Love Hina "Beware of what you wish for"

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Chapter One: The mischief begins.

It was a Saturday morning like any other at Hinata sou, well not like any other, Keitaro was left alone for the weekend all the girls have gone, Shinobu left to visit her parents, Naru too, Motoko went to the mountains to train, Kitsune went to Tokyo, Su went to a school camp and Sara went to America to visit her grandma.

-Sure it is quiet here without the girls around-

Thought Keitaro while cleaning the hot springs

-But there isn't as much fun either-

When he finished, he went inside Hinata sou changed his clothes and was ready to go out to eat, when he found a package outside the entrance, he pick the box and read the note on it.

"How are you doing Keitaro, I am still doing some research on the pararakerusu island I wish you could help me, but I know you have to take care of school first. Say hello to your aunt and the girls for me.


P.S. I send you a vase from the turtle civilization I found here in the excavations, is the least I can do since you found the ruins."

-How considerate of Seta, I think I should do some research of my own about this vase-

Keitaro opened the box carefully, and gave the vase a quick look; he stopped to think and then decided what to do.

-I should go to eat first, and them I will do the research-

Keitaro went to town to eat, in his way back he decided to go to the library so he could find something about the vase.

-Well, lets see if I can find something about the turtle civilization-

Keitaro searched the entire library but he could not find anything about the turtle civilization

-That was a waste of time, I think I should head back now-

But before he could leave the library and old man approaches him.

"Good afternoon young man, I see you looking around, do you need help?"

"Thanks, I was looking for a book about the turtle civilization but I did not found any"

The old man put a hand in his chin and answered

"I guess today it is your lucky day, I have a book about it, it is an old book but I think it will serve you well, wait here while I bring it"

Keitaro smiled and nodded to the old man. A couple of minutes later the old man returned with the book in his hand.

"Here it is young man"

He handed the book to Keitaro; he took it and began to thumb through it.

"Thank you very much, I will take good care of it"

When he lifted his head, he watched in amazement that the old man had gone.

"Where did he go?"

He looked around but did not find any sign of the old man.

-I should be going back now it's getting late-

He left the library, puzzled by the disappearance of the old man. But he soon forgot about it as he was thinking of the secrets of the vase. As soon as he got to Hinata sou, he decided to take a bath and sleep, so he could start studying the vase early in the morning.

Sunday morning Keitaro woke up very happy thinking of the great discoveries he could make. He went to the kitchen to make his breakfast, when he finished he washed the dishes and went to the living room.

"Well let's see what I can find about this vase"

He took the vase in his hand and began to watch the different inscriptions in it.

"There is a drawing of a turtle here, and a river there"

Keitaro turned the vase around and continued looking at the drawings

"This looks like a temple and..."

The ringing of the phone interrupted him.

"Hi, Keitaro"

The voice of Kitsune greeted him on the phone.

"I just call to let you know I am going to stay in Tokyo a little longer than I expected"

Keitaro answered in a worried tone.

"Is everything fine, Kitsune?"

"Yes Keitaro, I just found an old friend and we have so much to talk about, that I decided to stay longer"

Keitaro replied in a calmer tone.

"Have fun then"

After he hung the phone, he continued looking at the vase. When he finished taking notes about the drawings, he opened the book the old man had given him and began to search about their meaning.

An hour later he decided to take a break to eat something, he went to the kitchen to make some instant ramen.

"While the water boils, I'm going to fed Tama. Tama, where are you?"

He called his turtle pet, when he received no answer he called again.

"Tama, time to eat"

But again he did not receive any answer.

"Well, I better go find it"

Keitaro began his search in the hot springs but Tama was not there. He continued to the common room but Tama was not there either, so he decided to go to his room.

When he arrived he was shocked by the scene he watched, Tama was on Keitaros's desk patting frantically at a drawing on the book

"Myu, myu, myu!"

"Calm down, Tama, What is wrong?"

Said Keitaro, walking to his desk. Tama fly to Keitaro's shoulder.

"Lets see what you found"

He saw the drawing and it was almost identical to the vase he was researching, then he read the description under it

"The Kame vase, nobody knows for sure is this ancient vase from the turtle civilization exist or not, but it is believed it can grant one wish to the one who holds it. The Kame vase was supposedly kept at the great temple of the turtle god "

As he read this words Keitaro fell down on the floor.

"The Kame vase, could this vase be it"

Tama begun to nod

"Myu, myu"

"This vase sure looks a lot like the one on the drawing, but this could be just a copy of the original"

Keitaro thought of it for a second.

"It will be really cool, if it could grant me a wish"

He held the vase in his hand, began to think of it and smiled.

"Indeed it would be very cool"

Keitaro was about to continue reading when a noise from the entrance caught his attention.

He ran to the entrance but before he could get there, he was stopped by a kick on the head.

"Keitaro, I'm back. I bring some bananas"

But Keitaro was knocked on the floor and couldn't reply, Su jumped to his chest.

"Keitaro, are you okay?"

Keitaro tried to stand up, but the weight of Su, made him trip and fall on top of Su.

"What are you doing, you pervert"

Yelled Motoko

"Motoko, wait it was a mistake"

The girl took out her sword


The blow sent Keitaro flying to the entrance. While he was flying, he was thinking.

-This can be worst, just when I think finally things were going better -

As he was thinking this Naru was climbing the stairs, and Keitaro was going to crash with her

-I should have guessed it-

Keitaro landed on top of Naru, and preparing for the worst covered his face and said,

"Just do it quickly".

Naru looked at him amazed.

"Do what quickly, are you okay, my dear Keitaro?"

Upon hearing this Keitaro jaw dropped.

"What did you just said?"

Asked him amazed

"I asked if you are okay"

After saying this Naru hugged Keitaro

"I wouldn't know what to do if you were hurt"

Shinobu who was watching the entire scene, ran off crying


What do you think? It may be a little confuse but I hope I could explain it all in the next chapters. You may find some spelling mistakes that is because I am just learning English so feel free to tell me were the mistakes are.