Botan: Botan here, we have a new story for you and it's Girl's night out.

Star: that's right. No boys to mess it up 'they might come by later... it's the plan' (smirks evilly)

Kayko: why are you smiling like that?

Star: oh, it's just that we are going to have some much fun.

Yukina: not to bother you, but shouldn't you be writing the story?

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Chapter I

Remind and Remember

*~*~*~Prologue (I hate these) *~*~*~*

... Botan reached a small park and started to cry, "Hiei was right" Botan remembered his words. 'Tomorrow is a new day.' It would be. That was the day Botan's whole world changed...

(Cut from South and Souther)

"I want you to stay with me." She pleaded.

"Why?" he asked

"I love you." she whispered and crashed into him. He wrapped his arms around her and she wrapped her arms around his neck.

"Love?" he whispered.

"Uh huh." Botan let out in a daze. "I do."

"I guess, no I know. I love you too." Hiei said and pushed her down onto the bed. "Get some sleep now." He said, "Tomorrow is another day." He tried to leave but her arms where still wrapped tightly around him. "Botan." he felt himself being pulled on top of her.

"Don't go." She said. Hiei rolled off of her and held her close to him as sleep claim them both.

(End cut more memory)

Hiei woke up in botan's arms. It was the best night of sleep either of them has had in what seen to be ages. Hiei watched the sleeping ferry girl next to him. 'How could I have fallen in love with her?' he thought. The let the thought drop when he felt her stir. He touched a finger to her lips and she woke up. Her magenta eyes met his blood red ones.

"Good morning." Botan smiled.

"Hn." He smiled

"We I guess we'll have to work on that." Botan smiled, "come on we have work to do," she said but as soon as she tried to get out of the bed she felt Hiei tighten his grip. "Come on Hiei let go," she giggled. But he only pulled her harder.

"No." he said simply.


"I'll never let you go again," he said (corny but sweet, ya?). Eventually Hiei and Botan got out of bed and went there separate ways, work was work after all.


Botan was called into Koenma's office.

"Hello, Koenma sir." She bowed when she entered the room. "What's the new mission?" She said in an optimistic voice.

"Botan, I want to introduce you to the new spirit detectives." Hiei said, "Come on in guys."

The first was a girl with pink hair and baby blue eyes. "I am Aiko." She said in a watery voice. She is a water sprite. The next were all guys. One had green hair and gray eyes, Botan guessed the he was a wood nymph, and his name was Haruko. The next two were twins, both with blond hair and blue eyes, there names where Kana and Kanaye. After the where dismissed Koenma told Botan to take a seat.

"Oh, Koenma sir, this is great! But do you think that Yusuke and the others will like the new detectives?" she asked

"No, Botan you don't understand." He stood before her, "when I said new, I meant they are replacements." He paused as Botan started to cry.

"What? How can you do that? Why would you want to?" Botan pleaded with her mind, hoping that she would understand.

"Botan, I have decided that it is time for a change and it is about time they went on their separate ways." He said.

"That is not your decision to make." Botan yelled

"It is, and I will have it my way." He said losing his temper. "You know what you need to do," he said.

...Oh Botan remembered every word said on that day. She remembered what she had to do next, the thing that changed everything...

"Hey Guys." Botan said to the group as she passed them trying to sound cheery.

"A new mission?" Hiei asked

"Ah, sort of." She said biting back tears.

"Botan are you okay?" Kurama asked.

'That's right.' Botan thought, 'I am going to lose my "brother" I will lose my only friends...I will lose my love.' Botan was just about to cry. This could not be happening, not after all they had been through. All they had suffered for. "I'm fine." She said finally. "Koenma wants to see you right away." She gave a fake smile.

~*~*~*~*Koenma's place*~*~*~*~

"Yo, pacifier breath." Yusuke said as he and the others entered the room.

"Hn. Yes is there a point to this meeting?" Hiei asked and watched Botan leave the room. She stood behind the door, where she could hear everything. She did not want Hiei or the others to see her cry.

"I have replacements for you..." Koenma told them about the new detectives.

"What!" Yusuke and Kuwabara exclaimed. "You can't do that." he said, "I will never forget this place. We will come back." Yusuke threatened.

"You won't remember any of it," he said and the group paused. "You will have your memory erased and be given a new memory. You will not remember each other. You will not remember me or Botan." Koenma said.

As Botan stood out in the hall tears began to dance down her cheeks. 'Hiei.' She thought. She could not take it so she ran. She did not know to where but she wanted to elude the pain she felt. Hiei and the others could hear her steps as she ran.

"That's why she was acting so strangely this afternoon." Kurama pointed out. "Koenma. I really don't think you need to erase our memories."

"I do. You are going to live lives without worry." Koenma said. "You may have a day to say your good-byes." Koenma turned to Kuwabara and Hiei. "Sadly Yukina will have her memory washed as well, same with Kayko and Shizuru." He said and he waved them off.

~*~*~*~*Botan's room~*~*~*~*~

'I can't believe this is really happening.' She thought in between sobs. She hid her face in her pillow. She was too busy to notice that Hiei had walked in. He put his hand on her arm.

"Please just go." She cried.

"Baka, onna." He said, "You really think that I would leave you?" he asked her.

" brother..." was all she could make out.

"Botan?" Yusuke walked in with Kurama and Kuwabara. "There really is noting we can say to you, to make this better." He said.

"I know.'s not fair." Botan said as she dried her eyes. "It's just that I will remember you guys and it will be hard for me, unlike you. You are just going to forget about me." She said as she changed her attitude a little. "Well I want to stay with you but I guess you need to get Kayko and the others. Koenma wants to meet you in the park, tomorrow morning." She said and walked out the door.

~*~*~The next day at the park~*~*~

Yusuke, Kayko, Kuwabara, Shizuru, Yukina, Hiei and Kurama all meet with Botan in the park. She pulled Yusuke, Kuwabara, Hiei and Kurama aside.

"I have something for you." She held out her hand. In it was a five pointed star charm with the word "remember" on it. "Each of the five points comes apart." She pulled it apart and handed one to each of them, leaving one for her. "If we ever meet up again... maybe..." she stopped when she heard Koenma coming. "Don't show him," she warned as they left to meet the prince in his teenage form. All but Hiei who was standing behind Botan without her knowledge, He wrapped his arms around her and she jumped.

"Hiei!" She exclaimed. "I hate it when you do that!" she said as he flipped her to face him.

"Hn. Do you hate this?" he asked just before he kissed her with passion neither of them had ever experienced. It was to be their last kiss, desperation and sadness passed through their hearts. Hiei pulled back to see that Botan was crying. He whipped her tears away and walked on to his destiny.

...Oh she remembered the kiss and how hurt and alone she felt. Botan could not move from that spot. She could not find the courage to go after them. And that was the last day she saw them...

(Botan present)

That was two years ago. The once called Urameshi team was now a roomer, a lie, and nothing more than a fabled tale. Only Botan knew the truth. Now was not a good time to live. About a month ago, Koenma was possessed by darkness and he became a dictator of the three worlds. Koenma was slowly taking the worlds and creating a dark place. Botan and the other ferry girls were now slaves. And the "new" spirit detectives were killed for standing up against Koenma. So Botan ended up alone.

Botan had managed to escape to the very park she stood in now, which happened to be the park that she last saw her friends. Botan smiled as she pulled out a triangular charm that was hanging on a silver chain and then it struck her, she had to find them.


Botan: oh what happens next?

Star: you will just have to wait. On with girls night (Wink wink)