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A week passed, and Legolas recovered more and more each day. His forgotten memories of their capture by the orcs finally returned and his broken arm was mending with its usual elven speed. He wasted no time in begged Elrond to let him out of bed.

"Not yet, penneth," Elrond told him. "Your head injury was very severe, and it would not take much to re-injure it."

Legolas didn't like that answer, but he had no choice but to accept it.

The next day came, and Legolas was so tired of lying in bed that he attempted to escape. His head was currently nearly free of pain and he carefully sat up, aware that he would likely be struck with dizziness when he stood.

His arm was still in its sling, but he removed it, flexing it gently to see how it reacted. It was weak but pain-free, and he held onto the bedpost as he slowly stood. The painful dizziness that resulted made him glad that no one else was in the room, for it struck him harder than he expected.

Arms suddenly encircled him, and Legolas gasped with surprise.

"Easy, mellon-nin," said Aragorn, gently sitting the elf in the chair beside the bed.

Legolas kept his eyes closed, waiting for the vertigo to pass. He felt Aragorn put a hand on his shoulder, keeping him steady in the chair.

Aragorn nervously waited for his friend to recover. "Legolas?"

The elf opened his eyes, letting out a shaky breath. "I am all right."

Aragorn shook his head, kneeling before his friend. "You should not have done that while alone! What if you lost consciousness and hit your head again? That was not wise, Legolas."

Legolas sighed, knowing that he was right. "Do you realize that I have been lying down for nearly two weeks? If I have to stay in that bed a moment longer, I feel that the walls will surely close in on me."

Aragorn nodded, knowing that elves needed to feel the sun and see the stars. "I know, that is why I came to free you from your prison, but after seeing what just happened, I am not sure that I should."

Legolas looked at him, eyes open wide. "It has passed, Estel. Please! I need to go outside!"

Aragorn sighed. "Ada is going to kill me…"


"What a wonderful day!"

Elladan smiled at his twin. "Aye, it is."

Elrohir stopped walking, swinging himself onto the branch of a nearby tree. "Catch!"

Elladan looked up, raising his arms to catch the apple that his brother tossed at him.

Elrohir jumped back down, holding several apples. He walked over to his twin, and plopped one on his head. "If only Legolas was here! We could test his skill!"

Elladan laughed, keeping his head immobile so that the apple wouldn't fall off. "With his arm recently broken? I think not, brother."


The twins both gasped when the apple violently flew off Elladan's head, attaching to the tree with a loud thunk…..by one of Legolas' arrows.

Elladan turned in the direction that the arrow had come from, to see Legolas and Aragorn walking towards them.

"Legolas!" Elladan exclaimed, face pale, his jaw hanging. "I...I can't believe that you...you…!"

Legolas grinned, trying not to laugh. "I wouldn't've done it if I didn't know that I would make the shot."

"But your arm was broken!" Elrohir said, as shocked as his brother. "How could you be sure that you would?!"

"I didn't miss, did I?" Legolas said, yanking the arrow out of the tree and taking a bite out of the apple. "My left arm was broken, not my right; therefore, my aim was never in doubt."

Elladan blinked, realizing the truth in his statement. Legolas' left arm merely needed to hold the bow. Shaking his head, he sighed as the shocked anxiety began to melt away. "That was not amusing, mellon-nin. I swear, if I had been mortal, I might have died from fright!"

"The looks on your faces were very amusing!" said Legolas, laughing. "Were they not, my friend?"

Aragorn nodded, smiling. "Aye, indeed they were!"

"The look on your face was even more amusing, Legolas!" said Elrohir, laughing. "When Aragorn knocked you unconscious when the orcs captured us!"

Legolas' eyes widened and Aragorn shot a glare at his brother.

"With all that had happened, I'd forgotten," Legolas said, looking at Aragorn with an unreadable expression on his face.

"Ah…" said Aragorn, taking a step back. "You know I'd never hurt you out of malice, Legolas. I did it to save your life!"

Legolas nodded his head, lowering his eyes. "Aye, tis true that I would've been easy prey, with a broken arm. I suppose that I should thank you."

Aragorn smiled.

Legolas suddenly looked up, with a twinkle in his eye. "But that does not mean that I cannot retaliate!"

Aragorn dashed off, with Legolas following.

