Beware Kakarot

This warrior
Who comes from the planet called earth
His name is Kakarot, but he calls himself Goku
Can he not see that he is a Saiyan by birth?

I tell him to join us
He could have a great destiny
But he just smiles and calls
"No thanks," turning away form me.

That Clown! That Traitor!
What A Disgrace!
To Think He Is Part Of
The Great Saiyan Warrior Race!

He is not strong
A warrior of third class
So weak and fragile
That I could easily kick his.......Tail

If he will not join
Then let him be
I'll kill him, his family, the whole world
It means nothing to me

But his power!
Suddenly his power is so strong
I don't understand it, it can't be
My calculations, they were all wrong!

And now I've been defeated
My pride has been slashed
Ashamed and humiliated
Beaten and bashed

Everything I've ever known
You threw to the side
I stare at it in shambles
My crushed, torn Saiyan Pride

Now I feel death is near
So put this life of mine to an end
Well Hurry Up Kakarot!
It's not like I'm your friend!

Spare my life you say?
What are you? Nuts?
Do that and I'll came back
And totally kick your butt

But your serious, you mean it?
You'll actually let me go?
A mistake made on your part
No gratitude will show

And now I am in my pod
Flying fast through space
Knowing that when I return
To this small, life-filled place

I'll find a way to hurt you
Like you did to me
Until you beg and plead for it to stop
Forced down on hands and knees

Now I'm safe inside my regen-tank
Safe away from Fate
But not you, Not you Kakarot
No, you just wait

I'll have my revenge
I'll surpass you, no matter what it takes
I'll have your blood on my hands
And you'd better hope for your sake

That I let you live
Though mercy showing I doubt
So beware Kakarot
As my power will grow
Beware Kakarot
I'm coming, you know