Defying Death

A Lord of the Rings story by Deana Lisi

Disclaimer: I don't own Legolas, (darn it!) Aragorn, Elrond, or the twins.

Sequel to 'Tears of a Soul':  storyid=1677643

Hey everyone! Thanks SO MUCH for all the reviews for 'Tears of a Soul'! Here's chapter 1 of the sequel; I hope you like it just as much, or more, even! LOL :)


"Please, Ada?"


"Ada, it is only a camping trip!" said Elrohir. "Legolas has been cooped up for longer than he likes."

Elrond sighed. It had only been two days since Legolas and Aragorn had fought a group of orcs, resulting in Legolas nearly drowning. A mere five days before that, Aragorn had been captured by the same group of orcs, and Legolas had attempted to save him…only for Aragorn to mistake him for one of the enemy, and brutally stab him. Legolas had almost died twice within a week's time.

"Do you think me a fool?" said Elrond. "You will go 'camping' and just happen to come across a band of orcs, or wargs, or some form of evil creature. Legolas is still recovering! He should not be hunting orcs!"

"Father," Elladan said, putting a hand on his arm. "I was jesting the other day, when I suggested an orc hunt. It is because of Legolas that we will not be hunting anything. Do you think that we would deliberately place our friend in danger, especially when he is not fully well?"

Elrond paused, realizing the truth in his son's statement. "No, you would not…but danger seems to follow our Mirkwood Prince everywhere he goes."

Elladan and Elrohir smiled, having no choice but to agree to that.

"But Legolas and Estel will have the two of us with them," said Elrohir.

Elrond gave him a look, as if not sure whether his statement was a good or bad thing. Sighing, he placed a hand over his eyes. "All right, you may go. But be sure to keep an eye on him!"

The twins nodded, happily.

"And keep an eye on Estel, also," Elrond continued. "When the two of them are together, one or both of them always seem to find trouble."

"Neither of them will this time, if we can help it," said Elladan.

"I shall hold you to that," Elrond threatened.


"What's wrong, mellon-nin?"

Legolas looked up at Aragorn, from where he sat on the balcony. "Nothing," he said, shaking his head.

Aragorn sat in the chair beside his. "You cannot fool me, my friend."

Legolas sighed, looking at him. "I cannot help but wonder what misfortune will befall us on this camping trip of Elladan's."

Aragorn nodded. "I see. It is not like you to worry so, my friend. Mayhap it is just your mind reacting to what you've been through this past week." What I accidentally put you through…he thought, guiltily.

Legolas nodded. "You may be right…which is the reason that Elladan proposed this trip, I assume?"

"Exactly," Aragorn agreed. "Sometimes the soul needs healing just as much as the body."

Legolas looked at him again, with a smile. "Well, then all we need do is wait to see if your father will let us go."

The door to his room suddenly burst open, and in ran the twins, rushing to the balcony.

"We can go!" Elrohir exclaimed.

Both Aragorn and Legolas were slightly surprised at the news.

Legolas rose from his chair, as if intending to leave at that very moment.

"We don't have to go right now," said Elladan. "How are you feeling today, Legolas?"

"I am all right," he told them. It was the truth, mostly; his stab wound was well on its way to being healed, though some pain remained. He knew that he needed to be careful lest it reopen, as it had done two days prior when a well-aimed punch from an orc had torn some of the stitches.

"Let us make plans over breakfast!" Elrohir said, leaving the balcony.

"I am surprised that your father is allowing this," Legolas said to Elladan, as they followed.

"I am surprised, myself," Aragorn said. "I thought it more likely that he would lock us away in our rooms so that we would attract no more trouble."


Elrond was all but ignored at breakfast as his sons and Legolas discussed their trip.

They decided to leave after lunch, and were each listing the things that they would need to bring with them.

"Do not neglect to bring healing supplies," Elrond interrupted.

Everyone looked at him, as if to say, 'of course we wouldn't forget!' But then they saw the smirk on his face, and realized that he was teasing them.

Standing, Aragorn excused himself, leaving to ready his things.

The twins quickly followed, and Elrond was left alone with Legolas.

"How are you feeling today?" the older elf asked.

Legolas put his cup down, after drinking. "I am well."

Elrond nodded, though he could still see some lingering weakness in the younger elf. "I did not realize that my sons meant to begin this trip immediately. If I had known, I would have made them wait a few more days."

Legolas shook his head. "Apparently, they planned this trip so that I could get out of the house. They are eager for things to return to normal."

Elrond gave a short chuckle. "It has become 'normal' for you to be confined to bed due to an injury!"

