Justin grinned often - a funny, boyish grin that looked half-strange on him, at the same time that it fit his face perfectly - he even laughed, but he never seemed like he *meant* it. Or, if he meant it, it never seemed quite like it was a good sort of grin, or a good sort of laugh.

She wanted to laugh. She wasn't silly, really, or the kind of girl to smile and be amused by everything. She just wanted there to be something in life to make everyone happy. She wanted people to have a reason to laugh. She wanted to laugh, too, so much that it would infect the world with laughter and happy, and then of course, if all the world laughed and was happy, there was the chance it would make Justin laugh and be happy as well.

His violet eyes were angry violet eyes, even when he was smiling at her and it seemed like he was fine. There was still the angry underneath the film of pleasantry, and she wondered if it would always be there.

Zara was the russet divinity and she was the golden divinity, but Justin was a divinity too, if of a completely different sort. Yet not even a divinity can survive never taking pleasure in a single thing.

At least, she was certain that was so.

She knew, someday, something would make him laugh. She knew it would be her. She knew, someday, he would mean it. She knew it would be because of her.