Name: Kristen
Title: Twin Destinies Prologue?
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Rating: PG-13/Teen
Pairings: Dawn/Blaise and Harry/Ginny eventually
Spoilers: General Season 5 Spoilers for BtVS and spoilers for all of the Harry Potter books, especially for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.
Summary: Answer to one of my own challenges posted a long time ago, what if the monks had sent Dawn to someone else? Voldemort is after the key for purposes better left alone and the monks send her to Harry Potter for protection.
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"They're coming! He knows!"

It was the news the monks had feared most. You-Know-Who had finally found them and was coming for the Key. The protective wards they had set up wouldn't be able to hold him and his Death Eaters out for long. Their Order's entire reason for existence was to ensure that The Key couldn't be allowed to fall into such evil hands. The Key itself was too powerful, and who knew what dark purposes would be accomplished if Voldemort were to gain possession of it. The world would be doomed if the monks couldn't prevent it from happening.

They had planned for this eventuality. They knew that they couldn't hold the Key and keep it safe forever. It was time to put the plan into action. The monks scattered to their posts.

Five of them hurried down a long hallway lined with doors on either side that appeared to dead end in a solid wall pebbled with stones. One of the monks reached down and pressed three stones in the wall in sequence. The wall slid aside with surprising ease and the five monks hurried through the opening. The last one through turned around and pressed an emergency code into the keypad by the door that slid the wall back into place. Once the stone panel was closed both muggle and magical wards on their side of the wall began to glow as they were activated. The monks had now locked themselves into a secret room. Hopefully their measures along with the efforts of their fellow monks who wouldn't be performing the spell would be enough to hold the Death Eaters at bay and grant them the time they needed. This was where they would make their last stand. It would be the last room to be breached.

Satisfied that the electrical shield and magical barriers were in place the monk hurried off to join the other four. The five of them knew what they had to do and had wasted no time in getting started.

They had practiced and rehearsed their actions in preparation for this day. Everything was already set up for the spell they would perform. The last monk slipped into the spot left open for him and joined hands with the man on either side of him.

Magic began to fill the air until the entire secret chamber was infused with the power they had called up to accomplish what was needed. The five of them glowed with a ghostly light that contrasted with the emerald green glow of the object they were protecting. Soon the white and the green began to mix and meld as it coalesced into a radiant, paler jade color that gathered at a point in the room above the five men gathered there.

Outside the chamber chaos and death filled the atmosphere. Voldemort had sent his Death Eaters ahead of him and as they fought the remaining monks knew it was the only reason the world hadn't been doomed yet.

Then it happened; death eaters disengaged and spread to form an aisle that their master walked up. He had appeared. The monks looked at each other then closed their eyes. They had done what they could. It was up to the others now. Green light flashed behind their eyes and they lived no more.

The door to the secret room blasted off its hinges and wards exploded in a shower of sparks. Voldemort had finally arrived, but it was too late.

Five monks chanted the last word and the jade energy of the Key vanished from the room.

The last thing the remaining monks saw before they died was the red glow of Voldemort's enraged eyes when he realized the Key had slipped from his grasp.

End Prologue