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Tsujiai Hiroki woke up late that morning.

"Hiroki, get up!" his mom yelled. Tsujiai mumbled some words before he changed his clothes and going downstairs.

"Ohayou Hiroki," greeted a gray cat.

"Ohayou Rio," replied the boy. The cat, who was called 'Rio', smiled.

"Hiroki, eat your breakfast fast! You're gonna be late!" said his mom. Tsujiai nodded.

Five minutes later, he heard the bell rang. 'Must be Kaji,' he thought. "Matte yo Kaji!" he yelled as he finished his breakfast. "Bye mom!" he yelled as he ran fast to the door.

"Bye... Have a nice day at school!"

Tsujiai opened the door. He found his best friend, Kaji Tetsushi there. "Ah, Tsujiai, let's get going..."


They walked silently to the school. Feeling uncomfortable of the silence, Tsujiai broke it, "How's Tateishi?"

Hearing the name 'Tateishi' from Tsujiai's mouth made Kaji blushed madly. "W-w-what do you mean?"

"I mean, you've liked her since seventh grade, right? But you haven't told her until now! Why don't you just go and tell her?"

"B-but..." Kaji said, still blushing. "I-I-I'm afraid... If she doesn't like me... I... I... I can't imagine it... So... Well... Eh... I think it's best to be friends like now. And I--"

Tsujiai cut Kaji's words, "But you'll never know how she feels towards you if you don't tell her, right? I mean, what if she likes you now, but because you seem not to like her, then she decides to go out with some other boy... What will you do about it?"

Kaji didn't reply for a moment. "Well, I..." he talked. "I... I've never thought of that..."

"See? It mustn't be that hard. Just tell her 'Tateishi, I like you' then it'll be done!"

"But, Tsujiai..." Kaji looked down. "It's not as easy as you think it would..."

Tsujiai shook his head. "I can never understand you..."

They fell silent again. Suddenly a question popped out of Tsujiai's mind, "Why do you like her anyway?"

"Huh?" Kaji asked.

"Why do you like her?"

Kaji blushed a little. "Well... I... I don't know. I have this kind of feeling that makes me happy every time I'm around her..."

"I mean, she is so clumsy and all..." Tsujiai added.

"I know! That's what I like about her. She never hides her feelings, she just expresses them... Although I must admit that she IS clumsy..."

"Like everyone always says, love is blind..." Tsujiai mumbled.


Tateishi Ayu took a seat beside her best friend, Sakura Nina. "Ohayou gozaimasu, Ayu!"

"Ohayou, Nina-chan," she replied, acting cool like usual.

"Have you done the homework yet?" Ayu asked. Nina nodded.

"English is not that hard. Anyways... Ayu, you haven't told me who you like yet! You promised me yesterday!"

Ayu blushed. "Well... Um... About that, I..."


Ayu's face looked even redder. "I--I--"

"Ohayou gozaimasu, Tateishi, Sakura," a familiar voice greeted.

"Ohayou!" Nina and Ayu replied in unison.

"Um, actually, Tateishi..." Kaji said nervously. Tsujiai was behind him and smiled, saying that he should go for it. He sighed. "I-I wanna talk to you about... Something..."

Ayu's heart skipped a beat.

"Err---Well, I... Eh..."

Ayu's face was as red as the boy in front of her. Nina looked at them, feeling suspicious.

"Ah! About the camp we'll have next week... You'll go, right?" [A/N: Remember the trip the baseball and tennis club went to? Well, they're going there again for the second time. Anyways, in this story, Nina joined the tennis club]

Her face looked like she was disappointed. "Yeah, Nina and I will. Are you and Tsujiai coming?"

"Of course. Uh... See you later then..." Kaji said and sat on his chair.

"Why didn't you tell her?!" Tsujiai whispered loudly.

"Sssh! I... I couldn't do it... She was..." Kaji stopped. "She has something that makes me can't even think of anything..."

"I see..." Tsujiai said.

-Nina and Ayu-

"It's Kaji, isn't it?"

Ayu's face flushed. "W-what do you mean?"

"You can't lie to me! I saw your bright red face earlier! I must be Kaji-kun! You like him, right??"

Ayu looked down. After a moment, she nodded, then said, "...Don't tell anyone please..."

"I won't. You can trust me, Ayu..."

'I finally figured it out! I couldn't understand why she hid it from me...' Nina thought as her eyes traveling the classroom. Suddenly, they meet Tsujiai's. She blushed and so did the boy. But then he just smiled to her and looked away.

'Tsujiai-kun...' Nina thought, still looking at him.

"Hey, what ARE you looking at?" Ayu teased.

"A-Ayu!! I... I wasn't..."

"You can't lie to me," Ayu repeated what Nina had said.


"You've liked him since the time he was transferred here, right?"

"Y-yes... But..."

The bell rang and Matsuda-sensei went into the classroom. Nina sighed in relief while Ayu looked a little disappointed of the bell.


"Should I make something for you then?" Tsujiai asked Kaji as they walked out of the classroom.

"Eh? Make what?"

"Like something that'll help you figure out how Tateishi feels..."

"Like what?"

"I don't know. Just try it, okay?"

"All right then, let's do it."

They walked to the back of their school. Tsujiai took something from his bag that looked like a mini-laptop.

After he typed his username and password, his clothes changed from his school uniform to his uniform that he usually wore in Magical Kingdom. It was a red Chinese-style shirt, long pants, black shoes, and red hat [A/N: just like Nina's].

"Hai. How can I help you?" asked the computer.

"Do you know something to find out about someone's feeling?" Tsujiai replied.

"Hai. I got it," said the computer.

"Good then."

Tsujiai placed some things in the 'treasure box'. After he connected it to his computer, a camera popped out of the box.

"What's this?" Kaji asked.

"It's a camera... If you take a picture of someone, the person she or he loves will be on the picture!"

"Wow! That's cool!"

"Yeah, isn't it? Anyways--"

Before Tsujiai said another word, Kaji took a picture of him.

"Ah!!!!!" he said in surprise.


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