Seeking Sparrow: Chapter Seven: Conversations over Soup

The pair proudly entered the blacksmiths.
"Can you two ever go a day without causing trouble?" Will asked them. He had watched the whole event.
"We could try but we'd most certainly fail." Fara laughed.
"Would you like anything to eat?" Will asked politely.
"That's sweet of ye, Will. O' course. What've ye got?" Jack laughed.
"Um... You can have soup and bread if you want." he replied.
"Ha! Allright. Off ye go." Jack laughed.
Will chuckled then walked off to the kitchen.

"Wouldn't it be sensible at the moment to lock the doors?" Fara pointed out.
"You're right, Love." Jack replied walking casually to the front door and lowering the wooden bar.
Fara pulled a chair up to a table and sat down.
She sat unusually silent but Jack decided to honour that. He pulled a chair up opposite Fara's.
Will was the first to break the silence as he came in carrying a tray.
"Here you go. Bread, Soup and some water to drink." he smiled putting the tray down infront of them.
"Thank ye, Will!" Jack smiled putting his hands together quickly in thanks. He quickly picked up the spoon and started ladelling the soup.
"Thank ye, Turner." Fara thanked bitterly.
Will attempted a smile at her but it looked more like a frown.
Fara viciously picked up a spoon and attacked the soup with it.
He stormed off quite angrily.

"What 'ave you got against the lad, aye?" Jack asked thoughtfully.
"You know how his father treated me. Or atleast ye should. You were the one who picked up the pieces." Fara replied through a spoonfull of soup.
"Aye, But he's not his father. Give 'im a chance, Love." he smiled weakly.
"I'll try. But I'm not promisin' nothin'." she scowled.
"That's me girl." he chuckled.
She smiled proudly.
"Eat up yer soup. I swear yer turnin' inter a softie." she chuckled triumphantly.
Jack laughed and resumed eating the soup.

After they had finished thier soup, Jack called for Will, Who returned to the room.
"I hope you enjoyed your meals?" Will asked politely. He was breathing deeply so he could avoid shouting at Fara for her attitude towards him.
"It were fantastic, Mate. Me compliments to the chef." Fara replied. Will's eyes widened in shock. Was Fara Quickblade complimenting him?
"Don' look so shocked, mate. She ain't always bloodthirsty." Jack chuckled.
Will stayed silent. He watched the pair of chuckling pirates intently.
"Well, Ye gonna offer us a place ter stay?" Fara asked looking up at Will.
"Um....." he gulped.
"Me crew have probably had to hide someplace. Saw Norrington talk ter Jack and fled. I dun blame 'em if they 'ave. We'll need ter hide still." Fara explained.
"Oh.... Well, I doubt mister brown would like renting the blacksmiths out to pirates. You'll both have to hide in my room I suppose." he gave in.
"Alrigh', lead us laddie." she ordered.
Will rolled his eyes then lead them to his bedroom.

"Um... I'm not really sure where you should sleep." Will announced as they entered the small box room. It had a bed, a cupboard, a window and a few other minor details.
"Dun worry. I got's it all planned. I get the bed, You two sleep on the floor, Savvy?" Fara decided.
"But..." he protested.
"Aye, Fara, Maybe that's bein' a bit unfair. We're not exactly payin' ter stay." Jack said to Fara quietly.
"Alright." she said angrily. She searched through a pocket in her trousers and picked out a few shillings. "Here, Take them and let me sleep where I likes."

As per usuall, Fara ended up getting her own way. She got the bed, Will got the floor and Jack got the cupboard. As soon as Fara had got to sleep(which didn't take very long), Jack and Will started talking.
"Jack?" Will asked quietly.
"Yeah?" Jack replied, opening the cupboard door and peering down at Will.
"Why is she like that?" he asked.
"Who? Like what?" Jack queried.
"Fara. Why is she so like you, yet not like you at all?" Will asked, Wide eyed.
"Aye. She's been through a lot, the poor lass. You should feel sorry for her...... o' course, Not TOO sorry. If ye treated her sympathetically she'd probably kick yer boot ter next Tuesday." he explained quietly through to flamboyantly.
"Oh. I just thought that she hated me." Will sighed.
"Oh, She probably does but... you look so much like yer dad. She could probably swear you were 'im." Jack replied sorrowfully.
"Well... What do you plan to do?" Will asked suddenly.
"What do ye mean?" Jack asked curiously.
"Well... In the morning. I doubt she'll want to stay here... and her crew have gone. What do you think?" Will asked thoughtfully.
"Well... With your help, I think we'll be plannin' a trip ter Tortuga..." Jack smiled mischieviously. Will nodded in confusion.
"Alrigh'... G'night, Will." Jack said quickly closing his cupboard door. "Goodnight." Will replied.

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