Kurt's shoulder was bleeding. It was bleeding rather badly as a matter of fact. Normally, when one is shot in the shoulder and forced to travel mile after mile in a painful manner, they would tend to their wound first, trying to stop the blood and seal the wound at least with something as minimal as at least a band-aid.

But Kurt was not a normal person, both in looks, faith, and mannerisms.

When he finally arrived in his sanctuary, Kurt clutched his shoulder and staged up to the statue of a standing Jesus with his plaster arms spread out in welcome and blessing to all. Falling to his knees, Kurt stared up at the statue, ignoring the wet warmth that slipped through his fingers.

"What happened to me?" he whispered, his tail swaying to and fro lazily. "Why was I in that man's office with a knife?" His tail curled around his knees slightly as he removed his bloody hand from his shoulder and held it out slowly towards Jesus' face. Dropping his hand, he bowed his head and wept, his shoulders trembling as he started to weep helplessly.

His voice quivered all around the cathedral as he begged Jesus to tell him why he tried to kill that man and what had been going on in his mind at the time. The German words trembled and soon were unintelligible as he sobbed, spittle coming out of his mouth slightly as he begged Jesus for some kind of answer to his questions.

Lowering his head, Kurt pressed his brow on the feet of the statue, his tears falling onto them, much like the former prostitute's fell on His feet in the Bible. When he had finally got control of himself, Kurt opened his eyes and he found that his tears completely covered the statue's feet.

Wiping his eyes with the back of his non-bloody hand, Kurt sniffled, whispering an apology to the statue. When he removed his hand from his eyes, he saw that some of his blood had also fallen onto the statue's feet.

He didn't want to just wipe the tears and blood off of the statue normally, feeling that a sinner like him needed to wipe them off in the traditional sense written down in the Bible.

Leaning forward, Kurt wiped the tears and blood off of the statue's feet with his hair, closing his eyes and whispering a prayer softly. When he had finished, he looked up at the statue's face and he rose to his feet slowly, kissing its cheeks once and then its lips to show his absolute devotion and surrender of will to Him and His Father.

Only then did he go up into his room to tend to his wounded shoulder.