as a towel was draped across her shoulders. The woman began to wash her straight red hair with the dye, slowly darkening its color until it reached a deep, midnight black. Lily smiled grimly as she looked in the mirror at her new look. It was so very different from the scarlet locks that she was used to seeing, but different had been what she was going for after all. She dropped some silver coins on the counter, muttered a quick thanks to the lady, and dashed off to catch a bus to King's Cross.

"Lily!!" cried out two voices at the same time. Her two best friends ran to give her hugs. One of them, Kelly, looked at her again, for underneath a hat she saw a lock of hair that had escaped Lily's rushed attempt at hiding it. She gasped and Lily cursed under her breath.

"Oh. My. God." She said in a slightly hysterical voice, "What did you do??" Lily cowered a little at this outburst.

"I, uh… dyed my hair." Lily tried to confidently toss the answer out, but it ended up sounding rather weak.

"But black!!! You dyed your gorgeous red hair black! What possessed you to… W-why in the world would you want…" Kelly trailed off her rambling looking expectantly at Lily for an answer. She bit her lip nervously. The thing was she did have a reason, a very good reason, and a reason that she had absolutely no intention of telling Kelly, or anyone for that matter, anything about. A reason she planned on keeping a secret forever. She even had a few reasons. Mainly, she didn't want to stand out anymore, or be burdened with hair as conspicuous as a fire engine. Having red hair seemed to demand a lot. You had to be perky and outgoing and all those things she didn't think she could possibly succeed at after all that happened. Black hair seemed to have much more room to be moody or distant. Yes, black hair had a lot lower standards, a lot less to live up to. These all made sense to Lily, but she had an irksome feeling that they were all excuses to cover up the real reason she had woken up at six on September the first with the sole purpose of changing her 'look'. No, Lily had a rather bad feeling that all these excuses were masking one simple fact, he had had red hair. He had had red hair just like hers, and she didn't want to be reminded of him every time she looked in the mirror, not when it was all so fresh in her mind….

"Lily? Earth to Lily, anyone alive in there?" Lily's mom waved her hand in front of Lily's half closed eyes. She shook her head a few times and rubbed her temples, trying to clear her thoughts, and absentmindedly ran a hand through her long scarlet hair. She was given no more then a second to wonder why she was suddenly recalling a memory from three years ago before her mother broke her thoughts once more by announcing their arrival at King's Cross. Lily hopped out of the muggle car and grabbed a cart. She gave her mum a big hug, saying that she would miss her and promised to send an owl as soon as she arrived. Lily walked towards the barrier between platforms nine and ten. She turned and waved one last time before walking right through the solid stone, away from the muggle world and toward the start of her sixth year at Hogwarts. It only took a few seconds to spot her friends.

She ran towards the bobbing, dirty-blonde head of her friend, Sydney Schwartz. All of a sudden Lily felt something hook around her ankle; she battled with gravity for a split second before crashing to the ground. She felt a searing pain in her left knee and silently damned Lucius and his unnaturally large feet. Then a voice called out her name asking if she was okay and a hand reached down to help her up. She gratefully took it, but her face fell as soon as she recognized her savior,

"Potter." she uttering his name with disgust and roughly pulling her hand away. She sent an angry glare his way that melted the happy expression right off his face. She brushed past him to join her friends without another word.

"LIL! Oh, I missed you so much. How was your summer? You've got to tell me everything, seven weeks is way too long." Lily smiled at her friend, Sydney always made her feel better and had a knack for making her forget about a certain dark haired Quidditch player who would remain unnamed at the present moment. She returned the greeting and began answering her questions. They were soon joined by their other best friend, Kelly Rivero, an attractive girl with dark brown hair to her elbows and electric blue eyes, who gave them both enthusiastic hugs and began chatting about her summer. A 7th year boy passed by the group and whistled at Kelly calling out,

"Hey there hot stuff." Kelly rolled her eyes and muttered an "Oh please" under her breath. The boy seemed to suddenly spot someone he knew and dashed off, revealing a light haired boy who lit up a smile as he recognized his closest girl friend,

"Remy!" Lily called out, running over to give him a hug, "How was your summer? How are you?" Remus Lupin looked down a few inches into the eager green eyes. He laughed a little, patting Lily's scarlet hair. The two began eagerly speculating who would win the Quidditch world cup this year, a discussion the two other girls eagerly joined. They were so engrossed that they didn't notice a tall, dark haired form approaching them until he spoke,

"What's this?" Kelly giggled as he put his hand on his hip, "Has Moony replaced me with these… these non-playing girls? I feel so betrayed." The black haired teen tried, and in the end utterly failed, to sound hurt. Sydney was indignant, but Kelly was the one to speak up.

"Excuse me Mister I'm-the-only-one-who-plays-Quidditch but it just so happens that Sydney here is the best damn chaser on the Gryffindor team." Sirius smiled guiltily at her as the others laughed at his predicament, for Kelly was a force to be reckoned with when her temper had been aroused.

Kelly laughed out loud as he backed a few steps away,

"I'm just giving you a hard time Sirius, calm down." She flashed him a grin and gave him a very enthusiastic hug. Lily noticed that they seemed especially friendly, even for Kelly and Sirius. Hmm… very friendly indeed. She made a mental note to mention this to Sydney later.

James did his best to avoid Lily after their brief meeting; after all she had been so cold with him that it was definitely best to steer clear of her for the time being. He sighed. It was still rather upsetting to see the girl who had once been his closest female friend acting so hostile towards him. The person who had sworn they would always be friends, who told him all her secrets. He sighed again, remembering how close they had been.

He supposed it was stupid to keep up the hope that one year Lily would once again give him a hug, ask about his summer, and everything would go back to the way it used to be. The more he thought about it, the more he realized that he didn't just suppose it was stupid, he knew it. I mean when someone spends three years acting hostile towards you and ignoring you completely it is pretty unlikely that they are going to suddenly forget that they hate you and go back to being your best friend. James, the girl obviously doesn't want anything to do with you, just give up on her already he told himself. However, it was very hard to give up on the person who had been your best friend for two years. Especially when he had no idea why she had walked into the train station that year with a pained expression on her face and black hair; why when he had tried to give his usual greetings she had shot him a look of pure hate and walked right past him without so much as second glance.

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