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"Why hello and who might you be?" she asked nonchalantly as she eyed the young man. Curious as to why there was handsome young man in her living room. As far as she knew, her daughter was still reluctant around guys thanks to her younger sister's influence and her father.

What ever Kaneda had previously been thinking was thrown out of the window, when the woman's lovely visage greeted him. He felt his jaw become unhinged and his eyes grew wide.

Kaneda for the lack of a better word was stunned. He didn't even sense her movements at all until she was in the room and let her presence know. And what a presence it was!

She was wearing a form fitting shirt that hugged her body rather snugly and provocatively but not too revealing. Just enough to tease any red blooded male to take notice. She was wearing khaki shorts that showed off her long and slender legs that also hugged her bottom quite well. She was leaning sideways on the wall. One of her legs crossed over the other while her arms were crossed defensively under her breasts which held his line of vision. It took him awhile before tearing his gaze off of her chest and looked at her face. Her facial structure was rather eye catching but nonetheless beautiful.

Her soft brown eyes contained much amusement, probably from catching him off guard. Her dark brown hair was styled rather uniquely. It was cut in a helmet shape style which framed her face beautifully. Her cheeks were slightly pink and her lips were red like cherries. There wasn't a sign of make up on her or wrinkles at all for that matter!

She looked like she was only in her early 20's or 30's, but her presence made his throat run dry and his mouth water all of the same time. The light coming from the other room illuminated her beautiful pearl skin. He didn't know how long he just stared at her or her body. Unaware that she even asked him a question. He felt the room filled with tension and started to sweat profusely. He felt like he couldn't speak at her presence without embarrassing himself. He felt himself redden as he felt her gaze on him. She was probably aware of the way he ogled her and was quite embarrassed at being caught. He cleared his throat and was mentally forcing himself to reply to her question when Reiko entered the room.

Reiko entered the room and saw her mom looking at her with a smirk on her face, while Kaneda began to blush. She turned her attention back towards her mother and knew an explanation was in order.

"Mom, I'd like you to meet a friend of mine. His name is Kaneda, Kaneda this is my mom." she introduced.

Realising that he was being introduced, Kaneda was brought out of his daze and felt quite rude that he was still sitting when Reiko's mom entered the room and quickly straightened up and politely lowered his head for a bow while trying not to let his eyes travel down her body as he did so.

Reiko's mom seemed to be amused by the young man and walked towards him and patted his shoulder gently. As he rose, he saw her examine his face closely. He began to blush once again at her close perusal as she placed her hand under his chin. She then looked towards Reiko.

"What happened? Were you two involved in a fight?" she asked softly as she closely examined his cuts.

Reiko inwardly wince. She knew her mother was very perceptive. She was still clutching the first aid kit as she began to tell her mother how, a couple of boys was bothering her and that Kaneda stepped in to defend her.

Meanwhile Kaneda held his breathe. He felt rather thrilled being close to the woman and still couldn't believe that the woman who was in front of him was Reiko's mother.

"She's so hot." he thought to himself as he tried not to squirm under her gentle touch. He also noted she had nice soft hands. He then saw her slightly frown. Obviously disappointed that they were involved in a fight. She then returned her attention to her daughter.

"Well we might as well fix you up then, Kaneda is it? Just sit down on the sofa. Reiko honey please bring me the first aid kit your holding, after all we don't want your friend looking like a beaten up monkey." she asked her daughter while she teased the young man.

"He looks far too cute to look like a monkey don't you think sweetie?" She then teased her daughter, making her blush while giving Kaneda a sly wink.

Kaneda again began to blush uncontrollably. Reiko did what she was told and sat next to Kaneda making him sit in between the Tendo women. Reiko's mom then turned to Reiko noticing she still haven't changed to her house clothes.

"She must have looked for the first aid kit first." she thought and told Reiko to change while she tended on her injured friend.

Reiko looked at him and then her mom, then nodded and left. Reiko's mom worked and tended efficiently on his cuts. In a matter of minutes, she was finished. Much to his disappointment.

"Thanks Mrs Tendo" he blushed. Kaneda had never blushed so much in his life.

"Don't mention it kid, and call me Nabiki" she replied with a smile as she began to put the bandages away.

Again Kaneda caught his breath. She was so beautiful. Her face was illuminated with her smile. He was drawn by the sincerity of her eyes and the softness of her lips. He was lost for words and did what he was doing since he first arrived at their home, he blushed.

"My you're a shy on aren't you?" Nabiki stated humorously.

She then asked him if he'd like something to eat. He politely declined and by then Reiko once again entered the room now wearing a white t-shirt and shorts. He then said his thanks to them for their hospitality but needed to take his leave before his old man worries about him, Reiko then walked with him to their door and watch him take his leave. And walked back to the kitchen towards her mother to see if she needed any help in dinner but instead saw her mother leaning against the kitchen counter with a big grin plastered on her pretty face.

