Love Hina "Beware of what you wish for"

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Chapter Twenty: The mischief begins…again

Keitaro was sitting in the living room of the inn; he had the Kame vase in his hand, his eyes fixed in the different inscriptions on it.

Keitaro wasn't sure why but he was sure he should be in other place, suddenly his thoughts were interrupted by a noise from the entrance.

He ran to the entrance, once there Keitaro was going to get hit in the head by a kick from Su but just a second before the foot made contact with his head he caught it leaving Su hanging.

Su was surprised but it didn't last long, after a couple of seconds she smiled and said.

"Keitaro, I'm back. I bring some bananas"

Keitaro smiled too and reply.

"Nice to have you back, Su"

Then he put Su on the floor softly. Once she was free Su hugged Keitaro. They were going to break the hug when a yell from the entrance startled them.

"What are you doing, you pervert"

It was Motoko who had just arrived. Keitaro stood up and explained himself.

"Motoko, wait I was just greeting Su"

The girl took out her sword. Keitaro remained calmed and try to tell Motoko what just happened.

"Look before you try to send me flying could you…"

But before he could finish Motoko attacked.


Keitaro sidestepped with ease avoiding the blow and shocking Motoko who just stopped there stuttering.

"It…it can't…it can't be"

Keitaro smiled, looked at her and said.

"I guess I was just lucky this time"

Motoko was angrier than before.

"I don't know what kind of trick is this but I'll make you pay"

As soon as she finished saying that she threw more blows against Keitaro, who just keep avoiding them. After a while Keitaro was getting tired of this, so he grabbed Motoko's sword with his palms, Motoko was shocked at his speed so she loosened the grip on her sword which Keitaro used to take it from her hands.

Motoko couldn't believe what had just happened. Keitaro seeing Motoko's face, tried to calm her down.

"Calm down Motoko. I've been practicing and your anger make you lost your concentration that's all"

Motoko didn't say a word she just walked to her room leaving her sword behind. Keitaro handed the sword to Su, not very sure if it was a good thing to give a sword to the hyperactive girl but with no one else around he didn't have much choice.

"Don't worry she'll be ok once the shock passes and when that happens I'm sure she'll need her sword. I'll be going out for a while"

Keitaro took his jacket from the couch and walked out of the inn.

When he got out he saw that Naru was climbing the stairs, he waved his hand.

"Hi, Naru. I hope you had a good trip"

"It was nice thanks"

Keitaro smiled and started walking again but was stopped by Naru.

"And how was your weekend?"

He was surprised by her sudden interest.

"It was…well I'll have to say it was very interesting"

Naru looked puzzled, Keitaro just smiled at her.

"It's hard to explain but it was very interesting"

Naru looked at him with suspicion.

"You didn't do anything perverted, did you?"

"Of course not, but why do I bother you aren't going to believe me you'll just suppose the worst always"

Naru felt sad.

"I didn't mean to offend you. I'm sorry"

Keitaro smiled.

-Maybe there is still hope-

"Don't worry. Well, anyway I have to get going"

"Good night Keitaro"

"Good night"

Keitaro kept walking but before he finished climbing down the stairs he stopped and looked to the forest near the inn.

"You can come out now, Shinobu"

Shinobu who was listening to their conversation behind a tree was surprised.

"Sempai, I…I was just"

Keitaro smiled and answered.

"That's ok Shinobu. But you should enter the inn now is getting cold"

Shinobu blushed and ran to the inn. Keitaro smiled.

-I guess she'll be always like that-

Keitaro decided to continue walking

After a while Keitaro arrived at the sandbox in the park. He looked around and yelled.

"I'm here"

Keitaro heard a strange sound coming from the sandbox so he headed in its direction. Once he got there he noticed that the sand was moving. Keitaro smiled and took a couple of steps back just in time as two turtles emerged from the sandbox.

"Good to se you Keitaro"

"We thought you weren't coming"

Keitaro looked at the two turtles, laughed a bit and asked.

"Where is Tama?"

"She is sleeping at the inn"

Kame answered.

"And why are you here?"

"Because Black wanted to see this place"

"I saw it in your dream, but I wanted to see the real place"

Keitaro scratched his head.

"Well, that doesn't matter. Why didn't you tell me that we were going to get back to the day I made the wish?"

Kame and Black laughed. After a while Black answered.

"It was a surprise"

"Well, I really was"

They were interrupted by Tama.

"Tama we were waiting for you"

"Well, I'm here"

"Let's start them"

Keitaro was puzzled.

"Start, what do you mean?"

"A party of course, we have to celebrate that you finally made it"

Kame said, and then he waved his flipper and appeared a small fire in the middle of the park. Black waved his flipper and appeared food and drinks for them.

They sat around the fire and Kame started talking stories of all the wishes he had granted while the others listened. Keitaro started to think of everything that had happened.

-I finally made it after all. First I thought that it was the most wonderful thing that had ever happened to me, but then I realize it wasn't right. I almost give up a couple of times but in the end I know I did the right thing…I still have to make her fall in love with me but I guess that can wait until tomorrow-


Finally after more than a year this is the end. I hope you liked it.

Special thanks to "ouchboy" and "KeitaroMotoko 4 ever" for prereading this story.