The twins laughed, until Legolas stopped a second later, putting a hand to his head. Rushing towards him, Elrohir exclaimed, "What are you doing out of bed, Legolas! You are not yet fully recovered!"

Aragorn turned around and rushed back, grabbing Legolas by his uninjured arm.

Legolas lowered his hand, willing away the pain as his friends critically studied him. "I am fine."

"That is for me to decide!"

Gasping, everyone turned at the sound of Elrond's disembodied voice. They didn't see the healer anywhere, and wondered if he'd seen what the Mirkwood Prince had done to Elladan with the apple.

"HIDE, LEGOLAS!" Elladan shouted, grabbing his friend's arm and ducking behind some bushes.

Elrond chuckled from where he stood behind a tree. "Children," he sighed.



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Race Against Time

Summary: King Thranduil has an enemy who swore revenge on him; millennia later, he finally strikes...and Legolas is his target.

"I demand to know why you have taken me prisoner!"

A laugh was the only answer to the elf's question, and Legolas sighed inwardly from where he sat, chained to a stone wall.

"Fear not, Prince Legolas," said his enemy, sarcastically. "Your stay shall not last very long. As soon as I have completed my task, you will be free to go."

Legolas fought to not show his surprise. "And what is this 'task'? How does it involve me?"

Another laugh. "You will find out soon enough, and when you do, you can tell your father that it was a gift from an 'old friend'."

Legolas frowned as the stranger turned and left the cell, disappearing down the corridor. Closing his eyes, he tried to figure out if he recognized the person's voice, but it didn't sound familiar at all. It would've helped if he'd been able to see the person's face, but he'd stood in the shadows, purposely hiding. He sounded like a human, to Legolas, but the elf couldn't understand why he'd been abducted.

Crossing his arms, Legolas laid them on his knees and rested his chin on them. How do I manage to get into situations like this? Who is this man, and why does he hate my father?



"No, Your Highness."

Thranduil stood from his throne and began to pace. "I do not understand this! How could my son vanish without a trace? How could his captor not leave any sign!"

The captain of Thranduil's army sighed. "Forgive me, sire, but it appears that whoever took Legolas made sure to leave no sign."

Thranduil stopped pacing, sighing loudly. Today was day number four, and he knew that Elrond would most likely not get his message until the next day. "Ready my horse, Heredil. I shall join you."

Heredil frowned. "King Thranduil," he said. "It is not safe for you to venture beyond the palace. Whoever took Legolas may be lying in wait for you!"

Thranduil looked at his captain, giving him the hardest look that he could muster. "I want my son back!" he exclaimed, emphasizing each word.

Heredil gave a slight bow, understanding his king's emotion. "I will ready your horse immediately."


A bright light flashed before Legolas' eyes when his forehead struck the wall, and he gasped, berating himself for having not expected an attack to be so sudden and fast. He unwillingly let out a cry of pain when he felt his shoulder dislocate.

The other elf quickly stepped in with a foot, wrapping it around one of the younger elf's legs so that he couldn't move enough to retaliate. "Ai!" he exclaimed, sarcastically. "Did I hurt the son of Thranduil? I must say, that was much easier than I would've expected before our meeting!"

The sinister meaning behind those words was lost on Legolas, who was trying to prevent himself from outwardly showing his pain. He was pushed up against the wall, left arm still clutched by his abductor, who had his other hand squeezing the back of Legolas' neck to prevent movement.

"You wonder about my message to your father," said the still-unnamed elf, joying in the pain he knew that Legolas felt, as he twisted his dislocated arm. "It is wordless, my prince. This message is wordless."

With that, the elf pulled back his leg, yanking Legolas to fall hard onto his back.

Legolas gasped when the impact sent unbearable pain through his shoulder, and he hadn't a chance to move out of the way before his enemy viciously kicked him in the ribs.

"Some warrior!" said the elf, mockingly. "Can't defend yourself against one elf?"

Another kick impacted his ribs, and Legolas felt his consciousness wavering. He was astonished at the level of pain, which seemed to be more than it should be.

The other elf knew this, and smiled. Pulling a hidden knife from behind his back, he crouched beside the gasping elf, quickly kneeling on Legolas' good arm.

Legolas suddenly felt the blade touch his neck and he opened his eyes, unaware that he'd closed them.

The other elf gave him a maniacal smile, sending a chill down Legolas' spine.

He means to kill me, as revenge on my father… Legolas realized. But for what?


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