"So was that your new boyfriend?" she teased. All Nabiki got from her daughter was a loud groan which made her chuckle.


Kaneda couldn't help but keep a smile on his face. He can't believe his luck. He actually met a girl that really impressed and intrigued him. He felt butterflies in his stomach as he walked hypnotically towards his home, the Saotome Dojo. He was also slightly skipping as he took each step, whistling to himself and a goofy looking smile plastered on his face.

The Dojo was only five blocks away from where the Tendo's lived and he began to wonder if he could walk with Reiko to school tomorrow. He was already inside the dojo and was heading towards his room when his father caught his attention.

"You seem happy today? Did you have a great day?" he asked.

He turned to face his father, to reply but was abruptly got cut off.

"What happened to your face?" he frowned.

His father was wearing his favourite Chinese silk shirt with black pants. He looked like he was in his late 20's but in reality he was 35yrs of age. They looked almost identical if it wasn't for the age gap. They also shared the same pigtail. Although his father kept his within reason. Kaneda kept his because it looked good.

"Got into a fight with the local thugs" he replied nonchalantly.

"How many?" he asked his arms crossed against his broad chest.

"Five built guys" Kaneda replied in a clipped tone.

"Here we go." he thought as he knew his father's lecture was forthcoming.

"Only Five? And they mange to land a hit on you? You mustn't have been concentrating hard enough. I suppose we need to increase your training or meditate more so that your not as easily distracted." he lectured.

Kaneda just gave out a loud groan. He knew how passionate his father was in the art after all, he has heard stories from him and his grandmother of how harsh his training was with his grandfather and how in training he met his mother who his father thought was a guy at a time. Though looking at his mother's picture, he never really understood how his father could even make such a mistake.

She was absolutely beautiful. With long black hair and such a cute face. She was the epitome of female femininity. Why on earth his father thought she was a guy was beyond him.

"Your cuts have already been cleaned and tended to. You don't even looked like you were in a fight by the way it was taken care of." His father stated. "Not unless under closer inspection." his father added suspiciously.

"Did you go to a doctor?" his father asked. His son's minor scrapes were properly taken care of. Something he was sure a person with a good history of medical background could perform. Or have experiences in taking care of such inflictions.

Kaneda let out a sigh, and began to tell his father about how he rescued Reiko from the thugs and walked her home where her mother tended on his wounds. While his son explained what had happened, Ranma noticed a sparkle in his son's eyes which amused him. He didn't even notice that he had began blushing!

"So do you fancy this Reiko girl?" he asked teasingly.

His son began to deny abruptly and realised that he was blushing profusely.

"Its not what you think!" he blurted out while he had both his hands out as if to stop his father while shaking his head.

His father just laughed. He reminded him a lot like himself when he was young.

"It's ok son…Why don't you get dressed and eat and maybe later we can work on your training." as he patted his son on his back.

As Kaneda was about to take his leave, but his father's words stopped him abruptly

"By the way your school sent me a newsletter today about the upcoming Parent and Teacher night meeting. Would you like to tell me what I'd be expecting from your teachers?" he asked.

Kaneda just shrugged.

"Good" he said as his son left him alone.

Saotome Ranma shivered as he remembered what had happened the last time he attended. He really wasn't looking forward to this meeting. He remembered how every time there was a meeting; the single women and teachers would circle him like prey. Being known as a single man with outstanding reputation, drew women to him like flies. They would flaunt their selves to him which really irritated him. He shuddered when he remembered that the last time he made a mistake of lingering in the school ground after the meeting.

He was swamped by the women all vying for his attention while the men glared on his direction. It took him half an hour before detaching himself from the women and made a mad dash home. His problem with women has gotten a lot worst lately. He needs to think of a way to ward off the women but what?

The next morning,….

Kaneda abruptly left after breakfast. Telling his father that he had business to take care of and needs to be at school early. His father didn't buy his excuse but let it slide down for now and let him go. Besides he needs to get ready for his morning classes.

Ranma taught a self defence class upon opening the dojo. But the majority of his income was coming from the Okomiyaki restaurant he owns. He was the best and therefore in demand.

He didn't have the same passion for running the restaurant as he did in martial arts but the restaurant belonged to his long departed wife and so he kept it dearly. He also hired a housekeeper that comes by from time to time to maintain the house but other than that it was only the two of them. Father and son.

He then turned his thoughts on his son. "If you could only see our son now Ukyo, you'd be proud of him" he sighed to himself. As he remembered the past and remembered his beautiful wife, best friend and lover all rolled into one.

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