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Chapter 2

I entered Kings Cross Station and looked around. I saw a black-haired girl running straight for the barrier between 9 and 10.

"Look out!" I cried, but it was too late. The girl slammed into the barrier. Sort of. Actually, she melted into the stone and dissapeared from sight. I couldn't belive my eyes! I stood there, stunned. Then as more and more people ran through, I realized it must have been the entrance to the Hogwarts Express. I ran for the barrier and was surprised that when I opened my eyes that I was facing a brilliantly bright red engine with the words HOGWARTS EXPRESS painted in gold.

I saw kids piling onto the train, sticking thier heads out of windows to talk to there parents. I climbed onto the train as it started to move. I found an almost empty compartment, which held only one other passenger.

He looked as if he were old enough to have been my father. I looked at him and discovered he was sleeping. He was snoring softly and I couldn't help but giggle. I looked at the luggage rack over his head. There was a trunk with Professor R. J. Lupin painted on it.

'Interesting', I thought, smiling to myself. 'Must be new.' Just then, the compartment door slid open, and I whipped around, my long red hair falling back into place. Harry, a red-headed boy, and a bushy brown-haired girl were making their way towards me.

"Who are you?" the other boy demanded.

"What do you care?" I asked, not being able to stop myself. He glared at me.

"You've got a real attitude problem, you know that?" the girl said. I smiled. 'Ooh, this is going to be fun.' I thought

"Only when I have to."

"You're in Slytherin, arn't you?" Harry asked coldly. My smile fell. My heart broke. Hearing your brother say that to you could do that.

"I'm dissapointed in you, Harry." There was a stunned silence after my words.

"How...how do you know me? By the sound of it, you're American. Do you're kind know about me, too?" he said, amazement in his voice. I sighed and flopped down into a seat, which unfortunatly held another occupant. He woke up and yelped. I quickly stood up.

"Li..Lily?" He asked me, dazed. I looked at him, wonder in my eyes.

"You knew my mother?" I asked him softly. He looked at me in awe.

"You're mother?" He repeated, and I nodded. He looked at me intently. "Katelynn?" I nodded again. Harry looked at us, completely and utterly confused.

"Wait a minute. If you're mother was my mother, then that means...you're my...sister?!?" I smiled at him.

"Very good Harry. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go find out why we have just stopped." They all looked around and sure enough, we had stopped. All of a sudden, the lights went out. I heard a slow, deep, rattling breath. Then a high pitched screaming, then silence.

I awoke on the floor of the train, and as I opened my eyes, the light blinded me. I groaned, and four people came into focus.

"What happened?" Professor Lupin smiled.

"She's awake. Hermione, would you frab me some water and a piece of chocolate? She needs to eat something, and chocolate is the best thing for now."

The girl got up and came back with a pitcher of water and a candy of some sort. She looked worried and anxious.

"I'm sorry Professor. There wasn't any chocolate left, so I grabbed some mint instead. Is that alright?" He looked up and smiled at her.

"Mint is just fine, thank you Hermione. I do need to visit Honeydukes, though..." I inturrupted him.

"What's a Honeydukes?" I asked, confused. Albus had forgotten to mention this. "And who screamed?"

"No one screamed, but Harry heard it too." The other boy replied, looking anxious. Then Harry spoke.

"You don't know what Honeydukes is? Man, I've lived with Muggles all my life and I know what..." I inturrupeted again.

"What's a Muggle?" Hermione spoke.

"A muggle is a person or human being with no magic powers to speak of. My parents are muggles."

"So are Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon." Harry said.

"So am I," I said, and quickly slapped my hand over my mouth.

The truth comes out. OH NO! WHAT WILL WE DO? I dunno. Oh, if you really want pee-your-pants funny, watch Bothering Snape and Bothering Snape 2: Trouble at Hogwarts. If you're gonna watch the second one, though, watch the first one first. It'll make more sense. Love ya!