"WHAT DO YOU MEAN, YOU'RE OUT OF RUM?!?!?!?!" Jack Sparrow shouted at an innocent pub landlord. The landlord walked away weary of the pirates loud complaints.
"I don't know what kind of pub you're running here. No rum..." he shook his head. "I'll have a brandy then."
"Here you go, Pirate. I'll tell you now, If this weren't Tortuga, You'd have a date with the gallows." the landlord answered bitterly, filling a glass mug with bottled brandy.
"Well, It's the only date I'm likely to get..." Jack complained quietly. He picked up the mug and started drinking.

A short while later, A group of what looked like Pirates entered the pub. In front of them was a woman with flaming red hair and a black bandana. She wore beige trousers with a long cloth for a belt and a grey and green shirt.
"Oi, Landlord! Can me lads here have some rum?" she shouted. She spoke with such confidence, it made her quite attractive, not that she wasn't already.
"Sure, Miss Quickblade. Sorry, I meant CAPTAIN Quickblade. How's the Golden Lioness?" the Landlord called back.
"A magnificent boat and a treat to captain. She be the greatest ship I've ever had." Miss Quickblade replied strolling up to the counter.
"Excuse me!" a fairly tipsy Jack interfered.
"What do you want?" the landlord growled.
"Well, Ahem. I believe what you're serving this young lady is rum. Now, Back up. Not so long ago, I believe I asked for the very same beverage, Yet, Was declined. Reasoning?" he asked.
"Because, Miss is a pirate of class. You however, spend most of your time drunk." the landlord replied moodily.
"Well, La-dee-da." Jack mumbled quietly to himself.
"You better watch who your talking to, Savvy." Miss Quickblade warned.
"I'm afraid, Miss, that there is only enough Rum for the one mug. Perhaps, since your fellows aren't as high rank, they could settle with brandy." the landlord apologized placing a rum-filled mug in front of Miss Quickblade.
"Thank you." she smiled, showing pearly white teeth as well as a few golden ones. "Here's the money for our drinks and a shilling for your troubles." she placed a handful of gold, silver and bronze into the Landlord's hand.
"You're too kind." the landlord bowed. He left afterwards.

"I don't see the fairness in that." Jack complained.
"Fairness in what? May I ask?" Miss Quickblade growled taking a drink from her rum.
"That. He told me there was none left. Reason?" he groaned.
"Hm. Must come down to the more deserving pirate." she replied.
Jack couldn't even think up a come-back.

"There I was..... On the Golden Lioness... Beautiful ship, Gorgeous cap'n. Get me, Savvy? Well, Yeah. Where was I? Oh yeah. Then, We came across a gian' sea monster. All the crew passed out wi' shock. But no' me. I fought single handedly..." Miss Quickblade droned. She was heavily drunk by this point. "... And then....." her head suddenly fell to the counter and she fell into a drunken sleep.
'She's kind of ptty when she's not ranting, bossing, making out that she's better than I am, fighting.' Jack thought to himself. He made sure no one was looking and stroked a finger through her hair. He noticed something gold. He picked it up and realized it was a pendant. The pendant was heart-shaped with the interlaced initials 'F Q' engraved.
'FQ? I know the Q is Quickblade but the F.... Fara? Could it really be her?' Jack thought.
He started to shake her shoulders vigorously.
"Whaddayouwant?!?!?" she snapped violently as she regained consciousness.
"Are you Fara Quickblade?" Jack asked.
"What's it to you, Bluebeard?" she slurred drunkenly.
"Are you?" Jack frowned.
"All right." she replied fuzzy-eyed.
"So you are Fara Quickblade?" Jack prompted.
"Yeah. That be me..... World class Pirate Queen..... At yer service... Savvy." she hiccupped.
"Ah." he smiled thankfully.
"Nice doin' business with ya. I'll be off." she shouted, walking away, unable to walk in a straight line.
'Definitely a little less feminine than when I last met her but I suppose she never had too much grace to begin with.' Jack thought. He decided to follow her to her ship(seeing as the Black Pearl had been taken shortly before.)

Carefully sneaking behind her in the dark street, he caught sight of the large ship. It was painted brilliant gold, with a Golden lioness perched on the front. The large sales were pale but bright in the moonlight, with a black cutlass patterned into the material. Fara stumbled onto the boat and tripped up landing on a mast.
"Oops!" she exclaimed.
Jack had to duck down next to a barrel to avoid being noticed.
"Fara!!!" someone called.
"YES?!?!" Fara shouted back regaining her posture.
"Shall we set sail?" a ptty, dark-skinned girl replied.
"Not now... *hic* Would be foolish. Can' even see the compass marks, Tell the crew they get a night off. Thank you, Georgia." the drunken female captain replied.
"Okay Captain. I'll tell the crew." Georgia nodded and marched off.
Fara started leaning on the side of the ship, holding her golden pendant in her hand and looking at it.
"Oh the treasures you hold. The treasures, Ills and misfortunes." she said to herself or the pendant. Jack eyed her curiously. Was her speech a drunken mumbling or a logical philosophy? Should he have heard?