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Spoilers: General Season 5 Spoilers for BtVS and spoilers for all of the Harry Potter books, especially for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.
Summary: Answer to one of my own challenges posted a long time ago, what if the monks had sent Dawn to someone else? Voldemort is after the key for purposes better left alone and the monks send her to Harry Potter for protection.
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AN: This chapter takes place at the same time that Harry and Dawn are preparing for the attack on Privet Drive. It's a short chapter to tide you over while I work on the battle at Privet Drive. Action scenes aren't really my forte so I'm taking my time with it to get it right. I've also gone through and made minor changes to all previous chapters in an effort to improve the quality of the chapters. You can go back and read those but it's not required since I didn't make major changes. Although after seeing the GOF movie I'm sorely tempted to bring back Cedric. Couldn't you just see a Dawn/Cedric pairing? The very thought makes my muse giddy. I could lose the last of my resistance to such a pairing if I were to get any reviews that encourage my madness. So come on, you know you want it. I even know how I could make it work. Dawn/Cedric sounds so nice doesn't it? Finally, as always, please read and review even if it's just to tell me my crazy pairing idea should be forgotten.

Part 6

Dumbledore recognized the owl bearing down on him as Hedwig, the owl that belonged to Harry Potter. He was rather surprised to be hearing from the Gryffindor teen at all considering that Harry and Dawn had taken the news of Dawn's origins and Harry's role in prophecy rather badly to put it mildly. He knew they were angry with him. The office he had spent hours putting back to rights the muggle way in a failed effort to appease his grief and guilt only proved that.

So why was Hedwig flying towards him with such a palpable sense of urgency? Dumbledore paused in the hallway waiting for the snowy owl to reach him. He had been on his way down to the great hall for dinner and halfway to his destination when he first noticed the owl.

Hedwig landed on the brilliant robes covering Dumbledore's outstretched arm and stretched out the leg bearing a hastily folded message. She hooted impatiently at Dumbledore when he didn't seem to be moving fast enough for her liking.

With a feeling of foreboding for what he would read, surely not good news if Hedwig was this agitated, Dumbledore unfolded the letter and read.

It was a short message, but one that simultaneously sent chills down his spine while urging the aging wizard to move faster than most people would expect of him.


Death Eaters coming. Send help right away.


And at that moment, almost as if Fate had timed it so, Dumbledore felt the new wards he had constructed to safeguard the Potter twins and alert him of attack fall. The letter crumpled in Dumbledore's hands as it was smashed against his robes when he grabbed them so that he could run all the faster without their length impeding his progress. If anyone had been around they'd have seen the astonishing sight of Dumbledore displaying a surprising amount of speed and agility as he raced through the halls, elaborate robes hiked up and his beard trailing over his shoulders like streamers in the wind.

He fairly flew as he backtracked the path he had leisurely walked before from his office. He shouted the password to his office the second he turned the corner to the corridor and was racing up the spiral staircase before it had even finished unwinding. Not willing to wait for the stairs Dumbledore quickly cast the levitation charm and floated the rest of the way up to his office. "Fawkes!" He shouted, startling his phoenix from his slumber. "Harry's in danger," Dumbledore explained as he hastily activated his coin. Once he had learned what the remarkable Miss Granger had accomplished to alert members of the D.A. he had immediately seen the benefits and implemented the plan for the members of the Order. "I need you to go to him."

Fawkes trilled a few reassuring notes before he vanished from his perch, but even his phoenix song that usually reassured Dumbledore couldn't completely take the fear and anxiety for Harry and Dawn's safety from his mind. If Voldemort were to get his hands on them… It would be a disastrous blow for the Order, but even more so for Dumbledore who had gown to love them. He loved them probably far more than a professor should, but they had taken up residence in his heart and he wouldn't have it any other way. He had begun to consider them the grandchildren he had never had. To think of what Voldemort would do to them if they were taken…

Well, he couldn't bear thinking about it.

As Fawkes disappeared, Dumbledore grabbed the floo powder and set to alerting Minerva and Severus of the situation. The fire flared green and he wasted no time sticking his head inside and shouting into Minerva's quarters for her presence.

"Here, Albus!" Professor McGonagall came rushing into her common room looking extremely alarmed. Whenever she heard that tone in his voice the news was never good.

Dumbledore wasted no time on the preliminaries. "Death Eaters are on their way to Privet Drive. I need you there."

Professor McGonagall's face paled as she immediately grasped the import of what he was saying. Her hand clutched her throat in alarm. "Of course." She retrieved her wand from her pocket. "I'll leave immediately."

The headmaster didn't wait for her to do so, his head had already left her fireplace and was back in his own office. The fire flared green once more as Dumbledore flooed Snape's office.

The first sight to meet his eyes was Severus clutching his inner left arm with a grimace of pain.

"Headmaster!" Snape cried in surprise. "I'm being su-"

Dumbledore cut him off. "I know. I've just received word that Death Eaters are on their way to Privet Drive."

Severus's face tightened. Potter. His dislike showed on his face but he still knew he would do whatever he could to protect the boy.

"It is vitally important that you protect them both. Do not let them fall into Voldemort's hands, even at the risk of your cover," Dumbledore informed him with a look of urgency in his eyes.

The both of them? "Headmaster, are you sure?" Professor Snape asked, even as a fresh wave of intense pain radiated out from the mark on his left arm. "If my cover is blown-" How would he atone for what he had done? What benefit would he be to the Order?

"Then we will deal with it, Severus, but none of us will survive the war if Voldemort should get his hands on the Potter twins."

Dumbledore's words filled Snape with dread. He knew there was much about the Potter teens' importance to the war he was unaware of. He had only heard part of the prophecy that day so many years ago after all, but Snape trusted Dumbledore implicitly. If he said the annoying brats couldn't fall into the Dark Lord's hands then that was all there was to it. He would do this for the Headmaster no matter what the cost. He straightened his shoulders in resolve. "The Potters will not be taken," he promised the headmaster.

"Be safe, Severus," Dumbledore said as Severus swept his robes around him and departed the dungeons.

End Part 6

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