Legolas echoed the chuckle.

"I understand the twins' reasoning," Elrond said. "As the four of you embark on a favorite pastime, mayhap it will help Estel to let go of his guilt."

"Exactly," Legolas said. "He will no longer need to sit at my bedside, dwelling on the situation."

Elrond nodded. "That is the reason why I allowed this; you and Estel both need it. However…" He fixed the other elf with a stern look. "If there is talk of orc hunting, I trust that you will attempt to dissuade the others from acting upon it?"

Legolas nodded. "Of course."

Elrond smiled. "You are wiser than the twins, though they are your elders."

Legolas smiled back. "Someone needs to be the sensible one!"

Elrond's smile grew. "Indeed." His smile faded slightly as he looked at the Mirkwood Prince. "Be careful, Legolas, you still are not fully healed."

"I will, do not worry for me," Legolas said, standing. "Excuse me; if I do not ready my things now, I fear that the others will come pounding on my door with impatience."

"No doubt," Elrond agreed, smiling.


"What a marvelous day!"

Legolas agreed with Elladan's statement, as he surveyed the scenery. The sky was a deeper blue than usual, and there was a warm breeze gently caressing their faces.

They rode at a leisurely pace, being in no hurry, having no particular destination in mind.

Legolas was enjoying the ride, as long as no one was asking him if he was all right. He'd need both hands to count how many times Aragorn and the twins had asked it. Each time he told them that he was fine, but they apparently didn't believe him.

The sitting position and motion of the horse was making his stab wound ache, but it was bearable. The beautiful scenery and fresh air was worth it.

A lake became visible in the distance, and Legolas suddenly realized how far they'd already gone; the sun was nearly ready to set. An ache began to make its presence felt in his muscles, as this was the first time that he'd ridden in a week. He needed to stretch his limbs, but his pride would not let him ask the others to stop.

No one noticed his discomfort as they rode towards the lake, and Elrohir suddenly laughed.

"You are hungry indeed, Estel! Your stomach is loud enough to attract orcs!"

Aragorn chuckled. "Yes, brother, I admit it. I am hungry!" He swung down from his horse, leading it to the water's edge so it could drink.

Legolas rode his horse along the lake, relieved that they were stopping. The horse stood parallel to the water, choosing instead to eat some grass.

Making sure that no one was watching, Legolas swung his left leg over the horse to sit sidesaddle, needing to slide off the horse thanks to his still-healing stab wound. Unfortunately, his intended destination wasn't where he was about to end up.

At the same moment, a frog suddenly shot out of the water in front of the horse and the mare gave a startled whinny, quickly stepping to the side.

Legolas was unbalanced thanks to his position, and he gasped as he was knocked backwards, falling into the water with a loud splash.

Aragorn and the twins turned around, shocked at the sight of the rider-less horse and agitated waters of the lake.

"Legolas!" Aragorn shouted, running to the river and wading in.

The blond-haired elf poked his head out of the water, attempting to stand before he was grabbed by the human and pulled onto the grass.

Aragorn's heart was racing as he helped his friend out of the water. It reminded him too much of when the orc had tried to drown Legolas a mere two days ago.

"Are you all right?!" Elladan exclaimed, grabbing the soaked elf and helping Aragorn sit him on the ground.

"I'm fine," Legolas told them, inwardly wincing at the increased ache in his old injury.

Elladan dug a blanket out of his pack, quickly bringing it back and wrapping it tightly around his wet friend. "Ai…mayhap we should have waited a few more days before starting this trip!"

Legolas frowned, realizing what they thought. "I did not lose consciousness and fall from my horse!" He looked towards his mare, who had resumed eating grass, unaware that she'd accidentally dumped her master into the lake.

"What happened, then?" Aragorn asked, following his gaze. He suddenly saw the frog jump back into the water, and he frowned. "A frog? Mellon-nin, please do not tell me that a frog made your horse throw you into the lake!"

Legolas said nothing, feeling foolish.

Aragorn almost laughed again, but realized what that would do to Legolas' pride.

The twins likewise held in their laughter, feeling sorry for their friend, who they knew wasn't completely well yet.

"Come," said Elladan, taking Legolas by the arms through the blanket, and pulling him to his feet. "You need to change into dry clothes."

"None of your stitches have torn again, have they?" Aragorn asked, worriedly.

Legolas laid a hand over his stab wound. "I do not think so," he said, walking towards his horse.

"If they have, you will tell us, right?" said Elrohir.

Legolas nodded, digging through his pack.

