Toxic Love


Rated: R

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" I can't believe you're making me go to this party." Serena complained. She flopped down onto her bed, wearing only her pink bra and panties. Her cousin Mina was going through Serena's closet in a quest for the perfect party outfit.

" Oh quit complaining Sere! You need to get out of the house tonight! We're in college now! We're young, attractive and now we're FINALLY old enough to attend Andy's parties, so we're going!"

Andrew was Mina's cool older brother. He was two years older than the girls; which hadn't become a problem until he had turned nineteen and started throwing lots of parties in his apartment. Parties full of hot, single college men that were more into one night stands than long term relationships. Serena and Mina had been excluded from all those parties until this year! This year Serena and Mina were nineteen years old and Andrew no longer had an excuse as to why they couldn't attend. They were now old enough to drink and Andrew couldn't protect them from the real world anymore.

" But I don't CARE if we're old enough! Why can't we just go to a night club instead? We can pick up hot guys and we'll be able to do it without your overprotective brother watching our every move!" Serena made a face at the mess Mina was making as she practically emptied out the entire contents of Serena's closet. " And furthermore, you are making a mess of my room!"

There had once been a time where Serena would not have cared so much. As a child, her room had never stayed clean for very long. But soon after her sixteenth birthday she'd become a neat freak like her mother. Well, sort of; Serena wasn't obsessed with dusting and washing everything from the walls to the container that held her pencils, however she did like to be organized. And now Mina was transforming her organized closet into a chaotic mess!

" Andy'll be too busy with his girlfriend Reika to even instill a twinge of fear into the hearts of all those hot, older guys we'll be seducing! Come'll be fun!"

" Right. Fun. " Serena sighed. " You're gonna drag me over there so that you can flirt with Andy's friends and meanwhile, I'm stuck covering for you and making sure that YOU don't get caught. Because if your brother ever found out, he'd tell your mother and then your so-called innocent virgin image would be proven false. Then she and your dad would take away your freedom. No car, no money, no apartment and definitely no more leaving the mansion without supervision. And then I'LL have to suffer as well because my parents will do the same to me to ensure that I don't end up doing the same things you did. You know how important a good image is to our family."

Mina nodded in agreement. " Exactly! And that is why we can NEVER let anybody find out that the daughters of the most respected and not to mention influential couples in the entire city of Vancouver..."

" ...Are the most tempting and seductive playgirls that the entire college community known as Starcrest Falls has ever had!" Serena finished for her. " I'll go to the damn party Mina, but there is no way in hell that I'll play the good girl all night! We'll just have to cross our fingers and make sure Andrew's too occupied with Reika to notice us making the moves on his friends."

" Tell me again why I have to be at this party TONIGHT of all nights?" twenty one year old Darien Shields asked as he cleaned the large apartment he shared with his best friend from high school.

" You can always go to the night clubs tomorrow Dare! But tonight I need your help in keeping this party controlled okay? I promised Reika that I'd throw her this party when she returned from her trip to New York City and I'm not backing out now!"

Reika Sullivan came from a wealthy family who owned a law firm in New York. She was the only one in her family to break away from practicing law and instead had moved to Canada to study anything and everything the small community college in Starcrest had to offer her. For one thing, it was less expensive to go to school here and she had her independance now; something she would never have if she remained in New York with her family. They adored her because she was their youngest child and only daughter. Her father would never hesitate to give her money and her mother wanted to shield Reika from the real world. Reika could have easily become a spoiled rich girl but she chose to make it on her own and rarely touched her trust fund other than to pay for her tuition. She'd found a part time job as a teacher's assistant in the science department at the college. Shortly after arriving at the college she'd met Andrew and they'd been dating ever since.

" She only went away for a few weeks to spend time with her family. Man, you're completely whipped if she's got you pining for her like a love-sick puppy!" Darien unplugged the table lamps and wrapped up the cords before moving them into the hall closet where they would not get broken by accident.

" I am not whipped! You just don't realize what you're missing out on because you refuse to ever fall in love again just because of one girl back in high school who turned you down!" Andrew's eyes suddenly widened in shock at what he'd just said. Hurt flashed momentarily in Darien's ocean blue eyes and then it was gone. " Oh my god! I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to say that." Andrew tried to appologize but Darien cut him off and pretended to be unaffected. " It's okay Drew! I am completely over her now! It's been YEARS since Saori Walker and I broke up and I'm kinda glad that we did. I'm not ready to be tied down yet anyway! Right now, the only thing I need a woman for is to warm my bed at night! And I can get that WITHOUT having to be in a relationship!"

Darien wasn't the best liar when it came to discussing his feelings about Saori, his first and only love. He'd made love to her back in his senior year of high school and had thought that she'd loved him too. But then he'd learned the truth. Saori had only gone out with him to make her ex-boyfriend Kobi Phillips jealous. Once Kobi had begged her to take him back, Saori dumped Darien and shortly after graduation she and Kobi were engaged. The rejection had hurt and since that night, Darien had closed off his heart to every woman except his half sister and his cousin Rachel. He would use women for sex and leave them before they could hurt him like Saori had. No woman would ever trap HIM in a relationship and then break his heart ever again! Not if he could help it.

Meanwhile, a good twenty minute drive away, Serena Tsukino dressed for her cousin's party with every intent to seduce at least one of Andrew's friends before the night was over.