In the end, it all came down to this.

- "I can't do it"

Holding a knife to his enemy's neck in a vice grip, the edge just pressing slightly against it but just enough so that the other man had to deeply hold his breath, heavy sweat falling from both foreheads and arteries pumping blood so fast that they could hear the rush from each other.

And just then, the grey eyed man gave out a chilling cry, holding his head with both hands, the knife on the floor forever forgotten.

Leaning on the wall, eyes wide open and voice gone, the other man couldn't grasp the situation at all. His body reacted at its own accord and breathed in deeply, panting heavily. His head was a whirl of space, all structures fading and appearing again twisted and blurry.

He heard it one time more, this time as a cry rather than the solemn statement of the previous time.

- "I can't do it"

The man on the wall came back to his senses enough to turn his head and see the silver haired man with knees on the floor crying heavy tears of despair.

The man standing (who had heavy locks of raven black) could have used the opportunity to outwit and defeat the other; however, due to his own nature and his foe's apparent uncalled (and totally unexpected) mercy … he couldn't bring himself to deliver the last blow... nor move in any way at all.

The man on the floor would let out small sobs from time to time, his white porcelain face was swelled red; jaded, broken and weary because of everything that was done in his life.

And fumbling arms enveloped the shoulders of the lost one, quietly.

Just gentle rocking and soothing.

The raven haired man had never seen something so breath-taking. So beautiful.

Tomorrow would come in its due time. The raven boy kissed the grey eyed man tenderly on the cheek and embraced his enemy.

It felt like what they tought being home would have felt, if either of them had one.

Nothing else was needed. No words. Just an embrance, a few kisses and sweet sleep. Forgiving sleep.

Past deeds didn't matter

Because in the end, souls can still be saved