Response Poem 1: to Gohan in Condradicting Mission

Obtain Nothing
Just hold it all in your mind
All pain will fade away
Eventaully with time
They won't forget
The others will
But to the promise they made to you,
That promise not to kill
That promise not to hate
That promise not to seal another's fate,
That, they'll hold fast onto
And their memory of you will stay
So retain the good, don't let it go
Remember that time at the bay
Of the water's edge
Where the two of you played?
Till the sun began to set
On that beautiful heathly day?
Remember her smile
And her concern for your tears?
Remember her voice, it's yours to hear
Forever, til the end of your years
And I know he
Can be assoicated with pain
But he wasn't there
When you took that beating in the rain
So let's remember him
And the brillaint talks you had
For this was long before
Anything went bad
Now remember the father
The one who acted like your own
The first one to poen his arms
And welcome you into his home
You think you destroied their lives,
And yes, it may seem that way,
But, my child, let me assure you
They are much happier today
They will not forget, and neither will you
These memories are forever yours to hold
Take them with you, don't forget
And let them help you mold

A/N: If you don't know what the hell I'm talking about then you probably haven't read Contradicting Mission by Chelsee (it's in my Favorite's section if you wish to do so). After reading her fic I was very much deeply moved by it and very emotional over the way it ended. Usually when I get that emotional I write poetry to help myself mellow out (the past two poems have been just for fun, no matter how deep they may have seemed). So, I wrote this. To me it feels a little rough around the edges and I'll probably come back and polish it up later, but then maybe I won't. This is the raw version of it and I think the raw versions of my emotional poetry are as artistic as the gleaming finished ones. Anyways, these were my documented closing thoughts on the fic...