The others turned around, giving him privacy as he changed his clothes.

Aragorn took out the pack of food and passed it around to his brothers. "How long do you intend this trip to be, Elladan?"

The elf shrugged. "As long as we want it to be."

"Or until someone gets hurt," said Elrohir, smirking.

Legolas came back, sitting next to Aragorn. "That is not fair. It is neither my fault nor Aragorn's that the two of us sustain so many injuries."

"He is right," said Aragorn, watching with an amused expression as Legolas used the blanket to dry his hair. "We do not find trouble, trouble finds us!" With that, he grabbed the towel from Legolas, hiding it behind his back.

"Aragorn!" Legolas exclaimed. His hair was sticking up everywhere, and the twins started to laugh. "Give that back."

"Give what back?" Aragorn asked, smiling at the elf's messy hair.

Legolas sighed, uncrossing his legs so that he could go retrieve another blanket.

Aragorn saw the slight wince that the elf tried to hide. "Here," he said, quickly handing the blanket back. "Your stitches?"

"They are fine," Legolas said, resuming the drying of his hair.

No one said anything for a minute, and Legolas peered out from under the blanket to see his friends watching him worriedly. "Do not look so somber! At least this time I did not drown."

Elladan and Elrohir smirked, but Aragorn only sighed. "I think they are right, mellon-nin. Trouble finds you everywhere you go."

"But only since I met you," Legolas shot back, dropping the blanket to the ground and running his fingers through his hair, to loosen the tangles.

Aragorn clutched his chest as if in pain. "Ai, mellon-nin! You wound me with your words!"

Legolas chuckled, loosing his warrior's braids and redoing them.

Aragorn waited until the elf was finished, and then tossed a small cloth-wrapped bundle at him.

Legolas knew what it was and smiled his thanks as he unwrapped it: lembas bread. It was more then Legolas could eat in one sitting, and he inwardly sighed in exasperation. It was of his friends' opinion that he wasn't eating enough.

After he ate, Legolas lay back on the grass, lazily watching the few clouds that floated past his vision. He suddenly felt drowsiness overtake his body and fell asleep before he had a chance to prevent it.

The twins had also lain in the grass, the scenery being too beautiful to ignore.



Elladan turned onto his side to see Aragorn with a finger to his lips. The human pointed to Legolas, who was deep in slumber.

The twins both cringed inwardly to see that Legolas' eyes were mostly shut, proclaiming that the elf was still not fully recovered from his injury.


Legolas opened his eyes, to see a beautiful elf-maiden sitting beside him. His head was in her lap and she was smiling.

Legolas returned the smile. "Mae govannan, my lady."

"Do you plan to sleep all day?" she asked.

"Yes, if this is where I'll stay," Legolas replied.

The elf-maiden laughed softly, trailing a finger across his forehead.

"My lady! HA!"

Legolas' eyes abruptly opened, and he found Aragorn and the twins sitting beside him, all three of them trying to hold in laughter.

"Elrohir!" Aragorn exclaimed. "You woke him!"

Legolas blinked, slightly disoriented. "I was sleeping?"

"Aye," said Elladan, with a wink. "You certainly were…and dreaming, too. Who is she?"

Legolas' pale skin flushed slightly with embarrassment. "Just a figment of my imagination."

Elrohir frowned. "Oh, how unfortunate!"

Aragorn snickered.

Legolas glared at them, sitting up. He saw that though there was still light, the sun had long since set, and he guessed that he'd slept for about an hour.

"We might as well make camp here for the night," said Elladan.

"Forgive me for falling asleep," said Legolas, standing. "I did not intend to delay our journey."

Elladan waved his hand. "Do not apologize! We have all the time in the world!"

"And if you want to sleep it away," said Elrohir, "while we slip a snake down your shirt, go right ahead!"

Legolas quickly looked down at his tunic, grabbing at his clothes to feel for the creature, but found nothing.

The twins started laughing.

"He believed you!" Elladan exclaimed.

Legolas sighed, looking at Aragorn, who couldn't hold back a smile at the look of shock that had crossed his friend's face at Elrohir's words.

"That is enough," said Aragorn, shooting his brother's a mock-stern look. "End your jesting now or Legolas and I shall be forced to get revenge on you!"

Elrohir gasped. "You would take sides against your own brothers? For shame!"

Legolas chuckled as he walked to his horse, taking down his supplies. "Fear not, Estel, they will feel our wrath, when they least expect it."

Elladan and Elrohir shot each other slightly apprehensive looks, wondering what Legolas was planning…or if he had said that just to make them worry.